Making Money Online - Navigating Through A Few Trenches You're Bound To Fall Into Along The Way

by Jerrico_Usher

The internet is a great place to earn money but if you fall into certain traps, you may never see the money until you crawl out and persevere forward...

What's The Secret To Success In Building Sites and other Businesses online? The secret is... There is no secret. Just decide and commit to a plan of action. Execute. Review Results. Execute. Review Results... Get Better and Better at Execution. Once you hit your first goal, you can scale it to hit your second goal and so on. Then, with experience and results under your belt, you can decide and commit to a second plan of action and follow through. Always one thing at a time. Put all your eggs in one basket....Go slow to go fast. Develop one thing at a time then you can diversify later when you have a foundation.

The MayFlower

(making money online is fun especially after you cash that check)
My First Big Check (cashed) Earned In One Month In "MAY"
My First Big Check (cashed) Earned In One Month In "MAY"

That's powerful, concise, and great advice. As you do it and fail, your not failing at all- you're learning, honing your sword, learning it's weight, range, characteristics and (yours and its) reactions.

your learning abilities like swinging a 40 lb sword above your head like a toy sword. To do that elegantly and powerfully you need muscles. The first swing you swing low and break things when the sheer weight of the sword causes you lose your balance (or vertigo when swinging it overhead) and you do more harm than good- but you learn from it. 

The secret to success is simply taking action, following a valid plan, and generating your own plan based on it, know it like a robot. The putting your eggs into one basket isn't saying only utilize one source for generating an income, rather at first stick to one thing at a time until you can kick off the training wheels or you will overwhelm yourself. Start on Wizzley and get the hang of building articles so they get traffic, inform, and are interesting.

When you got that down move to learning how to monetize the page, then once you've mastered monetizing it, learn how to promote it. In time you'll be so good at each component that you can simultaneously calculate, build, tweak, and update your pages in one swift movement but you can also build a site off Wizzley too with the same skills you learned here!

The reason it takes so long to generate money online isn't that you can't do it pretty fast with the right knowledge, resources, and timing- it's that all of that requires experience to do it intuitively, quickly, and correctly. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye.



"Execute, Review Results, Execute, Review Results...Get Better And Better At Execution"



In time you build muscles to support it's weight, then you can swing it like the pro's. You first develop the muscles by figuring out what doesn't work- each failure adds new rips in the muscle (what hurts about learning new things) which is healed into a new muscle- a more powerful synergy overall.

You then have to learn now how to wield the skill set usefully not destructively  This is why failure is a major part of success.

If you don't fail you have no idea of the CONSEQUENCES of those failures and may become arrogant to the point of taking unnecessary and unfruitful risks.

There is no shortcut, the muscle growth has to evolve, or it's no good. The same thing happens with body builders who take shortcuts- they reach success but also often end up hurting themselves more than they help, sometimes with life long results).

The evolution process in business is designed to integrate the skill-sets not the robotic movements someone else discovered works. If just following a step by step plan actually worked there would be no poor people in the world because success would be determined only by execution of steps- but the real world is much more dynamic than that as are we as individuals, different resources, different experience and even different limitations.

You don't try to understand it at first, at least not analytically so much as intuitively. Like riding a bike you get on and just peddle, fall, get back on and peddle more, eventually your brain will sync up the lessons and the strategy for staying on the bike. Same with business.

If you think too much you'll think you know more than you do and you'll overwhelm yourself, like anyone who tried to build 100 websites the first month out the gate (instead of building a few first, learning about them, tuning the next ones up, and taking the time to test and see what you did right and wrong and so on) and found out there is a real reason for going slow and it's not because of money, it's due to the integration process being vital to development of a mindset and internet marketing jujitsu!

Eventually you can pull out the sword and do anything you need it to do, you earned that right, no shortcuts (although technically being able to swing the sword without thinking continuously about every single movement, or having to calculate weight, etc... are actually "earned" and "valid" shortcuts).

That's the difference between the get rich quick and the earned wealth mentalities. One has a backup plan- the other does not. You can automate the steps eventually but if you shortcut to automation right off the bat you don't get the: 

execute, review results, execute, review results...get better and better at execution, part of the chain of events that led to success "habits".

You don't get the practice, and with the practice comes also knowing how to build BETER articles and how to write better more engaging and earning pages.

It's the difference between being that successful person so dynamic and good at seeing the gold nuggets and getting them, and the guy who passes on templated information he "read" from a book but when asked questions or probed he has no clue how to really answer it.

The secret to success is a willingness to take it slow and learn more than earn at first. To know the value in the process not just getting to point "B" fast, it's about patience not allowing you to make snap decisions you don't think through. It's kind of like the difference between entering a new city and driving slow through the neighborhoods, learning the streets, and developing a keen sense of direction in that town.

You can drive quickly through the town but you'd miss all the details, the charm, the things that help you remember landmarks which help you remember the map of your town- if you drive through fast you end up having to do this every day and may never learn where everything is but if you take the time to discover the details, the charm, you can do it once or twice and it's locked in.

The practice is part of how you learn to "think it through", without that era of experience behind you when you think anything, your missing the "through" part of data to pull from and create a solution. 

Here's An Example Of Someone Not Getting How Important Education Is... (about 2 minutes in)

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Jerrico_Usher on 03/15/2013

It's a lot of fun when you get past the treadmill phase (usually 2-3 years of WORK then more play than work)...

Jerrico_Usher on 02/27/2013

Your welcome! Your success helps MY motivation :) appreciate your kind words!

katiem2 on 02/27/2013

Jerrico, You're both a wealth of information and a very helpful man. Thanks for the constant supportive information that propels us to the next level. Love those hundreds, keep em coming! :)K

BrendaReeves on 02/25/2013

Great article as usual. Leonardo looks like he's 12 years old in that clip. lol!

Jerrico_Usher on 02/15/2013

yep classic distraction, it's why I'm always multitasking :)

Jerrico_Usher on 02/15/2013


Jerrico_Usher on 02/15/2013


Jerrico_Usher on 02/15/2013


Mira on 02/15/2013

Congrats, Jerrico! :) Those dollar bills are serious stuff :)

WiseFool on 02/15/2013

Great advice and wonderful 'can-do' mentality that's very inspiring! Love it.

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