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by katiem2

Learn the best tactics for self defense and safety. Read a in-depth review to avoid violent attacks, theft and personal damage. Get the facts on self defense and personal safety.

Violence is a fact of life and yet there is no reason we cannot defend ourselves against attempts of violence. The best line of defense against street crime is to be aware, acting in a self assured confident manner. There are many simple rituals dramatically improving your odds when practiced habitually. There are times when the best of prevention fails, it is then good self defense training is vital. Self defense training is something everyone should take. Although the ideal solution is to prevent attack against a brutal criminal self defense training will give you the confidence to follow through on the preventative measures plus the assurance you can physically protect yourself if need be. Knowledge is power, once you learn the basic fundamental common sense moves to everyday self defense you will be empowered to move about your community or city more freely and with greater confidence. Follow along as we review the top methods used to avoiding violent situations.

Follow along as we share strategies to avoid attacks. This guide will give you the edge and the street smarts needed to avoid danger and trouble.

How to Avoid Attacks

There are many things we can do to protect ourselves against violent crimes.

The first step is to avoid threats. 

Body Language and Mannerisms - Be confident; people who appear confident don’t make for easy prey. Those who appear nervous or scared attract the wrong sort of attention.  Keep your head up, be confident, or fake it.  Be careful not to flinch or jerk when someone shady approaches you with a question, just matter of fact keep walking as if you on your own mission, none of which includes trouble.  You may appear as though you did not hear them, you are not afraid but staying on task as you have places to go and people to see. Don’t take this too far by acting overly cocky as it will only attract trouble.

Ever worry about falling victim to a brutal crime? Learn how to best avoid becoming a victim, plus know when and if ever you should fight back. Should I fight back when attacked?

How to Avoid Street Crime

Avoid Heated Debates or Confrontational Situations - Be cool; don’t get yourself into heated debates or conversations which can easily create trouble. Confrontations while at a bar over who’s candidate is better or who knows the most can turn bad quickly. Avoid these types of interaction.

Stay cool and avoid verbal brawls as drunks tend to get out of hand over such situations so much so a fight could break out. Keep a cool mouth!

Street Smarts and Safety

Don’t Attract Attention; Do not be loud and obnoxious, do not wear a lot of flashy jewelry, watches or rings, keep a minimal dollar amount in your wallet. Place one bill in your front pocket to pay for drinks if at a bar.  Never pull out your wallet allowing potential theives to see what you have and where you put it.  Having one bill in your pocket sends the message that's all you got.  When you need to add more money to your front pocket go to the restroom to do so. Keep your pricey personal belongings concealed or better yet leave them at home.

How to Stay Safe at Night

Don't Go Out Alone - Run in Packs or pairs, stick with your friends when walking home or hanging outside a club or theatre.  Practice, rehears and maintain a friend code that includes no one from your group leaves with a stranger, stay together.  One of the pack should remain sober to insure the integrity of your pack. There is security in numbers so keep with the pack and keep safe.

Avoid Eye to Eye Contact -  Eye to Eye; avoid direct eye contact if you sense someone looking you over, remain confident with your head up all the while ignoring them and moving on. Aggressive types often look for trouble or any excuse to beat someone down. Don't take the bait, avoid eye contact with this sort of person. You don't want to hear, "You looking at me"

Be Alert to Surroundings

Be Aware of Your Surroundings - Avoid large groups; do not walk into or through the middle of a large group of people. They gather like this and crowd a sidewalk or the like on purpose. They are waiting to trap a unsuspecting individual where they can be free to rob, beat or do worse. Always look far ahead and around the area you intend to travel or walk surveying any type of situation that could spell trouble.

 If you spot a situation like this cross the street or walk away natual like before the large group notices you as a possible target. Practicing this in a casual manner and with your heads up confidence staying on task causes you to avoid unwanted trouble!

Listen to your instincts - Follow your gut, when in doubt get out!  If you feel threatened or smell trouble go the long way around it getting away from the situation.  It’s better to spend more time getting out of a bad place than to take the quick route and be caught in a danger zone!

The Best Defense - The best defense is to avoid trouble altogether. This is easy to do once you make a habit of these methods listed here today.  Stay smart, stay aware and stay safe!

Updated: 11/08/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 08/10/2012

Brenda, Good point and WOW so many women do this, criminals carefully observe our habits picking someone who's predictable. At least encourage her to lock her doors and keep her windows up.

BrendaReeves on 08/09/2012

I have a friend who lives in a very high crime area of L.A. She keeps a notebook in her car, and when she finishes shopping, she sits in the car writing down the receipts. I recently had a discussion with her on this, and told her she shouldn't do it. It didn't do any good. We all think it's not going to happen to us.

katiem2 on 08/09/2012

Brenda, That is a very good point. Something I should have included is the fact that women spend a lot of time in their cars once they arrive somewhere. Studies show women park in a parking lot or garage and then proceed to gather themselves together, touch up makeup, all they while not being attentive to their surroundings, where as men tend to move very matter of fact and efficient also very aware of what's going on around them. Women are better targets simply due to their habits alone. Women should take note of these habits, form the new habit of locking their doors at all times, especially once parked and taking time to look around them observing whats going on, where they are and who's in the area. Look for security, police and other helpful public figures. Secure all items before getting out of the car and walk in a safe, stay on task manner.

BrendaReeves on 08/09/2012

Great advice Katie. I think being aware of your surroundings at all times is important, and it's something that women forget to do.

JoHarrington on 08/09/2012

As someone trained in self-defense, and who has had that tested many times, I think this is a great Wizzle. Full of very sound, and effective, advice.

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