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by katiem2

Ever worry about falling victim to a brutal crime? Learn how to best avoid becoming a victim, plus know when and if ever you should fight back. Should I fight back when attacked?

At one time or another we all face violence to different and varying degrees. Violence rears it’s ugly head and most often it comes from out of no where as we are unsuspecting victims. When violence occurs there is little opportunity to either avoid it or get immediate help or is there? In cases such as these women most often face their attacker alone. It is for this reason resources are needed to survive or better yet avoid such attacks. Knowledge and training arms anyone with the confidence to protect themselves, survive or avoid an attack altogether.

Learn the best tactics for self defense and safety. Read a in-depth review to avoid violent attacks, theft and personal damage. Get the facts on self defense and personal safety.

Fighting Back

Violators seek out victims who they feel will take it, someone who appears to be confident and armed with both the knowledge and power to self protect are ruled out as potential victims.

Why Fight Back

Women find it uncomfortable and hard to fight back but it’s a matter of life or death.  Anyone who attacks you gives up their right to comfort. Fighting back is exactly what you must do in certain situations.  Most victims don’t understand fighting back and or standing up for yourself often stops the cycle of abuse. It's when you take it and cry the abuse continues and even escalates as you're now marked as a easy target by the abuser. Bully is a good word to imagine when thinking of an abuser, when these cowards realize the can be seriously hurt after lifting their hands to their intended victim the abuse can come to a screeching halt. 

Fighting back as a means to protect and stop future attacks requires more than a common kick to the groin.  You must learn and maintain the right mindset which clearly gives you the empowering belief you deserve to protect and insure your safety no matter what. You have got to understand you must hurt someone else in order to keep them from hurting your or possibly worse. Imagine all the people who need you and deserve you whole and healthy in their lives. Those first seconds of an attack are crucial.

Follow along as we share strategies to avoid attacks. This guide will give you the edge and the street smarts needed to avoid danger and trouble.

The Methods of Self Defense

The best methods of self defense are those that remove you from the situation stopping it in the first vital moments.

Kick Where It HURTS

The groin area of a male is a sensitive area yet it won’t break like a china doll, that’s hype! 

Upon your first realization that you’re under attack plan your kick, is it best to use your foot, feet or knee.  This all depends on the distance between you and your attacker and your physical strength. 

So give it your best shot and your attacker will fall to his knees giving you the timing to run away.  Don’t hesitate, Stop, Kick and RUN!

Tools for Self Defense

Pepper spray plus a panic emergency alarm

Common Items for Defense

We all commonly have items on our person we can use to defend ourselves.

Plus, use anything you have available to defend yourself.  Put a key from your keychain between your middle and index fingers using it to jab someone in the eye or the spot just below the Adam’s apple.  Then, once again RUN!

Krav Maga Self Defense

Mace and Breath Spray

You can stop an attack with more than mace, you can use something as common as breath spray.

More than One Way to Mace Attackers

Women commonly carry perfume, body spray, hair spray and breath spray in their purses.  Any or all work like mace magic, yes you can use these products just as you would mace or pepper spray and a squirt in eyes will allow you ample time to RUN!  Note: Mace sprays a greater distance, keep this in mind when choosing a mace or opting out.

Tools as Weapons

Most anything can be a potential weapon and you carry them in your purse and car.  If you have an ink pen, a table knife or anything sharp you have effective assault weapons to protect yourself. 

Many things cause routine fatigue Lack of sleep makes you tired, gain weight and drive drowsy a serious danger. Review the cures and methods to rid sleepiness from your day.

Noisemakers and Scare Tactics

There are many things you can do to attract attention to an attack or attacker stopping the violence in its tracks.

Carry a whistle on you to use as a personal alarm, this noisemaker will attract attention that no attacker wants sending them running.  These whistles do not attract help so don’t expect that or worse wait for it to happen. The whistle’s only defense is to catch the attacker off guard giving you time to run. Screaming can also be effective. Remember the most constructive defense’s you have are the physical ones such as the kicking, striking the eyes, throat or spraying the pepper spray or other sprays allowing you time to run like the wind.  Don’t stand around making noise take action and remember getting away is the first and foremost response! The noise technique is a compliment to the other actions you can take.  Stay informed and stay safe.

Krav Maga for Beginners

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katiem2 on 08/23/2012

Burntchestnut, I agree, most often just being trained in self defense gives people such a sense of self assurance they don't fall prey to attack. Thanks for sharing :)K

AngelaJohnson on 08/22/2012

Being attacked is something we don't like to think about, but being prepared makes all the difference in our chance for survival.

katiem2 on 08/08/2012

Brenda, Exactly, You should never allow yourself to be removed from the scene from which you are attacked. Fighting back has been proven to work over and over again. Criminals are getting really smart about leaving no evidence behind.

BrendaReeves on 08/07/2012

Good advice Katie. I'm amazed at some of the stories recently of women fighting back. It appears that we aren't going to take it anymore.

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