Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments 2023

by spirituality

The one thing that bugs me about most Christmas ornaments is just how vulnerable they are. Glittery, but not shatterproof. These are the exception.

Don't you just hate it when Christmas ornaments break on you? They do it at the worst moments too. Just when you're decorating the tree, or when your toddler turns the tree over or you're just trying to hand out egg nog and your mother in law makes you nervous...

I mean really - do they have to make Christmas Ornaments out of the thinnest glass?

Child safe Christmas Ornaments - Shatterproof

Sure - Christmas Tree ornaments should be pretty. They should be beautiful even. They should really add to the ambiance. But they should surely also be safe for kids and clumsy adults. 

Shatterproof Christmas Tree ornaments are the one thing you can get that will help make your Christmas just a tad bit less stressful. 

Some of these Christmas Tree ornaments are made with expensive shatterproof glass, others simply from plastic. Of course classic wooden ornaments are also not as likely to go to pieces when dropped as Christmas Baubles usually do. 

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Updated: 05/31/2022, spirituality
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Tolovaj on 06/02/2012

Some good points on Christmas ornaments. They really should be child proof. I also noticed more and more toys should be child proof. They should be made from more durable material so they could not be so easy to break and in many cases become dangerous because of sharp edges and small pieces...
Shatterproof Christmas Tree ornaments look like a good solution, but I think it all starts with well informed and responsible adults...
Thanks for your info.

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