Small Entryway Console Tables For Skinny Spaces

by LPerry

It can be challenging to find a small entryway console table that is skinny enough not to hog up your entire entrance. Here are some affordable options to consider.

Do you ever come home from work and wish you had a handy console table in your entrance? Not only do they create a pretty appearance when you open the door, they are perfect as catch-all resting spots for keys, mail, purses and much more. However, some of us have narrow entries that would make a regular table much too big. Thankfully, manufacturers create console tables with smaller dimensions that fit the typical foyer space of townhouses, apartments and condos.

Compact Consoles For Small Entryways

Coaster Contemporary Console Table-below left

  • If you like eclectic or unusual furniture shapes, this table is an option.
  • One of the positives is that you can read from over 400 comments so you can make an educated decision whether this would work for you or not.
  • It measures 31.5 inches long, 11.5 inches wide and  33.8 inches tall.
  • This is a nice piece for displaying artwork or collections asymmetrically.

Black Finish Console With Drawer-below right

  • It's skinny, yet tall enough to cover some wall space so your entrance doesn't have that barren look.
  • Although slim, it comes with a handy drawer.
  • It measures 36 inches long, 34 inches tall and 12 inches wide.


Narrow Wood Consoles Without Drawers

Rustic Slate Hall Stand-below left

  • This table has an interesting decorating element with patterned tiles in earth-toned colors that make it look more expensive than it really is.
  • It measures 28 inches long, 28 inches tall and is 10.5 inches deep.

 Leick Delton Console Table-below right

  • The Delton has a simple, sleek design that would work with just about any type of decorating theme.
  • It measures 38 inches long, 30 inches tall and sticks out from the wall 12 inches.

Wood With Storage Drawers

Leick Rectangle Hall Table-below left

  • I don't know how they did it, but they managed to make this one skinnier than a ruler. At only 11 inches deep, it isn't going to stick out from the wall very much.
  • It measures 30 inches long and 30 inches tall.
  • The best feature is the ease of assembly according to the manufacturer.
  • I think the dark chocolate finish makes it look more expensive than it really is.
  • The 2 drawers makes organizing entryway clutter a snap.

Convenience Concepts American Heritage Hall Table-below right

  • This table has a more contemporary look if you have modern decor.
  • Assembled, it is 14 inches deep, which is till considered a slim profile.
  • Although this one only has one drawer, the price is very budget friendly.
  • It is 30 inches long and 31.5 inches tall.

Small Entryway Console Tables For Skinny Spaces-Light Finish

Leick Wave Console Table-below left

  • It measures 28 inches long, 28 inches high and is 10 inches deep.
  • I think this table would look adorable with country-style decor and even Shabby Chic interiors.
  • This is the type of table shape that can move from room to room and fit in nicely.

Leick French Entryway Table-below right

  • This pretty little table has stylish curvy legs that would add interest and a high-end look to an otherwise empty space.
  • It Measures 30 inches long, 28 inches tall and 12 inches deep.


Stylish Little Half-Moon Tables

Little half-moon tables are the traditional shape for those tiny, tiny spaces that can take a little more table jutting from the wall, but not so much sideways. However, depending on the size of the half moon, some are small enough for stair landings too.


Leick Demilune Table-below left

  • This table is kind of impressive because of its tiny "footprint". When viewed sideways, ( see the image on Amazon) it is incredibly skinny.
  • Although it is a slim Jim piece, the wood material makes it look very elegant and substantial.
  • It measures 19 inches across, 28 inches tall and only sticks out from the wall 10 inches.

 Frenchi Half Moon Console-below right

  • The first thing I noticed about the Frenchi console was the staggered or tiered shelf design. Not only is it different, it lets you have options to display both tall things and small things in a nice way.
  • It measures 29 inches tall, 23.2 inches long and is only 11.5 inches deep.


How Small Can An Entryway Be?

Pretty small!

I've lived in some pretty small places; even efficiency apartments where there wasn't even an entrance per Se. However, most had some space to nestle something close to wall as a make-shift landing table close to the door. Many times, a narrow bookcase would do.

Even large townhouses and single family homes can have tight foyer space where only a narrow, skinny table would work. Do we have to have these console tables? No, but they serve a purpose.

First, they add charm and warmth. They kind of greet you when you come home. Second, they allow you to immediately express your taste to visitors and family. Third and best is their practical value.

A Paris Apartment Entrance

Entrance ( small apartments in Paris)
Entrance ( small apartments in Paris) by Audinou, No Modificatio...

This video shows a lot of different ways that people decorate their entryways around a console table.

Skinny Console Tables Aren't Just For Entrances

What's nice about these smaller tables is that you can easily make them work in other rooms. You can:

  • Use them as a television stand for lightweight flat-screens in a bedroom or den.
  • Put them in a bathroom to create a nook for towels and accessories.
  • Make a space divider by filling the top and bottom shelves with plants or books.
  • Half moons can work as end tables for a sofa.
  • The longer, taller consoles look gorgeous parked behind a sofa.
  • Create a focal point anywhere in your house with a painting over a console and a lighting element.

Decorating a small entry table can be fun. I personally love those long narrow wicker baskets with lots of trailing faux Ivy vines, a candle, some brass candlesticks, a mirror above and a soft nightlight lamp. How about you?


Updated: 05/25/2016, LPerry
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