BEING LIMITLESS (For Real) Part 4 - The Physics of Smart Drugs

by Jerrico_Usher

If You’re To Use And Get Benefits From, Smart Drugs Be Smart About It

Smart drugs are defined by a strict rule of how they affect you, them being safe, and cognition enhancers that work on but don’t affect the central nervous system those fun neurons in your brain, back, spine, and many other places.

Ironically many who do try to gain this “ability” of “Limitless” proprietorship of their own faculties often do it in a stupid, damaging, and ridiculous way- they try to hijack the dream instead of working for it.

Ironically many who do try to gain this “ability” of “Limitless” proprietorship of their own faculties often do it in a stupid, damaging, and ridiculous way.

You can't go to a forum and see what others "say" work, or use their "stacks" either- fact is it may be different for you, and only if you do your research, learn learn learn before you take take take. Experimentation without knowledge is a shotgun approach and it's dangerous.

Smart drugs are not benign, nor are they dangerous if used properly, but anything, even vitamin C and water can hurt you if abused, introduced incorrectly or in the wrong amounts.

Smart drugs aren't good or bad, they just are- your mindset determines if they are good or bad by how you use this power!

Unfortunately if your stupid, smart drugs only serve to make you stupider (yea I spelled that as a pun). As the guy in the movie “Limitless” said- it tends to work better if your already smart- what a profound phrase that brings us to the next segment of this article…

If I lost you already- stay away from smart drugs until you've repaired your mindset as it's going to be the barometer of how things work. Fortunately you can use (so long as your not in one of those corroding mindsets like angry all the time, super depressed, and complainer modes) Piracetam to help you feel good enough and creative enough to motivate yourself to bring yourself up with no side effects.

Even Piracetam enhances thought transmission so be careful not to energetically chase ridiculous ideals like complaining etc... Piracetam tends to make you feel euphoric and cognitively smart so it's a great first step.

It's not so much being stupid (or negative or victim mentality etc...) that should deter you, but more so MINDSET. If your mindset is negative- Piracetam may help you to see that and change it. If you can't break out of a bad mindset smart drugs will hurt you- not because they don't work or aren't doing what they should- but because they ARE- but your mindset is the driver- and will determine the outcome. It boils down to everything has two edges one cuts you one is more useful, it's how you think that drives it.

If your cognition is enhanced but you maintain a negative mood- your enhancement will push you faster into a negative mood and even outcomes. You have to keep your mood and mind in check when you take smart drugs because they work weather your using this "power" for good, or to further corrode your well being!

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Smart Drugs Are “Enhancers” Not “Plug-ins”

...or “Add-ons” as in your FireFox browser extensions or programs that are added to other programs to enhance their capacity.

Smart drugs, called Nootropics interchangably, are not for the weak minded, those in the wrong mindset, those who don’t care to research, do their homework, or actually “try” to get better without them. They are simply a privilege reserved for those who do try, do want to work at their life, and that can defensively listen, research, and can think for themselves.

Think of smart drugs in the same capacity as body builders supplements. If your not going to hit the gym and hit it hard and be patient, always try to learn new ways to build muscles fast- then the supplements won't do you any good.

They could be more damaging than helpful without the work-out. If you take too much creatine, a muscle repair nootropic or neutraceutical (another interchangeable name for smart drugs) and you don't work out thus have nothing to repair, you could damage some other systems. Granted creatine is used for other things but at the levels body builders use them if they didn't work out they'd jam up their body!

Think of Nootropics as the reward and benefits that come with corporate evolution of your soul. The wisdom utilizes, the cognition enhancers that work like tools that you already have but need some boost like coffee does for fatigue.

That takes us into the next fascinating section of this series where you get to learn more about coffee than you probably want to know (if coffee is your life). I wrote a separate article about this a while back based on a fascinating article I read when trying to figure out if taking B-1 after a hangover does anything and why (I discovered that when you drink alcohol your burning through B1 like water and this can start your subsequent headache... but that's another article.

Updated: 12/02/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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