Smurfs Birthday Cake & Cupcakes Ideas

by Tehreem

Learn how to make a perfect smurfs cake for a birthday or any other celebration. Get to know dozens of things you can do to make your cake fabulous.

Smurfs have made a grand comeback! Adults were joyed with childhood memories and children loved these blue little creatures. Adults want smurfs gifts and kids want Smurfs Birthday Parties!

Make Amazing Smurfs Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes!

Here to give you great ideas

To make your party memorable, you will need a grand cake. We will provide you with many ideas on how to create a smurfy smurf cake at home. If you are planning to order the cake at a bakery, you can say bye-bye to that! As you can make a fabulous cake for your party with your own skill and love.

Making a Smurfs cake wont be a difficult or time taking task once you know what requires to be done. What you need to learn, if you are not a baking person, is how to make a cake batter. From then on its easy.

This page will make all cake toppers, decorations and pans easily available to you.

Smurfs Cake Ideas

What you can base your cake on

You can choose to design your birthday cake simply or in a different design. You can come up with your own smurfastic ideas for a smurfy cake or you can watch the cake gallery to get new ideas. Different scenes from the movie or comics can be portrayed on the cake. Here are some things you can do with your cake:

  • Make a mushroom portraying smurfs enjoying in their village
  • Top a simple shaped cake with edible images
  • Make multi tiered cake portraying smurfs running from Gargamel. This can be done using mini figures of the characters.
  • Make a smurfette cake for a girly party
  • Make a fondant cake and decorate it with fondant cut outs of the characters
  • Use smurfs or smurffette cake and cupcake pans to give the required shape to your cake

Read on to find more

Smurfs Cake

Smurfs Themed Cake Ideas

Click to view and gather a few quick cake ideas !

Smurfs Birthday Cake Design
Custom Smurf Pull a part cupcake cake

Smurfs Mushroom Cake Idea
A Smurf mushroom house cake for a little girl's birthday with 2 edible smurf figures.

Happy Smurfy Day Cake Idea
This is one amazing cake with fine details ! Perfect for a Smurf themed party.

Smurfs Themed Birthday Cake
A small blue buddy placed on top of a birthday cake, along with little mushrooms

Learn How To Make a Smurfs Mushroom Cake

Follow the tutorial to make an amazing cake

Smurfs Cupcake Ideas

Smurfs all the way!

You can alternate the cake with cupcakes. Cake and cupcakes can both be made or you can choose only one of them. Smurfs cupcakes making won't be difficult at all as you just have to bake some cupcakes and decorate them smurfily.

  • Use cupcake toppers to decorate the cake
  • A Smurfs cupcake stand will look good on the table holding all of your cupcakes
  • Use fondant for fun decoration of the cupcakes
  • Themed cupcake baking cups can be used
  • Icing, frosting and other decorative will make a good cupcake decoration
  • You can spell out the name of child and a birthday message and place it between the smurf cupcakes.

You can also create some of own fantastic ideas to decorate your cupcakes. No one can limit your imagination!

Smurfs Themed Cupcakes Ideas

Fantastic Smurfs Cupcake Ideas
Cute little cupcakes designed on smurfs theme

Smurfs Designed Cupcakes
Excellent choice for a birthday party. These are vanilla cupcakes, with vanilla buttercream and edible Smurfs.

Smurfs Cupcakes Design Ideas
Baked and designed for a Smurfs themed birthday party.

Smurfs Cupcakes

These are some smurfalicious cupcakes!
Smurfs cupcakes
Smurfs cupcakes

Tips To Decorate a Smurfs Cake

Learn more

Use the following  tips and ideas to make your cake look Smurfed!

  • Fondant: My personal favorite and always good in looks. Fondant is the best option if you want a neat and clean looking cake. Fondant cutouts, Patterns etc look fabulous set on a fondant coating cake.
  • Sugarpaste and Frosting: Frosting always leaves a mess on big cake decorations but is good for small cakes and cupcakes. Sugarpaste is great for making funky and bright colored cakes.
  • Mushroom Cutouts and toppers: Best for a themed cake to represent their living style and portray their village.

Fondant colored yellow, blue, white and red is featured below. You can purchase all the ingredients easily and have them delivered at your doorstep.

Smurfs Themed Fondant

Decorate the cake yourself!
Fondarific Buttercream Antique White Fondant, 2-Pounds

Fondarific is revolutionize the Fondant world! Now you can have your cake and EAT your Fondant Too!

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Fondarific Buttercream Red Fondant, 2-Pounds

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Fondarific Buttercream Blue Fondant, 2-Pounds

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Fondarific Buttercream Yellow Fondant, 2-Pounds

Fondarific is revolutionize the Fondant world! Now you can have your cake and EAT your Fondant Too!

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Make some cake pops for a blast!

Learn how to make smurfs cake pops

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The Smurfs are lovely. I really like the cupcake rings. Pinning some of these party supplies

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