Spider Cupcakes that Kids Can Make

by TerriRexson

Make these fun spider cupcakes for someone who loves bugs. Really easy to make for Halloween or a nature themed birthday party.

My older son is interested in spiders. So when he got to choose cupcakes to make for a bake sale he chose spiders.

He knows exactly what a spider looks like so he knew what he was after. Our spiders needed to be anatomically correct! It was pretty easy to make our spider cupcakes.

Making Spider Cupcakes

Spider CupcakesAs usual my cupcakes were made with kids help so they're a little thrown together! It does make it fun though.

Here's a couple of finished spider cupcakes. We made a batch of them for a bake sale. I'm sure we'll be making them again for Halloween.

We went with white fondant this time, but orange fondant or candy melting wafers would work really well for Halloween.

Take a good look at the spider anatomy if you want to get it right. 

Spiders have eight legs (we make those from four pieces of rolled fondant.) The legs come out of the front body segment (called the cephalothorax) and then there's an elongated back section of the body (called the abdomen.)

You can arrange the legs as shown to get a pretty realistic spider shape. 

Yeah yuck. The things I do for my kids!

Spider Cupcakes Recipe

Spider Cupcakes Recipe

Prep time 30 min  -  Total time 30 min
Ingredients for 12 servings
Cupcakes  • Confectioners Sugar  • Black fondant or gumpaste

Make cupcakes

First buy or make a batch of cupcakes. Ours were just plain, but chocolate cupcakes are always popular too.

Glaze the Cupcakes

Add white fondant to the cupcakes. You could use prerolled fondant. I just made my own from confectioners sugar.
Leave the cupcakes to set.

Make the spiders

Make the spiders

Make the spiders from black fondant. For each spider:
You'll need to roll our four long tubes for the legs and arrange them as shown.
Roll a ball for each of the body segments of the spider and pop them on top.

Put the spiders on the cakes

Put the spiders on the cakes

If you made your own fondant then pop the spider on to the cupcakes when the fondant is almost, but not quite, set.

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Spider Cupcake Accessories

Spider cupcakes would look amazing in the spiderweb cupcake cases. The glow in the dark spider cupcake toppers are a quick alternative to making fondant spiders and give the kids a favor to take home. 

Kids Can Make Spider Cupcakes


Making spider cupcakes is a fun activity for kids. My five year old son decorated this spider cupcake himself. 

Decorating spider cupcakes would make a fun party activity at a nature or bug themed birthday party or a Halloween party. 

Kids love spiders, the love squishy fondant, and they love eating the resulting spider cupcakes. 

More Cupcake Ideas

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Tolovaj on 05/28/2012

I like spiders too and I like the idea of spider cupcakes. This is great way to connect fun with some education and it looks pretty yummy:)
Thumbs up!

sheilamarie on 05/05/2012

Cute idea! I know what you mean: "Oh, the things I do for my kids!"

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