Hats for St Patrick's Day

by JoHarrington

Whether it's a parade or a party, or just nipping down the pub, you'll want to look the part this St Patrick's Day. Check out this Emerald Isle headwear!

Everyone's Irish on March 17th, though that may have more to do with the free flowing Guinness than the actual diaspora.

If you've never been in an Irish bar on St Patrick's Day, then frankly you've never lived. Put it on your bucket list immediately and don't look back. It's not about the alcohol (though that helps too), it's all about the music, the dancing and the atmosphere.

And if you're doing it Gaelic style, you'll want to fit in with a hat for the occasion.

St Patrick's Day Sequin Shamrock Hat

St Patrick's Day Irish Shamrock Disco Cap

It's green.  It's got a shamrock on it.  It catches the party lights.  This is the perfect headwear for a lively St Patrick's Day celebration.

Between the sequins, there is glitter embedded into the fabric.  It won't be falling out over anyone. The party person wearing it will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Set of 6 St Patrick's Day Green Shamrock Head Boppers Hats

Irish Shamrock Head Boppers for St Patrick's Day

This is a celebration!  And these Irish head boppers are pure fun.  They sparkle and they dance, just like many a Gael at a party.

As you buy them as a set of six, it means that everyone in your group can don a pair.  The headband is plastic and the bopper is wire.  If they survive the night, then you possibly weren't jigging hard enough.

The St Patrick's Day head boppers are designed for adults to wear, but will fit larger children too.  It's also possible to purchase one on its own, though you'd be paying over half as much as you would for six.

Elope Mini Leprechaun Topper

Mini Leprechaun Party Hat

Talking about fun Irish party hats, nobody could accuse the person wearing this one of being boring!  It looks like he's just mugged one of the little people, which wouldn't have ended well back in the old country.

But this (fake) leprechaun hat is held on with a cunningly concealed headband.  It's quite nice quality too, being lined velvet, which should see you through many more St Paddy's Day celebrations to come.

Of course, if you're going for a leprechaun look, then you could just go the whole hog and get an appropriate full sized hat.  Some even come with an attached beard.  There's a few of varying quality listed below.

Irish Tam O'Shanter Golf Hat

St Patrick's Day Tam O'Shanter Cap

If we're being really honest, then a Tam O'Shanter isn't actually associated with the Irish.  It's most definitely a Scottish traditional hat. 

But they're all Gaelic, so who cares when there's whiskey in the jar?

It gets its name from the Rabbie Burns poem of the same name.  Tam is a farmer, who has all kinds of unfortunate adventures while reeling home late from the pub.  O'Shanter is a play on words.  The Scottish dialect mishanter means ill luck or the Devil.

He escapes his witchy pursuers and makes it home intact, so perhaps there's luck there anyway; and this particular Tam O'Shanter hat is green. So you have the luck of the Irish to throw into the mix.

To really underscore the Irishness of these caps, you could opt for a knitted version.  It's decorated with shamrocks and has Erin Go Bragh written on it.  You don't get much more Irish than that.

Erin Go Bragh translates as Ireland Forever, though it's semi-Anglicized.  The actual Irish Gaelic phrase is Éirinn go Brách, despite the other being the more commonly seen!

Erin Go Bragh Tam O'Shanter

St Patrick's Day Shamrock Winter Beanie

Irish Shamrock Woollie Hat for Children

Is knitted headwear your thing?  On St Patrick's Day, it probably is, as that's March and not warm outside.

Unfortunately for the adults, this particular beanie is only available for kids.  It's tightly knitted in one panel, so it fits snugly as a skull cap.

Your leanbh will not only look suitably Gaelic, while watching or walking in the parade, but will do so in warmth and comfort.   There is a similar beanie available for adults too. It has no shamrock though, just the word 'Irish'.

St Patrick's Day hats for preemie babies can be found here:
With the luck of the Irish, you're holding one of the tiniest of the little folk. Your baby will be wearing the green with these beautiful preemie outfits for St Patrick's Day.

Discover More about St Patrick's Day!

The Irish Diaspora spread far and wide heralding St Patrick's Day celebrations all over the globe. Occasionally the good cheer has gone even further!
Who was St Patrick? Pampered Roman child; shivering, starving slave; learned priest; precociously young bishop; missionary; all of the above.
Everyone the world over associates St Patrick's Day with Ireland. But the parties, parades and celebrations began in the USA with Irish-Americans longing for home.
The city never did. But business-speak, ill-judged political correctness and Chinese Whispers blew the backlash into global proportions. Find out how!
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JoHarrington on 02/11/2013

Luck of the Irish be with you too! And that sounds like such a cool shamrock that your Grandmother created for you. <3

katiem2 on 02/11/2013

I'm always that bad girl rushing to the party store the night before St. Pattys Day to get my gear. BUT My Irish Grandmother crocheted me a shamrock on a pin. Always have to don the green, cool stuff ya got here. May the luck of the Irish be with you. :)K

JoHarrington on 02/05/2013

2uesday - Ah! You'd already answered Caj! And I was thinking the same on the shamrock boppers. I can definitely see me and my friends in a set of those.

JoHarrington on 02/05/2013

Caj - A little, but it will be here ready and waiting by March 17th, and people will need to get their hats in advance in order to have them for the day itself.

JoHarrington on 02/03/2013

It's a good hat!

HollieT on 02/03/2013

EDIT: The first one.

HollieT on 02/03/2013

The lovely green one with the shamrock on the front!

JoHarrington on 02/02/2013

Irish night out for the win! Which hat did you have your eye on?

HollieT on 02/02/2013

I want that St Pat's hat- I also want to frequent Levenshulme on St Pat's Night! :)

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