Storing a Spare Set of Tires Can Be Fun! Oh, Really?

by Regi_B

If you run summer tires and snow tires on your car, you need to know about storing tires.

I live in a place where most people put "snows" on their cars and trucks for the winter, then switch to "regular" tires when the mercury rises. (btw, "snows" are what we call snow tires 'round here. We're just that cool.) Running two sets of tires on your vehicle leads to always having to store one set of tires. (In the summer, you store the snows. In the winter -- you get the idea, I'll bet!)

So, how do you store your spare set of tires, and how can we make storing tires fun? This wizzle will answer at least one of those.

How Some People Store Tires

Is This Fun?

Oh! The many uses humankind has found for the trash bag! Well, storing tires is one of them.

I have done it this way. It is not ideal. Unless you are proficient with duct tape and tire-wrapping, you are going to get some unwanted something inside your tires.

What kind of unwanted somethings?

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Spiders
  • Hypothetical Aerosol Residue
  • Snorf (something I made up!)
  • Millipedes
  • Martians!

How Cool People Store Tires

In as much as anyone could be "cool" when storing tires.

Okay! It would be silly to say that the way in which one stores tires is the determining factor for coolness. What sort of world would this be if that was the measuring stick for "cool"?

With that out of the way, the better method than trash bag and tape to stow your tires when on your car is in "Tire Totes".

As the name -- Tire Totes -- implies you can also carry your tires in these. Huzzah!

Buying Tire Totes or a similar product will also help you keep road grime off yourself when you tote your tires -- like to and from your tire shop when the season "wills it".

How Can Storing Tires Be Fun?

It's not -- per se -- "fun".

I'm sorry.

Not even I can tell that big a whopper!

Now, It doesn't have to be messy.

How to Keep the Inside of Your Tires Clean

To "complete the loop" and keep your tires good and clean in storage, adding "tire felts" helps.

Tire felts? These have nothing to do with the sensory experience of touching your tires.

Instead, these items cover the hole of your tire -- making it harder for dust, and dirt, and spiders, and Martians to get in there while you store your tires.

(Also known as "wheel felts", these can protect your wheels from scratches if you store your tires on wheels.)

Updated: 10/24/2012, Regi_B
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