Sweet Romance Writer Uses Travel Inspirations for Novel Settings

by NanciArvizu

Author Sandra Leesmith travels part time in her RV exploring new places and sparking new ideas for her next novel.

Authors are a hard working bunch. It starts with the dream of writing a book. Then come the countless hours alone with your notepad or keyboard, getting the story onto the page and out of their heads.

Days turn into weeks that turn into months as words fill pages that are edited, rewritten, re-edited and proofread. But the dream continues and the author keeps working at the goal. Write the Book.

Social Media Networks are built and connections are made. A beautiful website is built. Everything is set up on Amazon. The author is excited to announce their book to the world.

And then nothing happens. A few sales in the beginning with the rush of the PR work that may or may not have been done. Weeks go by without a sale. What's an author to do?

Get out and start hitting the pavement with their book. At conventions of any kind that might offer a new audience for the book, you'll see the dedicated author with a booth and piles of their book, or books, just waiting for someone to take them home. The author hopes it's you that takes the book - so they're not packing them up and hauling them home to the six other boxes stacked in the garage.

Sandra Leesmith

Author Headshots
Sandra Leesmith
Sandra Leesmith
Sandra Leesmith

Meet Sandra Leesmith

An author who knows what it takes to sell books

The work of writing a book ends when the "Publish" button is clicked.

That's when the really hard work begins. 

Now it's time to get the world to hear your message: "I have a book for sale!" 

Self-Publishing has turned authors into Marketers. It's turned writers into a business owner, and the widget they're selling is their book. 

Hundreds of thousands of books are published - the sheer number of books being published on a daily basis continues to grow. The only way to success is to know your audience, and know where they ARE - be it online or in real life.

It's the real life events that a lot of authors step away from. Having to sit at a convention booth all day as people walk by and avoid eye contact was not part of their "Successful Author" vision. So they continue to plug away online and miss out on human contact opportunities.

Not Sandra Leesmith. Her life revolves around conventions and reader events and she loves them. "I've met fans of my books at the most random places. You never know what else a fan of my work might love." And the best part of meeting someone in person who gushes over meeting you and your work - there are usually other people within earshot who might pick up on the conversation. And if your fan loves your work, their passion will be picked up on too.

Living in the greater Phoenix area part of the year, Sandra is an avid Pickleball player. The people she's met playing Pickleball have become readers and fans. They let her know when an opportunity for her to show her work sounds interesting. And Sandra always follows up because, "you never know who you might meet."

Sweet Romance Novels by Sandra Leesmith

Sweet stories set in places readers will recognize
Love's PromisesLove's MiraclesLove's Refuge

You Never Know Who You Will Meet

Stepping outside your comfort zone creates new opportunities.

Writing can be a lonely business. Think of conventions and fairs and anywhere else you sell your book as a networking opportunity. And the networking doesn't have to be all business. In fact, putting people first and business last, can create a very successful business transaction down the road.

I met Sandra at an author event hosted by the Scottsdale Library. I went in support of another author friend and client, Michele Venne, who also writes romance stories. The group of authors were gathered in a medium sized space, tucked into the back of the library. It really didn't make for good traffic, and I didn't notice any signage announcing the event or pointing the way when I got there. 

The turn out, as far as the crowd size, was disappointing. Looking around, I could see the disappointment on the authors faces and I know what they were feeling - bummed. They could see their Saturday slipping away, spent sitting and staring at each other.

After spending some time with Michele, I got up to make the rounds with the goal of talking to every author in that room. Why not? They were bored and more importantly - they are my target market: People with something to sell.

That was how I met Sandra Leesmith.

Author On Fire

Being an Author takes a passion for people.

From the moment I met Sandra I knew she was someone I not only wanted to work with, I wanted to live my life like she was living hers! 

She and her husband have a home in Tempe, AZ, but during the warmer months they take off in their motorhome and travel. They go far away and stay gone for months at a time. Or sometimes they take off for a weekend trip. It doesn't matter, they have the time and they're going. Now.

Life has been a rollercoaster for Sandra, like so many of us experience. Twists and turns, just like the road she sees from the co-pilot seat, rolling out before her, leading her to the inspiration she needs for her next story. 

Some of their trips revolve around their love of Pickleball. If you haven't heard of this sport, Google it. I personally have not played or seen this in person, but it looks like fun. Someday I'll give it a try.

But all of her adventures include letting people know she writes and oh by the way, here's a book. She hands out her books to people asking for the kindness of an Amazon review, something that's so important to authors like Sandra. 

Looking at her Amazon pages, I believe her methods are working. She had many raving reviews for all of her books. 

Being a people-person-author has its place in book marketing. 

If you're wanting a well written sweet romance story with excellent scene setting and details - if you happen to visit or live where Sandra has been and used for her story, you'll recognize it - pick up one or all of Sandra's books. A few of her titles are also available on Audible, read by a professional voice actress and professionally recorded providing an outstanding listening experience.

I'm looking forward to reading about Sandra's next adventure!

About Author Sandra Leesmith

Places you can visit Sandra online

Sandra is part of Seekerville, a group of authors who work together to grow their audiences through blogging.

Visit her website at www.SandraLeesmith.com

To see a list of all work by Sandra Leesmith author page on Amazon

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NanciArvizu on 06/29/2015

Thank you Derdrui. Yes, stepping out of the comfort zone takes a lot of effort. It would be nice to see events that are better planned and publicized for this section of the community. There are places that do a better job here in the valley, like the Poisoned Pen and Dog Eared Pages.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/29/2015

NanciArvizu, It's true that you never know who will cross your path when you expand your comfort zone to the unknown. It must have been disappointing that the library event wasn't well publicized and that the location within the library wasn't prime. Thank you for sharing how you met Sandra Leesmith. I followed the link to Seekerville, which is an interesting site indeed.

NanciArvizu on 06/28/2015

Thank you! It's a challenge ll writers face, hard to get awareness when there are so many news books being published daily.

NanciArvizu on 06/03/2015

I know! I'm envious :) Most of her books are set in places she has visited. Lucky!!!

Mira on 06/03/2015

Traveling in an RV and handing out books in exchange for reviews sounds like a great idea :) And traveling in an RV is a great idea in and of itself :) I can only imagine how inspired she is when she gets to see so many new places and people.

NanciArvizu on 05/30/2015

Thank you Sheila!

CruiseReady on 05/30/2015

And now, Ms. Leesmith has one more online place where potential readers can discover her and her books. It's a well done one, too.

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