Talking with the Animals

by Ragtimelil

Are animals telepathic? Are the animal communicators really talking to animals? I don’t know the answer but there’s a lot of information to think about.

Since I was a child and read Dr. Doolittle books, I’ve always wanted to talk to animals. I'm pretty good at reading a dog's body language and signals but lately I’ve been reading about animal communicators who talk to animals telepathically. I want to believe that they are in fact communicating, yet I have a skeptic side that wants proof. I don’t have the final answer, but there’s some evidence that it could actually be happening.

Human Telepathy

friendsWhen I was a teenager, my best friend and I decided to try a telepathy experiment. We set a time and went to our separate houses. From her bedroom in her house, she tried to send me an image. I tried to receive the images. I filled pages with sketches of things I thought I was receiving. One image was different. It was almost like I could feel what part of my brain it came from. And it was persistent. It was rather silly but wouldn’t go away. I made a tiny sketch of it.

When we got together to look at the sketches, she pointed to the little drawing and almost broke down in tears. It was exactly what she had been thinking of. She refused to do any more experiments with me.

I can only believe that she did send me a message. This was decades ago and I’ve never had another experience like it. But can animals do it? I’ve meditated and sent messages to my dogs. I even went to a clinic held by a locally well-known animal communicator. But all I get is ignored. Nevertheless, I’m still fascinated by the possibilities.

Do You Believe in Animal Telepathy?

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No, I'm a skeptic.
Jerrico_Usher on 02/14/2013

Animals communicate like we do only they talk much less :) They read the body language, smells, and other cues (they sniff each others butts to determine 1. if this animal is in the click 2. if this animal got food the rest of them didn't (thank god we don't do this!) 3. to determine the health of the animal- animals often don't get sick because they banish other animals that get sick (till they get better).

People who read animals aren't psychic they are versed in animal body language and the plethora of information available about how cats communicate, dogs, etc... but that is still an impressive skill set to have. Telepathic in the mind sense not only doesn't work with animals it's not possible with humans, most of the time when we grab the same imagery (telepathy isn't really imagery) we say that it worked and ignore the other times it didn't- sometimes it's also a meeting of the minds that makes it appear to have worked, the best test is to do it with someone you don't know well, and even someone with a different perspective on life.

Imagery can be universal so visualizing can help send that body language translation to the other person if they are there - we can read each other's body language then translate what WE SEE into thoughts organized based on our own perception- without our personal "filter" technologies we'd not even be able to read body language effectively. I think with animals it's all body language and sensory data (smell, hearing, sight) they are far more skilled at non verbal language than we are to the degree that even a stranger animal (to them) can read them almost instantly. Great article!

sheilamarie on 02/01/2013

Not sure, but I'd like to believe it.

Yes, I've had experiences with it.
HollieT on 02/01/2013

Not only does my dog just *know* when someone's going to visit before they even get there, she also just *knows* when the pizza man is going to come! Too many things that I just can't explain.

teddletonmr on 02/01/2013

Yes, I believe animals do communicate absent vocalization. Without me speaking a word, my yellow lab, Buddy knows when something is troubling me. :)

TonfaGuy on 02/01/2013

My cat goes into a room before me - even when I change my mind.!

My Puppy, My Self

dog eyes

A dog trainer by the name of Lee Charles Kelley has written a fascinating article for Psychology Today,Canine Communication III: Are Dogs Telepathic?,* about his own personal experiences. On one occasion he sent his dog a message to bring another dog back who had wandered too far away. To his surprise, the dog did exactly that.

His dog also had a tendency to pull him in to shops where they had never been before, but Kelley had been thinking about them just minutes before.

Kelley maintains that this is the animals’, not human, natural method of communication. He also offers some very interesting insight into how and why and when this might work.

*The link doesn't want to work but you can copy/paste it from here

Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home

In his book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home, Rupert Sheldrake, director of the Perrott-Warrick Project at Trinity College in Cambridge from 2005-2010 wrote about his research into unexplained animal phenomena. He focused particularly on dogs and cats who exhibit anticipatory behavior when their owners are on their way home. He relates cases where the owners had changed their schedules and even drove someone else’s car or came home by taxi.

Sheldrake also has written about animals reacting before natural disasters. He maintains that this really is an untapped early warning signal.


Elephant Telepathy

elephantsIn one of the stories told about elephant rescues on the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust web site, a mention is made of how the older released elephants seem to know telepathically when a new baby is being brought in to the compound. Long before the arrival, before they could hear or smell the new baby, the elephants congregate at the compound to greet the new member of the family.

The website is very extensive and I tend to get lost in the great pictures and articles about the work they do. I do remember that reading that passage gave me goose bumps.

Animal Communicators

catIf you Google animal telepathy or visit YouTube, you can find many sites and videos of animal communicators. The only problem is that you pretty much have to take that person’s word for it. Unless you are an animal communicator yourself, you have no way to verify what the animal supposedly said.  We all know there are frauds and cons who will jump on the bandwagon when there is money to be made. Yet some of them are pretty convincing. Sometimes there is simply no  explanation.


nebulaThe real problem with research into this subject is that there is very little research out there. Research is expensive and generally funded by drug companies.  Without a big drug company looking to make a handsome profit, money is hard to come by.

As an example I’ve recently become interested in Reiki. It is a method of healing with energy, something that can’t be seen. Yet many hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic now offer Reiki along with other complementary and alternative medicine, also called CAM for short. A wonderful article by a Reiki hospital intern can be found here.

If Reiki and other energy healing methods work, how do we know animal telepathy doesn’t work too? We’ve proven that radio waves exist and that WiFi works even though we can't see them. Maybe it’s just a matter of time until we can prove that we really can talk to animals.

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Ragtimelil on 02/15/2013

Ha Ha. You'll have to intuit it....

Jerrico_Usher on 02/15/2013

didn't you know... brains come with a lan switch (computers these days have a curcuit that plugs into the computer through the internet port so you can turn your computer on and off using the lan switch (software that controls hardware over the phone) and an encrypted signal like the 56k modems sound... it gives people access to their computer when they are in Japan and their computer at home in Texas, allowing them to turn it on and back off with essentially a fax machine signal :) so nobody can snoop but you can remote compute to get to your files or resources...

that said, I just need your brains fax number.


Ragtimelil on 02/14/2013

Ha Ha. Let's hope my brain is turned on.

Jerrico_Usher on 02/14/2013

When I figure it out you'll know because you'll get a brain email from me haha

Ragtimelil on 02/14/2013

Why thank you. I haven't read them all myself but I have heard good things. Keep us posted!

Jerrico_Usher on 02/14/2013

yea that's what I want to read about in them... I need to get my cat articles up and they cover mainly body language... would be a good peice of research. (If I buy the books I'll come here first and use your amazon :))

Ragtimelil on 02/14/2013

Wow. Thanks Jerrico!
It's true that dogs are masters of reading body language. But don't forget, the book is about dogs who aren't in sight of people and not in smelling or hearing range either. That's the part I find fascinating.

Jerrico_Usher on 02/14/2013

means your article is now posted (link) to several sites like g+, fb, twitter (multiple accounts each), and anywhere else I tell people about cool articles like this one.

Jerrico_Usher on 02/14/2013

@ Tuesday, remember dogs have a heightened sense of smell an hearing and our body's may make different noises that clue the dog into the problem... they would also intuitively know in time about the supplies the owner takes (diabetic stuffs), and may be more aware of the invisible signs (maybe we smell different when our body is under attack? fart more? lol)...

@Hollie, they created a device using a camera and electron stimulation that the person puts on their tongue. The cameras bring in the light/visual information, these are then translated into black and white (for the moment) pictures that the person can see. As they use the device they can see and articulate shapes and edges more clearly- in other words you can literally translate visual signals to the brain through the other senses so if your eyes aren't working but your brain center for vision is, you can simply reroute the chemical/electrical signals through a different stimulus and the brain will decode it as if it were visual data... this was 5 years ago I'm sure it's in color now :) one of my passion articles has a video on it showing it working...

@Ragtime, just watch a lot of Ceazar (that dog program) and you'll realize your dog reads not only body language and smells, but also your energy overall... If you want to read up on telepathy/body language I have an article on that (just search telepathy)

@2eusday I agree I think it's smell and other things we don't really detect or think about, animals don't have stress of where their next paycheck or bills will come from/be paid etc... so they have far more bandwidth to use their senses to communicate and to detect communiction...

Hope my comments weren't overbarring, just got me excited about both the article and the responses! woot woot!


Ragtimelil on 02/14/2013

Not sure what that means, but thanks, (I think....)

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