The Secrets Of The Tarot Part 4 - The Questions Are Formatted A Special Way

by Jerrico_Usher

The way you format your question, how you visualize it, and the very literal context the tarot reads from is vitally important for accurate and comprehensible results

What is the most important part of a Tarot reading? What is this single super important point that goes so unnoticed by so many people? Quite simply... the question.

You see, it is the question that determines the answer. Ask the wrong question, or ask the right question incorrectly, and you'll get – you guessed it – the wrong answer! Most people ask the wrong question, and when the answer doesn't pan out, they conclude that the Tarot reading was wrong. It's not till later when they review the reading after the time has passed that they realize their question was in fact answered and even pretty accurately- but their mind wasn't prepared to hear it nor did they realize what question they actually asked! It's a bit tricky!

Tarot Question Formatting
Tarot Question Formatting

The Most Important Question Of all...

The key is to ask a question that is phrased properly. We have become comfortable thinking (and speaking) in abstraction, but that isn't how the Tarot works.

When you ask an abstract question, or you ask a question that doesn't really ask what you want to know, you're going to get an answer that is for a question you didn't realize you were asking! The answer is usually correct in as much as it is answering what it is answering, but when compared to what you wanted to know, that answer will fall short.

You see since the entire "engine" of the tarot "magic" is actually being formed through cognitive thinking on your part and visualization to enhance the available data (access to the subconscious mind for example), then the subconscious mind is actually the one asking the questions.

You ask consciously what you want to know but if there is a pressing question in your subconscious mind that you would benefit from- and it's more pressing (translated to mean it's more important to you in the grand scheme of things)- THAT question will be what the Tarot will answer.

This is why I often start with a "generic" reading with myself. I'll do a "what is the most likely outcome based on current circumstances" and will open my mind to seeing the answer and the question in the cards. It's an intuitive and meditative process at it's core. Beyond the generic reading I use the same phrase but tack on what I specifically want to know i.e. "... in my financial situation" or "... in my love life" or "... on Wizzley regarding earnings".

The result (for a newbie) of getting what I call a cross-category question interception is often your thinking that the reading gave you nothing but gibberish when if you just readjusted your thoughts and mindset into a slightly more open way - the answer would be obvious. It could be as simple as the actual question your dying to find the answer to but your question lead your conscious mind on a distraction journey.

Even if I do a reading for something specific, I always leave room for the interception question. This is a bit like dream interpretation- you have to figure out what it all means. That's the fun part though. You get better and better at it as you practice.

When I set out a reading and get nothing from it- I don't put it away. I write down the cards in the order they appeared, I leave it out and walk away. I come back and look at the cards without prejudice, without a question, just to see what story they tell me. 10 times out of 10 I've discovered the question FROM the answer and realized some amazing things! Walking away gives your mind a chance to mull over the data you just got on the cards (it didn't make sense but your mind doesn't stop trying to make sense OF IT).

The key, then, is knowing how to ask your questions and how to phrase them properly. Also you want to learn to open your mind and break out of rigidity- especially during a reading. You can always do a second reading to interpret the question of the first reading!

Sometimes it takes 3 readings to figure this out but each reading gives me a clue that takes me closer if not the whole thing appearing in the second reading! Sometimes just figuring out what the reading is saying i.e. if it's based on actions, financial security, love, or whatever it is. When you round that corner of awareness the reading takes on a whole new level of comprehension as your mind adjusts to the right frequency so to speak- to pick up the full signal.

Knowing what you can and cannot ask the Tarot cards and how to do so, is the single most important key point in the whole reading.You can know instantly how skilled a Tarot reader is by paying attention to how they word their questions and what they ask!

It shouldn't be surprising, then, that very few Tarot readers truly understand the subject – called “phraseology”.Shockingly, many readers have never even considered it, but without it, your accuracy will plummet and you will get confusing answers.

If you want to learn proper phraseology, and you most definitely do, start visiting the library, the book stores, and even the internet for this information- it's all out there.

After you read a bunch of books, scan a bunch of pages and practice readings (even if you don't know what your doing) you will start to comprehend it all and why the phrasing is important.

Each time you get an answer that blows your mind you will remember that card forever forth and interpreting it's meaning in various spreads becomes the new goal, and it's much easier at that point.

Phrasing is essentially a focus tool, but again, realize that sometimes the question your asking and the real question your asking in your head- may not be the same- the cards just give you a way to focus so go with your intuition! In a reading where your life seems chaotic and you just want answers or a direction to take, the tarot can help you do that. It's in these cases that you really want to pay attention beyond your question to see if their is a better idea, a better angle you need to be aware of or take... this helps you consolidate your thoughts into a focal point- the tarots best trick using only images!

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Updated: 12/01/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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