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by sheilamarie

Looking for a teacher gift to show your child's teacher you appreciate all her or his hard work? Here are some ideas that will help.

Being a teacher is one of those professions that carry a great deal of responsibility but are often undervalued in society.

Holiday time is a great time to express appreciation for your child's teacher and all he or she does for your family. You may be searching for a gift for a friend or family member who is a teacher, too.

Much of what a teacher does goes unnoticed, yet day to day, a teacher offers enormous efforts to ensure the next generation is prepared for life's challenges.

I have gathered some gifts that a teacher you know may really appreciate.

Teacher Gifts for the Holidays or for Any Time of Year

Every day in many households, children are dropped off at school bus stops or at the school gates to enter the building where they'll spend the bulk of their day in the care of those who are teaching them the skills that any adult in our society needs to function in this world. These skills include the subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also include the skills of how to get along with others, how to believe in oneself and one's abilities, and how to find one's place in the world in which we live. Teachers teach many of these things directly, but also teach by their very presence.

Most teachers are in the profession because they really love kids and really love the subjects they teach. Often teachers receive so much criticism and negative feedback, that it's a wonder they remain in the profession at all.

Those who teach are at the front lines of preparing students and so are in the front lines of how our future as a society will pan out. Parents, of course, are a child's main influence, but teachers are often a close second to the people that influence how our children will be prepared for life.

How often do teachers get the thanks they deserve for what they do?

Not often, really. Holiday gifts are just a small opportunity for parents to let a teacher know they appreciate their efforts. Even better than a gift is a kind word now and then to let a teacher know you understand what they do.

But if you want some gift suggestions, here are a few. I've started with gifts for preschool teachers and have ended with some ideas for those who teach older students.

For a Preschool or Kindergarten Teacher

A Thank You Poem

A Gift For A Daycare Provider Or Pre-school Teacher. Touching 8x10 Poem, Double-matted in White Over Blue And Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics.

This poem, matted and ready to be framed and hung, is a beautiful expression from a mother who depends on a preschool teacher to be there for her child while Mom works.

A very special bond can often be built between a working Mom and a preschool teacher or day care provider. Children are so needy in the early years, and a mother who needs to work to pay the bills can often feel torn when leaving her little one in someone else's care.

When she finds someone with whom her child is safe and under whose influence he thrives, no words can convey her gratitude.

Yet here is a poem that expresses this gratitude with simplicity and beauty. It will surely touch the preschooler teacher's heart.

It also shows that Mom realizes the teacher's dedication in doing all those loving things that make so much difference in a little one's life.

Lovely Book to Let a Teacher Know How Much You Appreciate All the Little Extra Things She Has Done to Help Your Child

Thank You: (a book for teachers)

This book expresses all the reasons for being grateful for what a teacher does.

It is a tiny book -- 4.4 x 0.4 x 4.7 -- that lets a teacher know "I am better for having known you."

Great Idea: An Amish Basket for Teacher's Pens

Would Look Really Nice on Teacher's Desk!

Amish Country Collectible Pen Basket.

Pretty handmade basket for your desk  Useful for holding pens and pencils for the classroom. You can dress it up with a bow and fill it with essentials, such as sticky notes, stickers, and other special treats. Colors may vary from the photo.

If you filled this basket with a variety of pens or with some homemade cookies or other goodies, you would have a great teacher gift. Why not add a funny magnet, too?

Add a bow to make it festive!

And don't forget to mention in the card that this is an authentic Amish handmade creation.

This basket would be especially welcome to a teacher who teaches American history or geography. It would be great for any elementary teacher, too, whose curriculum includes these subjects or whose literature units include American stories.

The Importance of Punctuation

Heroes Gone Unnoticed: Could Your Life Have Been Spared?

Funny Let's Eat Grandma Punctuation Teacher Gift Refrigerator Magnet

Punctuation really does matter in conveying meaning.

A teacher who teaches English grammar would get a chuckle from the words on this magnet.

What better way to insist on good grammar in the classroom than to make clear the consequences of being cavalier about the lowly comma?

In case the front image isn't showing, it says:


Punctuation Saves Lives

Let's eat Grandma

Let's eat, Grandma

For Middle School and High School Teachers

Warning: Due dates are closer than ..... ARGUS Large Posters

What teacher hasn't struggled with students getting their work in on time? This useful reminder can be posted in the classroom to remind procrastinators that due dates really do creep up on you.

It's important to establish patterns to make sure work is accomplished in a timely manner.

Teacher Mugs from Zazzle

Gifts for Middle and High School Teachers

Giving your child's teacher a mug is not a bad idea. Teachers will use a mug, and if it has a message printed on it that shows you care, it may even become that teacher's favorite. 

Zazzle mugs are of a very good quality -- I know because I've bought several!

I've chosen the mugs on this page because of the sentiment expressed. They would be especially appropriate for a teacher of upper elementary to college age students. 

If you want to see what other teacher mugs are available on Zazzle, you can click on any of these to enter the Zazzle site and search around for yourself. There are great options for teachers of younger kids and for math and science teachers, too.


Jewelry Can Show Your Appreciation

This jewelry would be an appropriate gift if the teacher you are appreciating is your spouse or other family member.

If it is your child's teacher, you may want to think carefully about giving jewelry because maybe it would be inappropriate in your context. The bracelet may be perceived as all right, but an expensive necklace may not be.

Of course, I am speaking about some contexts. You will know better about your own. Wherever I have taught, families didn't have a lot of extra money, and so if I were to receive a gift that seemed a little pricey, I would have been embarrassed by it, embarrassed both for myself and for the other children whose parents wouldn't have been able to afford such a gift. You need to be aware of how the gift will be received on the other end.

Of course, if the teacher is a special friend or if your connection is not simply through the classroom, your situation may be different.

All three pieces of jewelry below are wonderful expressions of a teacher's importance. I have chosen pieces that reflect three different budgets, however, so don't be put off by price, if that's a major concern for you. The bracelet is well under $10.00. At the time I am writing this, the Amazon price for the bracelet is around $6.00.


Teacher Gifts: Have You Found Something for Your Child's Teacher?

Or for That Other Special Teacher in Your Life?

I hope this page has been helpful for you in finding something special to give a teacher who has given so much to your family.

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Updated: 12/21/2015, sheilamarie
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sheilamarie on 11/22/2012

Thanks for your comment, Katie. Teachers are nice to remember over the holidays.

katiem2 on 11/22/2012

Great new and refreshing ideas for teachers gifts, giving them something original is nice.

sheilamarie on 11/06/2012

Thanks for your comment, Dustytoes! More expectations are put on teachers all the time. Children come to school less prepared and teachers are expected to fill in all the blanks. A parent's job seems tougher these days, too. Kids are exposed to so much so early. We need to support each other in this so-important task.

sheilamarie on 11/06/2012

I'm glad you like them, Tina.

TinaTruelove on 11/06/2012

Great Ideas!

dustytoes on 11/06/2012

Teachers deserve our appreciation and thanks. It is certainly not an easy job, and it gets tougher all the time. I love this collection of thank you gifts.

sheilamarie on 11/05/2012

Thanks for your comment, 2uesday.
Not that chocolates and potted plants aren't good gifts, too. . .

sheilamarie on 11/05/2012

Thanks, Brenda. It can be a hard place to be, especially with all the politics and criticism.

BrendaReeves on 11/05/2012

This is a really nice collection of teacher gifts Sheila. Teachers are under-appreciated that must be why there's such a high attrition rate in the profession.

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