The Changing Face of Video Gaming

by wizpro

A look at past and current trends in gaming. The industry is looking stronger than ever.

Videogame systems have never been cheap and even the first ones were quite expensive. This prevented the popularity of some systems reaching incredible Heights, but it didn't stop the seeds from being planted. Those who could afford videogame systems were able to enjoy simple games that allow them to control characters and shapes on the screen. Even something as simple as Pong was considered revolutionary because the first time, you didn't have to go to an arcade to experience it.

If you're old enough, you might remember when the first videogame systems came onto the scene. People were absolutely thrilled to be able to bring consoles into their homes for the first time. Back then videogame systems were not impressive by today's standards, but they were truly exciting to the people of the time. Even being able to control simple shapes and figures on the screen was something revolutionary. A lot of 30-year-olds still remember the excitement of their first Atari system, and of course there are fans of the old Commodore 64.


A Famous Moment From Gaming

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Gaming in the Future

No one knows where gaming will lead in the future, but we're sure to see an expansion of the best features today. Online play will undoubtedly grow, and this will enhance the experience even more. Multiplayer has become such a vital part of gaming that it's virtually impossible for a new game not to feature this element. Gone are the days when your goal is to simply defeat artificial intelligence patterns that were entirely predictable. Teaming up with other players from around the world and effectively competing for the top spot has taken every gamer to a whole new level. We will undoubtedly see more advancements that improve graphics and audio to the point that the line between reality and video games is blurred even more.

If you remember the first systems, you might also remember a dark time in the world of video games. Atari was dominating the marketplace but there was one huge problem - there were far too many horrible games on the market. Each of them came with a high price tag and they offered little value in return. Eventually there was a flood of substandard games, many of which were exactly the same as the other. There was no imagination or adaptation in gaming programming of the day. As a result, there was a bust in the market that saw popular systems and games virtually wiped out. People simply want buying them anymore, and it looks like home gaming was in deep trouble.

There were a few bright spots between this dark time and the Nintendo entertainment system, but it the original NES to bring excitement back to home gaming. It spawned some of the best games ever, and there are sequels and spinoffs still making appearances in games produced today. It truly was a revolutionary machine that made gaming accessible to kids of all ages. It made such an impact that there are still huge fans that have grand memories of what it was like to play with the NES for the first time.

Flash forward just a few decades later and we see an expanded scene with exciting possibilities. The advantage of online play has changed virtually every dynamic of gaming, and it's made things a lot more exciting as well. Technology has reached the point where graphics and audio come together to transport players and new virtual environments. It's not the same as playing a 2-D platform game anymore where your main mission is to collect as many coins as possible. Now you can live vicariously through your videogame avatar and live out your greatest fantasies. With great peripherals at a reasonable price like a gaming headset or wireless controller, you can feel like a part of the action like never before.


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