The Halloween Kitchen

by SPB

It's time to add a bit of spooky ambiance to the kitchen. Stop by often, because I'm just getting started! (Evil Laugh)

Today, we are in the kitchen!

The kids used to love Halloween and all the decorating that went with it. I used to buy every issue of the current women's magazines and they provided me with tons of ideas. And then there was my mom... she loves holidays even more than I do if that's possible.  Well, the kids are all grown up and there's only the two of us to decorate for... okay, my husband just rolls his eyes, but he never says to stop, so I have a feeling that he likes it too. So lets get started. 

Halloween Runner for the Dining Room Table

Heritage Lace Halloween Damask 15-Inch by 68-Inch Runner, Black
Heritage Lace
Only $15.38

This might be a little creepy for small children, but your teens will think that you are the coolest mom ever.  Pumpkin Spice is the flavor of the month, so you might want to bring home a bag to serve just for October! And if you can find a tarnished antique spoon, it will look even more authentic!

And Now For Some Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vampire Kiss Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
$16.99  $17.89

I just finished looking at a lot of different salt and pepper shakers and some were a little too cutsie if you have teens in the house. I thought that these two sets would be perfect. Just creepy enough to go with the sugar and creamer set. (Evil Laugh)

It seems that if you spill salt or pepper on the table, you can expect bad luck to visit you. It's an old Elizabethan superstition (spices were expensive back then) but you don't have to tell the kids that part lol.  You could tell them that if they do happen to spill the salt or pepper, that they are to pick it up with their fingertips and then throw it over their left shoulder. The object is to hit the evil spirits in the eye to blind them before they can cause bad fortune to occur. 

Grasslands Road Ghoulish Glamour Skull Toothpicks with Holder

Homestia Cocktail Toothpicks Stainless Steel Animal Fancy Picks Reu...
Only $13.85

I don't know how common it is to have toothpicks on the table any more these days, but these Ghoulish Glamour skull toothpicks will certainly set the mood. They come with a holder 1.75-inch by 2-1/4-inch

*Did you notice the label... "Welcome to Spooky Acres... established 1482. 

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Lets start with the kitchen brush... I don't think the kids will get too excited about this one lol, but it is well built and should leave your veggies shaking in their boots lol. And by the way, it's 8 inches long so it should be comfortable to use. I do like the color too but there were three other colors to choose from if it doesn't quite fit your kitchen decor.

Now the dessert plates are most impressive. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and will perfect for that Halloween dessert that they kids will expect, seeing that you have gone to all this trouble to decorate the kitchen. ;)

What better way to finish off than to feature Halloween Tea Towels. Feel free to hand them out to your kids or your husband. Your work is done!!


  • made of polyester cotten blend
  • cute little pompom edgings
  • would make an affordable little hostess gift too!!

Making Halloween Goodies

Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Updated: 10/11/2011, SPB
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