Halloween Salt and Pepper Shakers

by SPB

Salt and pepper shakers needn't be used just for salt and pepper! I have other uses for them.

Did You Know This About Pepper??

  • Pepper corns were once used as currency!
  • This is kind of interesting. It was once thought that pepper can not be digested and would remain in the body for 7 to 10 years. It was nothing but a myth and is absorbed and eliminated from the body just like any other food.
  • I didn't know this and I haven't eaten pepper in years, but apparently Black pepper stimulates the taste buds sending an alert  to to the stomach to increase something called  hydrochloric acid. This aids in digestion and  if there isn't sufficient acid in the stomach, the result is heartburn or indigestion. I think that I will put the pepper mill back on the table!

Some Salt Superstitions

Has anyone ever asked you to pass the salt to them? For most parts, it's okay to do, but not if the salt has to cross the table. It can go AROUND the table, but never across the table. 

If you are about to be married, this salt superstition should interest you. To ensure a happy marriage, each bride should sprinkle a bit of salt onto her dress! I wonder how many women have done that??

It is also thought that if you sprinkle a little salt in your new home, it will chase away any bad spirits that might be lurking.

A Salt and Pepper Museum

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Tombstone Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shaker Convention

Did You Know This About Salt??

Pink salt is actually more common than you might think. It's mined around the world, but I just learned that it can be found in Poland, the country where my daughter-in-law was born. I have heard of these mines and apparently, they are quite magnificent!

I have never flown over Sand Francisco Bay but from above you can see salt ponds that look like massive panes of stain glass. Can you imagine?? I really have to see this!!

I have often seen the Himalayan salt lamps, but while I thought that they were rather pretty, had no idea what the significance. Apparently  shades of amber or orange  help to relax the nerves. I can see how having a soothing ambiance to your room could help you sleep more restfully. 

The Krakow Salt Mine of Poland

You won't believe your eyes!

The Only Downside That I Can Think Of

I was reading about this woman a couple of days ago who had accumulated over 3000 sets of salt and pepper shakers. I was thinking about that as I was getting ready for bed last night and the first thing that occurred to me as how much dusting 3000 sets of salt and pepper shakers would require. On the other hand, if you invite some friends over with the promise of lots of coffee and cookies, maybe you could make a day out of it. And just think of all the stories that you could share! 

It might not be so bad afterall!!

Updated: 10/17/2011, SPB
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catgypsy on 10/19/2011

Very fun and interesting article!

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