The Hot New Summer Footwear and Sandals

by katiem2

Find the best summer footwear, check out the hot new summer footwear warm weather fashions and trendy sandals.

When was it that the genius who first invented sandals first came up with the brilliant idea? As anyone with feet can imagine, it developed from an intense need to protect our feet, the main mode of transportation.

What do you think? It was no doubt the first primitive man, as many historical findings have uncovered primitive sandals. Sandals could easily be fashioned and tied onto the foot with simple tools and resources. Imagine a cave man or woman walking over the rough terrain and feeling the pain of rocks, thorns and other earthly discomforts. It is from the necessity to protect the vital source of transportation,feet, that brought about the first very crude invention of the sandal.

In time someone with a love of feet and comfort designed the more beautiful and artful sandals. The sandal was first hand crafted from the finest materials in an effort to admire and adorn the foot. The soft form sandals were first invented in 1973 and lead to a reign of amazing and trendy shoe. Sandals were first invented to both protect and adorn the foot with function and beauty. Today we'll explore the hottest trends in summer footwear rolling out this season.

Summer Footwear and Sandals

While reading about the history of sandals and the basic need for foot wear the need has developed into a fashion frenzy we all love.

More on Shoes History - Sandals were commonly worn by everyone in early civilizations. Have you seen the sandals worn by King Tut? Oh yes as far back as King Tut sandals were a favorite among the royals, and commoners.

In modern times, such as those we live in today, our feet do become tired and crave as much comfort as possible. This allows us to continue enjoying the day with little to no discomfort. Sandals have long sense become a summer staple to every human’s wardrobe.

Flats are getting hotter and sexier than ever, if you love a good flat plus looking gorgeous and turning heads these hot designer flat sandals are exactly what you're looking for

The Benefits of Sandals

Sandals are great for the warm weather and beach fun.

Why Sandals

  • Toes long to come out, breath and feel the warm sun upon their toes.
  • Summer sandals and flip flops have come a long way sense the days of the Romans and King Tut.
  • They are made more comfortable and durable with a great flare for fashion. 
  • With crocs came greater support and comfort in sandals.
  • Long gone are the days of foot pain and discomfort from wearing sandals.
  • Sandals and summer footwear are now among the most comfortable and supportive of any footwear.
Check out the new North Face trek running shoe the go to shoe for the active fun loving woman looking for the hottest trend in women's footwear this season.

The Hottest Trends in Summer Shoes

Just what exactly is the hottest trend is summer footwear this season?

  • Flats are hot and embellished flats are the rage.
  • Flirty sandals are hot and steamy this season.
  • Cut-out ankle sandals are on the list of must have foot fashions.
  • Ankle booties are trendy for night wear.
  • Sexy peep toe pumps are the must have fashion stepping out to dance hottie.
Switchflops are here to stay everyone falls in love with the new twist on flip flops. Enjoy the hottest fashion trend this season. Plus find out who invented this shoe.

The Embellished Sandal

The embellished sandals top the list of the hottest fashion trends for this season and why?

The Embellished Sandal Craze

  • The embellished sandal is comfortable, feels great, looks great and goes well with everything.
  • You can wear the embellished sandal with shorts, skirts, bathing suits, dresses and on and on the list goes.
  • Embellished sandals come is such a wide variety of stylish options you are sure to find the perfect sandals that speak to you.
  • The many additions of jewels, rhinestones and artful additions will include something for your ever changing moods.
  • These priceless additions to your summer wardrobe are also very affordable.
  • You can mix and match them adding many pairs to your summer must have fashion accessories.

So enjoy the warm months of spring, summer and fall all the while looking and feeling good in the hottest trends in summer footwear.

Much Fashion and Happiness, Katie

Flats are once again all the rage in fashion footwear trends, they are hotter than ever begging all the more how do we wear flats. Learn what looks great with flats.
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katiem2 on 05/18/2015

Bri, Interesting point, sandals are a great topic and a shoe I feel both sexes can share equally. The variety is NICE!

katiem2 on 07/12/2012

Sounds beautiful :)

katiem2 on 07/01/2012

Sannel, You are so welcome glad you like the sandals, these are my going out on the town on a hot summers night. :)K

Sannel on 07/01/2012

I love sandals and my feet loves sandals, feeling the warm sun upon their toes, lol.
I prefer flat sandals, since I'm very tall. They look great with shorts, summer dresses and jeans, and sandals that are embellished with rhinestones and artful additions will dress up any ordinary outfit. Thanks for a great Wiz!

katiem2 on 06/24/2012

2uesday, I find myself slipping into flats most of the time as I head out the door. :) K

katiem2 on 05/30/2012

Angel, I agree, it's time for me to get a nice new summer polish pedicure for my new sandals. I love shoes, especially sandals. I love them all.

Angel on 05/30/2012

I just love sandals and flip flops. I can't wear them too long because my feet don't do well sitting so flat. I like the ones that have a little arch support in them. Great time of year to show off the cute toe nail polish and pedicure!

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