The Interactive Holiday Toy for Christmas Gift – The Furby Boom

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The moment I saw furbie, I fell in love with it. It looks soft and innocent just like a small stuffed toy or a baby robot. Buy a Furby for an amazing experience.

We are yet to see the best toy to rise to the pinnacle this year and for which the demand exceeds the supply. Like every year, Christmas is the peak season where expectations are high. Parents are seeking the perfect toy for their little ones, toddler boys and girls and the teenager sons and daughters. Obviously parents want the best and they do not mind spending some extra bucks in return for the quality and performance. Most importantly kids need to adore the toys and play till they get older and pass it on.

The latest addition in the Furby collection is “The Furby BOOM”. They really amaze you because they think like a human being they are happy and sometimes depressed and have moods just like humans. They come in stunning colors of white, pink, purple and more. The latest generations come in cool designs such as polka dots, plain shades and zigzag patterns.

Get prepared for the new generation which hatches on the free Furby Boom app. You can hatch the digital eggs and raise the furbies as your pets. More than ever, have fun with the infant furbies who will transform into personalities that you want it to. It will dance to music, speak furbish and interact with you in the most amazing way. Your kid and grand-kid will adore this stunning gift.

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The Furby Boom

Baby Furbies for Sale

From a bevy of the varieties, the guardians are carefully looking for that educational toy that combines learning with play, physical activities with games and wits with puzzles. Toddlers love stuffed plush toys whereas the older ones adore action toys. Learning and interacting are a great attraction. For teens, video games, outdoor sports and craft projects will break the ice.

If you are looking for that perfect holiday gift for your kid, don’t wait till the end when the stock depletes, in fact millions of people go empty handed once the supply exhausts. Do not be the last one to know that this was the toy you badly wanted for your kid.

 If you remember correctly some of the most memorable hot toys of past years past include Nintendo and Elmo that made kids go crazy and the parents go to extreme to get them for their loved ones. This year might not be any different; The “Hottest Holiday Toy” of yester year may stage a grand comeback and become the super hottest toy of this year too. Oh yes, we are not talking about Mini IPad from Apple yet, we are expecting the springing back of our action Hero Furby with Furby Boom.


The Comeback of Furby

Furbies for Sale

The all new toy invented by Hasbro's is swaying on the hems of oceans of toys to become the number one TOY. Does it carry the “Wow factor”, is the apple pie of kids eyes and icing on the sugar. We have to observe, this totally redesigned new avatar of Furby comes in bright, bold colors, such as teal, orange, red, and yellow. The all new advanced Furby is waiting to be explored and befriended and thus declared the toy of the millennium.


The latest arrivals of Furbys are quite geeky and more interactive with features kid will find more exciting. These technically advanced cousins need to be dealt smartly compared with their older mates. What’s more kids can use the free Furby iPad app to translate the mystic Furbish, Furby's native language, to English. It is as exciting as learning Harry Potter’s wizardry vocabulary of spells and it pays to know exactly what your new furry friend is trying to tell you or a fellow furby. Added to this, the furbies can interact with each other too and it is interesting to know what is cooking amongst them. Of course, it is hard to tell if you don’t understand their language.


You will be relieved to know that the intelligent furby learns English the more it gets interacted with. So it is learning that’s both ways. Now it you want a thrilling experience with your Furby and want him to grow a good chap with a pleasing personality, you better be pleasing and good too. Treat him badly and the LCD eyes will change with the new acquired personality, and it might choose to neglect you completely.

What to you prefer between an interactive toy and stuffed toy?

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I adore stuffed toys - they are warm and soft, love hugging them
DerdriuMarriner on 02/22/2023

In particular, I appreciate stuffed toys because of the stuffed pandas that my pandas gave me as a child even as I like the communication with non-angry, non-depressed, non-moody interactive toys.

Buy a Furby for an Amazing Experience

Hottest Holiday Toys for Christmas That Are Interactive Too

Your kids can have an electrifying experience with the wise little Furby because it has sensors all around its body, they are present on the head, mouth, belly, backside, and even on the tail. They actually allow it to expand its personality, they are meant to react.

Loving your pet Furby, caressing it gently makes it ecstatic and jovial. Yep, you have the power to develop and transform Furby either to make it an angel or turn it into a monster. A great example to teach small kids – the correct attitude and behavior from live examples, besides the interaction being fun. Furbies are definitely a great gift for a Christmas, Birthday or Halloween gift.


Furby on YouTube

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Do you think the Furby Boom is an amazing feature of the Interactive Furbies?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/22/2023

In particular, I appreciate the two-way communication with interactive toys. Interactive toys are such educational entertainment and such entertaining education.

The second sentence in your second paragraph indicates that "They really amaze you because they think like a human being they are happy and sometimes depressed and have moods just like humans."

Would the point of their being depressed and moody be to help their human "toys" -- ;-D -- get through the depression and the moodiness or would it perhaps deepen, reinforce being depressed and moody?

ologsinquito on 11/21/2013

I liked the original Furbies, but these look really cute. It's easy to see why they will be highly requested this year.

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