The Lint Picker Upper Thingy Guide

by Regi_B

Everything there is to say about lint rollers, lint brushes, alternatives to those, and what people say they like about the lint pick-up products sold online.

One thing I do is write about important stuff. The Link Picker Upper Thingy Guide is -- indeed -- important stuff!

Without lint removal products, would we survive as a species? Well, yes, we would survive, but we would look less lovely doing it!

There ain't nothing wrong with looking good, baby! It helps -- especially at times like trying to attract a companion, or score a new job, or when you run for President one day. Lint is the enemy to all these endeavors. Okay, maybe it is not "the" enemy, buy lint is "an" enemy -- just ask your little black dress, or your favorite pair of slacks.

There are good things in life, and lint is not one of them!

Below, is your guide to "what's what" in the world of things that remove lint from clothing and other surfaces. I hope you find it riveting (in the same way you might find a light rain, or a cross-country skiing marathon "riveting").

Anyway, enjoy!

The Lint Brush

Lint has been with us a long time. I have not looked it up on Wikipedia -- or a more reliable source -- but I am sure that is what it would say. Indeed, lint -- I imagine -- has been with us as long as clothing. Think about it!

Now, how to remove lint? That is the quest.

One method is something that has been with us as far back as I can remember (and I remember back to like '73 -- definitely '74) is the indomitable lint brush.

Sure, it probably is not as old as lint, but it is a long-time lint fighter.

There are different lint brushes you can buy, but the Evercare Magik Brush rates better than four stars out of five, on Amazon, and that is with over 100 customer reviews!

Washable, Reusable Lint Rollers

At one time, it seemed possible that washable lint rollers might change the trajectory of the human race.

Do you think I am overstating things? Well, you are correct.

Still, the washable and tote-able nature of reusable lint rollers makes them attractive.

The downside I have noticed with my own personal use with these things is they get "real dirty" real fast. The upside is all you have to do is wash it anew.

Multiple companies make this kind of lint roller in sizes pocket-to-large. The trio set from Spotless rates quite well with Amazon shoppers.

Tape-Based Lint Roller Thingies

What do you call those lint removers with sticky sheets of paper layered on them? I call them "tape-y lint roller thingies". (Genius! I know.)

Scotch-Brite just calls it a lint roller, with adhesive sheets.

In my experience, this kind of lint removal product always gets the job done. The tape that comes on most of these is uber-sticky. (You have my permission to use that phrase in your daily life.)

Regular-sized ones get into situations where they are too bulky. I imagine that is why the world has compact adhesive lint rollers.

Using Regular Tape to Remove Lint

Isn't It Funny!

Sometimes in life, we have to go with the "next-best" option. You know what I mean if you have ever needed to peel lint off a skirt or shirt, but had not one lint roller in your general vicinity. What to do!

You probably sought out a roll of tape, and wrapped it around two-to-four of your own fingers -- thereby "inventing" your own makeshift lint removal device. We have all done it in a pinch.

The thing is, you could carry your own roll of tape around if you chose and use that as a carry-along lint remover in your purse or pocket. It would be dual-purpose and take up less space than most any lint roller.

Just a little something to think about from Regi B. (That's me.)

Fabric Shaving Lint Removers

Some fabric items -- to remove lint -- just "need a good shavin'" now and then. This goes for wool sweaters, fleece, many skirts (and many mini-skirts), and some suits -- just to name a few.

Such is why we have little -- pocket-sized or purse-sized -- fabric shavers. You might call them "sweater shavers". Whatever term you use for this sort of product, it works on lint.

Amazon shoppers who have bought the Remington Battery Operated Fabric Shaver like it. 

Fabric Combs for Removing Lint

Fuzz is a kind of lint. Especially fuzzy, are many a sweater, lots of fleece garments (this "lint" can be a result of what is called "pilling"), and dress socks, for example.

Such fuzziness is why there are fabric combs.

One popular fabric comb is the D-Fuzz-It Sweater/Fabric Comb.

It exists so you can keep wearing your favorite, lint-attracting clothes.

Amazon customers love it.

Don't You Just Hate It When Lint Ruins Your Outfit!

Here's a Story

"Oh! Look! Lint!" I thought, as I peered at my mirror.

There I stood, dressed for work, but not nearly looking prepared. Lint had made a mess of my favorite black sweater, and I had managed not to notice before I donned it 

Now what?

In my younger days, I would have just left the house and gone on to my job. After all, I was a host/cashier at a budget restaurant. It is not as if cleanliness was equated with godliness at that "establishment".

This -- however -- was not my younger days, and I needed a solution.

I had no lint roller.

We were out of tape at home.

Alas, I changed my attire. Time was running out and I had no other choice.

There I went, to work, and not in my favorite attire.

To avoid such a start to the day in the future, I can either avoid all clothes that may attract lint, or I can keep a lint removal product on hand.

Oh! Life's little dilemmas!

Sometimes, You Have a Larger Job -- Use a Large-Surface Lint Roller

If the thing you seek to roll across lint does not measure up to the fabric about to be rolled, you may need a bigger lint roller.

They make these for rolling your sofa, drapes, California condor -- whatever you have on hand that might need a "good lint rollin'".

One such "large surface lint roller" is made under the Roll-O-Vac brand. It is bigger, better, and one other thing-er.

Odd Things You Can Do With a Lint Roller

  • Stretch a pizza dough with it -- very slowly,
  • Play it as a "space air saxophone",
  • Lick it. (No! Don't!)

What You're Supposed to Do with a Lint Roller

  • Remove lint from fabric surfaces,
  • Remove pet dander from fabric surfaces,
  • See the first two items.

Lint Picker Upper Thingy Guide Summary

Hopefully, this guide has been of assistance to you on your quest to find out about "all things lint roller related". If that was not your quest, I hope this article helped you nonetheless.

Now, roll on. Roll on.

Updated: 06/14/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 06/18/2012

2uesday, I feel your pain. :-D

Regi_B on 06/18/2012

Very funny, very nice, Tolovaj. :-D

Tolovaj on 06/17/2012

Lint has really give me nightmares for years and I have tried many weapons to defeat it, including naturalism, but nothing worked for me. I guess lint picker upper thingy is my last chance to survive and keep at least some dignity.
Thanks for your lint expertise, our species will appreciate it in one of next generations for sure!

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