The Nerf Barricade - More N-Strike Nerf Action

by sciencestudent

The Nerf Barricade use a flywheel action to lay down a hailstorm of whistler darts in semi-automatic style. Especially check out the RV-10 which can be found at discount online.

Nerf's foray into semi-automatic weapons has been a smart move and has definitely stepped up the playing action and turned Nerf Tag into a high-speed action sport. The Nerf Barricade may not have as many features as some of the new Nerf guns like the Nitron, but it is a great pistol and can be found for an absolute "steal" online.

The Nerf N-Strike Barricade is an  excellent little weapon.  Uncomplicated. Deadly. And cheap.

Hasbro, the home of Nerf and prominent distributor of an unending line of new dart guns, released the Nerf Barricade some time ago.  

While a lot of people are likely ready to leave the Barricade and move onto new Nerf guns such as the Nerf Rayven, the Nerf Barricade will still have a great following of fans for sometime yet - especially among younger kids who can appreciate its uncomplicated loading and ease of use.

The Nerf Barricade comes in several major color designs and you can go with whichever one you prefer. (Although, some of them such as the Transformer’s Bumblebee are a limited run item, and may be harder to find.)


Here's a Quick Run-Down Of The Top Nerf Barricade Styles:

The Barricade Gear Up

Nerf N-Strike Barricade Gear Up
Only $119.95

The Barricade Sonic

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 Sonic S...
Only $69.99

The Barricade Transformer's Bumblebee

NYCC 2011 exclusive NERF N-STRIKE BAR...

Compact Design

The biggest advantage of the N-Strike Barricade is its compact size.  Designed as a pistol shooter, the Barricade is easy to pack anywhere and fun to handle in a game.  It also uses smaller (3 AA)  batteries than a lot of its Nerf cousins making for a lot lighter package. (Compare to the Nerf Nitron which uses 6 C and 2 AAA batteries or the Nerf Rayven with its 10 AA batteries)

Semi-Automatic Shooting

Like the Nerf Rayven and Nerf Nitron, the Nerf Barricade uses a flywheel system to spin out the darts. It goes to show that good things do come in small packages.

However, unlike some of these other guns, the Barricade does not have an “accelerator” trigger, meaning that the flywheel is always on and humming, and making stealth attacks a lot harder to pull off.  However, younger shooters may appreciate not having to manipulate multiple triggers.

Using an accelerator flywheel as opposed to a spring loaded design allows for a lot faster gameplay and is simply a must as more kids switch over to semi-automatic weapons. After all, sometimes winning a game is simply who can shoot the most, the fastest.

 Whistle Darts

The Nerf Barricade holds 10 darts in its revolving barrel and its easy access allows for super-fast reloading action.  Just slip the darts in as quick as you can -- even as you run from room to room, shooting.

The Whistle darts get mediocre reviews.  They shoot well, but their whistling capabilities is rather hit-or-miss.

My Take on the Nerf Barricade 

I still prefer the Nerf Nitron with its XLD disc design, and on-demand accelerator control. However the Nerf Barricade is a smaller weapon, and perhaps better suited for inside play than some of the other ones out there.

Other than the noisy accelerator, it really is everything your goto Nerf gun should be.

Plus., you can mod it out with an optional stock attachment for more control and a full-sized gun feel.   It also has a tactical rail for other tactical Nerf accessories such as a scope for distance shooting or a light for night-time game play.

If you want the shoulder stock option on the gun, you have to buy it as part of the bonus pack with the gun.  The shoulder stock is not currently sold separately (I couldn’t find it, at least)

The Barricade With Optional Stock Included

Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 (with b...
Only $19.99

Here's to a lot of Nerf wars in your future!!

Updated: 03/15/2012, sciencestudent
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