The perfect Christmas tree – live or artificial

by teddletonmr

The beautiful live evergreen scented, and hypoallergenic artificial Christmas trees create that look, and smell, that inspire fond memories for young and old alike that last a life

For a single person and couple’s first Christmas, buying the perfect Christmas tree can be a bit of a strain on both, budget and relationship. On the other hand, dear ole mom and dad suddenly becoming empty nesters, struggle with the kids not making it home for the holidays this year’s, emotional rollercoaster. The thing we all have in common regardless weather we are downsizing, buying our first tree, or simply replacing that ugly old hand-me-down artificial thing, we received as an early Christmas gift several years ago.
The thing we need do before buying a tree we are sure will work for us, ask ourselves a few simple but important questions. Continue reading as we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying a real or artificial tree.

The 411 on tree allergy problem

Real and fake Christmas trees can and do contain allergens.

For many American families, Christmas just isn’t complete without finding and decorating the perfect holiday tree. Adorned with family heirloom decorations, reminding us of Christmases past, the kid’s first, mom’s, or dad’s last, help to solidify those ties that bind.

Often misunderstood, the problems with real, fake, or artificial trees, all trees contain one or `more types of allergens. That cause folks with dust, mold, and or terpenes (organic aromatic compounds that make x-mas trees smell), allergies experience mild to severe allergic reactions.

Things we need to keep in mind. Real Christmas trees grow outdoors in tree farms. Where they are subject to the elements, so it should come as no surprise, dust, molds, pollen birds, bugs and other such critters enjoy the shelter evergreen trees provide.

Here is a little fun fact many folks fail to realize. Depending on how they are cared for and stored in the off-season. Artificial trees also attract dust, molds, and on occasion a few little nasty critters. Improperly storing artificial tree in the attic, garage, or basement unprotected from creepy crawlers and the elements, allows allergens contaminate even the fake man made plastic trees.

Snow Covering Adirondack Chairs by Lit Christmas Tree
Santa & Mrs. Claus Stand In
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Reduce allergens on Christmas trees

Real and fake trees alike should be thoroughly cleaned before taken indoors and setup.

One easy way to reduce the allergens on a live Christmas tree, before taking indoors give the tree a good shake, bounce the butt end of the tree’s trunk against the driveway several times. This will help remove any loose dirt and debris, such as bird droppings, dead bugs etc.

Another way clean a live tree, break out your trusty electric or gas-powered leaf blower, and blow the dust, loose needles, or the occasional birds nest off of and out of the tree before bringing indoors and setting up.


A good electric leaf blower vac is a must have lawn clean up tool for several reasons.

Something else you can do, rather than blow all, the dust and other debris in the air where it could get in your eyes, one can never be too careful. Consider using a wet/dry vacuum, with the HEPAfilter option and little dust brush thingy to vacuum the main trunk, and top and bottom of each branch to remove loose needles, and so on.

6-hp Shop Vac wet dry canister vacuum makes cleaning up after a flood, clogged drain, home improvement project, and yes even blowing debris from the garage, and lawn cleanup jobs

Cleaning an artificial Christmas tree made easy

Remove and clean ornaments, decorations, tag, and bag.

Artificial AKA, fake trees should get a good cleaning both before setting up and when taken down for storage. When put away and stored properly, all you should do is wipe the metal upright pole that serves as the fake tree’s trunk, and the top and bottom of each branch with a soft cloth dampened with a mild bleach and warm water cleaning solution. Taking care not to get the metal parts too wet, wipe with a dry cloth. In so doing, remove any dust clinging to the surfaces, and shine things up a bit.

In the event, an artificial tree was not put away, and stored properly. Let’s say taken down, thrown into an ole cardboard box and put into the attic, downstairs closet, or shelf in the garage, storage shed or some other non-climate controlled space. Chances are, the once free from all sorts of nastiness x-mas tree, is now filthy. Covered in dust mites, spiders, mold spores, mouse turds, and what have you.

In such cases, we only have a couple options, one the more expensive, and favored by most health conscience folks. Throw the filth-laden fake tree to the curb, and run out and buy a new tree, or roll up your sleeves, dawn a pair of gloves, safety glasses, and dust mask and give the tree a good cleaning. Using the blower, wet/dry vacuum and bleach water solution cleaning method we talked about earlier. 

The perfect artificial tree

Only $158.28

How to store a Christmas tree

Take down, disassemble, and store with care in a proper storage container

Here is a really easy and affective way of storing the family Christmas tree through the off-season months. Get started by removing all decorations, and any bits of food, Christmas cookies, or candy canes the kids have hidden in the tree, and seal the clean parts of the tree in plastic bags.

Next, put the sealed plastic bags of tree parts, in a large plastic storage container or tree storage bag. Using the cardboard shipping boxes the tree came in, or your typical plastic lawn and garden trash bags by themselves, more often than not. Do not keep dust, dirt, mold, and creepy crawler bugs from making themselves at home in your tree.

Only $19.33
Only $88.00

Buying the perfect Christmas tree

Buying a live tree or selecting an artificial, aka fake tree really is easy.

Once upon a time, when I found myself finding it hard to make a decision of some consequence, a wise old man told me. When values are clear, decision-making is easy. As I found then, and still believe to be true. Even when faced with the choice, which should I buy, a live or artificial Christmas tree is easy.

Just think about it this way. On one hand, real evergreen trees grown on tree farms across the U.S. Makes the beautiful holiday trees we all enjoy a great renewable resource, that not only looks good in our homes during the holiday season. Growing fresh cut trees and bringing to market helps support American farmers, their employees and family. Witch I believe we will all agree is a good thing.

In Addition, local Boy Scout troops in many communities use Christmas tree sales as their one big fundraiser each year. Where the proceeds help Boy Scout troops take boys that otherwise could not go on weekend or summer camp trips, daytrips to museums cultural centers, and other such for many boys, once in their young life, lifetime type stuff. For many Scouters (supporters of the BSA), this is all the reason they need to make buying a real tree for their family Christmas celebration the perfect choice.

On the other hand, buying a beautiful, easy to set-up, take down and store artificial tree has several benefits making buying a fake tree the perfect tree for many busy families these days. After all, buying the perfect artificial tree that will last for many years is as easy as clicking on the amazon link on this page. Buy yourself or someone you love the perfect tree that will put a smile on their face, and holiday spirit in their hearts, all at a great price, shipped straight to your home, office, or to that special someone as a great holiday gift.   

live christmas tree
live christmas tree
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teddletonmr on 10/30/2013

@sheilamarie I love a real tree as well, the sturdy braches of the Douglas fir look amazing, and will hold up to many decorations.

@jptanabe I agree with you the smell of a real tree adds to the beauty of a Christmas tree.

@WordChazer your tree decorations sound lovely, except for the tinsel in July thing. That reminds me of the cat my wife had when we meet 20+years ago. Tori, a Tortoiseshell, Himalayan Persian would play with and ingest bits of the tinsel strands. Where it would pass a few days later and decorate her rear end.

@ologsinquito I agree with you, storing an artificial tree in a tree storage bag is far better than an old cardboard box wrapped in duct tape.

sheilamarie on 10/30/2013

I love a real tree. We live in the country so they're easy to find here.

jptanabe on 10/16/2013

I love our real Christmas tree -- smells so good every year! There are many Christmas tree farms in our area, so it's really a no brainer to get the real deal. But, if I had to have an artificial one, that plastic bag for storage looks like a great idea!

Guest on 10/16/2013

Artificial. White tinsel branches. Bright tinsel strands, bright glass and plastic baubles. Bears and traditional hand made wooden decorations. No lights. A glittery candle decoration and a Pudsey Bear ornament as tree toppers. And I'm STILL finding tinsel pieces in July...

ologsinquito on 10/16/2013

I really like that artificial tree storage bag. Mold in many basements is such a problem, and this would keep the tree dry.

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