The Physics Of Telepathy - We All Do It Everyday...ON PURPOSE- Here's How You Do It

by Jerrico_Usher

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What do you think telepathy is? Is it the transmission of a thought-form from one persons head to another persons head and the ability to distinguish what they were thinking? Just because telepathy doesn't happen without any device (most people think) doesn't mean it's not happening. The reality is without speaking- we can transmit the information in our thoughts into transmittable information.

As it leaves your head it travels through the body down to the fingers and is typed into the text message box on a cell phone, computer, or any other communications device. This is literally thought translated into speech patterns or text (a new medium or emulator), then the other person receives it on their device. They translate it MENTALLY back into a human brain- theirs.

The transmitted "Thought" is then distinguished and translated by THEIR Brain from The original persons BRAIN. All happening from anywhere in the world instantly if both parties are tuned in as most cell phone users or computer users are. Technically, talking, gesturing, and hand signaling are also forms of real telepathy, but utilizing devices allows for a more complex and interpretive (image is worth a thousand words?) transmission. I know what your thinking, but keep reading, It gets better...


What Is Telepathy Really?

Literally telepathy is believed to be the transmission of a thought and a recipient of that thought in a form they can comprehend and react to. Why do we need magical pixie dust concepts that are physically impossible like literally transmitting thoughts like cell phones transfer images and text?

Science fiction would have you believe that a brain can "wirelessly" network with another mind and simply play images back and forth like text messages or texting pictures. The reality is that it doesn't really work quite that way. The tools needed are currently, your eyes, hands/fingers, and/or voice and a "universal translator"  device called a smart phone.

In this article I'm going to break down why Sci-fi's version of telepathy is so far off by explaining how the brain actually works where telepathy is concerned, and I'll explain how we're all currently and always have been communicating with other people telepathically- the only thing that changes is the middle man- the device that turns what's in your head that you want to communicate and send to someone else's head into a universally recognized context then allows for easy integration into someone else's brain.

The above description (the introduction) is identical to chat room technology, cell phone technology, and any other technology that allows you to translate the thoughts in your head into distinguishable images or sound, or anything else the 5 senses can detect and translate right?

If your still thinking "no that's not telepathy" then what is your definition? Seeing images and sending them to the other person's head for translation?

If that's what you think is happening then think about how the brain ACTUALLY works.

Keep in mind exactly "how" imagery is formed in the mind and what powers it. It's not the same thing as a movie- even though in our mind it plays out like one (as does dreams).

The reality is that every thought is scattered all over your brain and stored separately. You literally have to connect the dots to form a full high definition memory.

A memory is only as vivid as the re-established associations that the real event recorded. A memory gets hazy because new associations muddy the waters and recalling a memory in all senses (smell, touch, visual, audio etc...) becomes incredibly difficult. This is why the longer time has passed the more a memory "fades".

It never actually disappears, it gets buried alive. Think of it like a fragmented hard drive and recalling the "movie" of a memory is defragging (making whole again) the memory.

The memory is still not in true movie structure- it's actually encoded in chemicals and electricity stored in neuron patterns (patterns of brain cells that light up). What you see in your head are your brains interpretation of what you saw.

Since no two people are wired exactly the same including evolved memories and biological makeup, it's a bit ludicrous to think one person could send an image or even an audio thought to another persons head and that person could actually decode it just by thinking and hoping it arrives in their head in tact. You have to use their physical devices (eyes,ears etc...) to truly transmit a thought!

The decoder key is that other persons entire being physically and mentally.

Even if you could transmit your thoughts to their brain and they could decode it into chemical/electrical impulses that could be interpreted by their imagination- it still wouldn't do them any good. it would be like trying to watch a DVD in a VCR- wrong format!

Thoughts are both chemical and electrical. A thought is formed when a millions of neurons fire off in patterns caused by chemical transmission.


The "Pictures" or "Movie" Your Imagination Comes Up With is an Interpretation of Data Not the Data Itself

There are NO pictures in there, that is a perception based on the electrical and chemical formations chiseled into neurons based on the actual transmissions of visual data. To put it simply- the "pictures" or "movie" your imagination comes up with is an interpretation of data not the data itself. The fact is, one persons "imagery" wouldn't even make sense to anyone else if it could be transmitted.

Why? Because our imagery is a bi-product of our entire unique being, our unique perspective on the world, defined also by our experiences, not someone else's. Nobody but you will truly comprehend your own awareness the way you do thus they will be looking at hieroglyphics if they try to read your mind (based on the aforementioned and sci-fi version of transmitting imagery from brain to brain through the air). This includes experiences, filters your mind creates, and everything you've accumulated in knowledge and perceptions of the world.

You couldn't possibly decode their imagery even if you could see it in your minds eye like a direct link into their "dreams". It's like if you were to jump into a booth that could take you to the future (just seeing it not actually being there)- you wouldn't even be able to translate what YOUR own imagery was (i.e. if the booth somehow allowed you to see through your own eyes in the distant future for example) because simply, you'd need all the evolution/experiences that define everything you see and experience in that "vision" you had up to the future point your seeing to properly comprehend what's really happening.

True telepathy (the non mechanical variety) comes through as intuition/feelings not visual data like in the movies (like Troy on Star Trek The Next Generation), but that's a whole other article. In this article I want to tickle your fascination bone and run a few things by you about how the world has evolved to the point in technology where telepathy (I call digital telepathy) is not only possible- it's now common place. Where people make the mistake is in their definition of telepathy and unrealistic expectations (fed to them usually by television and sci-fi books). You have to remove the gobbledegook you see in Sci-fi movies and realize how things really work in the physical plane.

Telepathy always was available through various analog means such as writing, books, and the like- where the author wrote his "thoughts" down, you read them and converted them in real time into your reality and perception. It's never been or ever will be a perfect system but it works in a pinch!

Practical Telepathy

Telepathy in the modern age is nothing more than reading body language, being a good "investigator" of people, and simply seeing what others don't realize they are "broadcasting".

If you can truly read someone's body language, you can personalize it to that persons vocal inflections and tones, movements, and all you know about them, then you can read their mind.

Couples do it all the time in the form of finishing each others sentences. Shows like "The Mentalist" and "Psyched" give you an idea about how this works. It's simply paying attention.

In time if you learn body language, face language, language/inflections/hypnosis, and a few others you can truly read anyone's mind. At first it's a mental skill set but in time it becomes integrated subconsciously and between your logical mind and intuition- the information is read and interpreted. 

Intuition is a powerful skill set to develop for this and many other reasons. Intuition allows you to take telepathy to the next level by allowing you to use your "gut feelings" your recorded (subconscious filters) reactions, and even the feelings you have about things to decode what your conscious mind bypasses.

As all data enters the brain most of it is recorded or chucked out (not put into long term memory). What you may not realize is that although your focus is on one thing, your subconscious mind is still viewing and interpreting the world around you through the senses, all of them.

It's doing this in the background so although you didn't really spot the person behind you yet, at some point you likely glanced past them and your mind realized it, but you may not have reacted to that information yet. If you wield your skill sets you can have your mind alert you when new data you didn't realize you integrated enters...

It's simply being able to interpret. We are all walking around broadcasting our thoughts in our body language, vocal tones, and more.

It's no longer a secret or magical thing to be able to walk into a room and "seem" like your reading someone's mind. Confidence men/women (con-men) have been using "real" telepathy for centuries. 

Some great books covering this in detail are to the right of this paragraph. Peasy is really good. One book is actually titled "how to read minds through body language".

Telepathy Resources

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Neurophone By Patrick Flanagan

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Fantastic Book On Mental Telepathy

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The Internet Gave Telepathy better Clothes

It's now much more efficient and closer to real (movie version) telepathy due to the internet making it possible to communicate directly with anyone anywhere at any time if both parties have access to a "telepathy transmitter" called a cell phone, computer, laptop, and so on.

Bluetooth devices are making this more and more seamless. It's just a matter of time before we just think someone's name with a visual image as a "phone number" so to speak, using the new bio-feedback technologies coming out (those would be the ones used in the toys where you can move a ball remotely just thinking about it- yea, there are actually telepathy/telekinesis toys now!).

When this technology is perfected you won't be able to send streams of live thoughts to someone (or maybe you will using some sort of module technology where by you just have to envision an object to send a representation of it to the other party i.e. there would be a universal code set, much like how we use a keyboard and mouse now to send anything and everything via a computer- this is a real technology in the works!), but you will be able to streamline communication to the point of practically instant and non verbal communication. It's truly amazing how easily our minds can adapt to creating a visual language set (to create a visualization that causes a certain brain state to happen thus causing a trigger).

Visual data is achieved when light of specific frequencies (billions at a time) touches the eyes (microscopic cone shaped sensors)- the light physically touches your eyes and the frequency or shape of these physical interactions inside the eyeballs sensors are converted in real time into chemical concoctions (electrical chemical impulses in series that fire off neurons thus generating thoughts which the mind translates into what you see).

Even if you both know what a certain thing looks like the image biology "code" is different!

Real Telepathy
Real Telepathy

That said, the telepathy via voice is talking and those sounds being transmuted into that persons own language- not the actual words or sounds but how those sounds hit the ear and how they were perceived in similar sounds and "learned" into coherent code of a chemical sort. We often perceive one thing but communicate another- this is because a lot is actually lost "in translation" because when we talk to others we need to use their dictionary to get the message across as THEY would interpret it. This is not far from how we teach our children/how they learn.

Once we develop our own code things can be contained within them as sort of macros, and we make sense of the world by a translation process. In reality we all speak different languages but interpret things in a way that is cohesive to each other! THIS IS TELEPATHY AT WORK.

It's actually quite brilliant and a feat only human beings on this planet are capable of with such incredible precision. Animals use chemical pheromones to do this very efficiently but it's very limited in definition. This is also a form of chemically translated and transmitted telepathy.

Perhaps in the future our brain chemistry, pheromones, body language, and a bunch of other things will develop to the point where telepathy as we see it on movies can be possible, but it won't be magic, rather networking of resources (pheromones could be a chemical carrier signal of data, as can body language, language, tones, inflections, and intuition)..

Although there will be a very logical reason we can hear one another instantly (interpreted based on given information/transmissions) it will look to the outsider (i.e. time traveler?) to be movie magic telepathy in action. What you don't see will be an integrated skill set built into the very way we do things, how we learn growing up and so on. It will be the proverbial fire as seen for the first time by a caveman that doesn't realize this isn't magic, and with some practice we can command fire at will.

We show someone a picture, we make a sound, we write out a word- all translated in real time. We've simply learned to be similar in our expressions and to do things to show one another then by following certain learned principals we can do things that each other interprets based on a set of unspoken laws of cohesion. For this reason, real telepathy works best when you have time to study the person your reading or if you know them pretty well this takes a lot of the interpretive work out of the way.

In reality the evolution of human beings into telepathic magic is already here- it's just mechanical at this point (and body language for the skilled in these areas) - and as technologies like the toy that allows you to use brainwaves to spike a program to send a remote signal to another unit to make a ball float become better and better, the very practice of doing these things will force the brain to learn to do these things without the toy, and without having to pay conscious attention. You will simply sense the information.

Ancient Telepathy Device - The Ouija Board!

Ouija Board [Game]
Parker Brothers
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One more stop on the telepathy mind road trip here, is the Ouija Board. I've spent years trying to figure out what makes that thing move but in the end I realize you have two people barely touching a middle piece and any slight movement (interpreted or otherwise) on either end will make it move. The subconscious mind can actually cause your hands/arms to move involuntarily towards an end, and that's what's happening on the Ouija board. So to answer the question- someone's always moving it- do they realize it? Do they consciously process that they did it? Not likely- but they did.



Telepathy is not some mystical magical concept- it's a birthright. We've come full circle with the concept and although many concepts are far stretched beyond recognition on television, the realities are that the tools, the comprehension of body language, language, and more are here and now understood. It's about applying principals and learning skill sets that make you a "receiver" to others "telepathic" signals- so to speak.

There may be a way to transmit ideas from one brain to another through various means (chemical i.e. pheromones that are airborn), but in our current state of biological evolution and understanding about our world we're not yet there. 

Perhaps if "the singularity" concept plays out the way the author of the books/movie see's the future, telepathy may actually be a merging of bio/mechanical means i.e. nanobots that would be fluent in our body could take information it reads in neurons/electrochemical processes and interpret it, then wirelessly (because nano bots are just microscopic computers) transmit it but even then, on the other end there will need to be a common middle ground language to use that allows people to see the data then interpret it correctly.

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