The Sleep of Fall

by Fargy

What if you were to sleep and dream a world and never be sure if you were awake or dreaming.

Fall with me through sleep and time, hold my hand while we dream.
Bring with me your books and read to me of them
For when thought grows thunderous, the texts are cooling.
Each letter a curlicue of ink with its own size, weight and style.
Yet only to our imaginations, otherwise mere ink on a page.
And when our imaginations fall
Fall with me through sleep and time, holding hands.

The Sleep of Fall.

Chaos is my water.

I need it to breathe.

I need it to dream.

Each breath too dry.

I surface to wake.

I am under stars.

I lie on earth.

Turn out from myself

And touch.

Caress the air.

Taste it.

Smell of earth.

Open other senses.

Feel my body.

Find my place.

Hunger burns.

The need to know.

It burns.

I remember.

My name is Fall.


Fall Awake.

Born from sleep I feel asleep.

I feel alone, my reader is not with me.

Stories drift by unread, dreamed no more.

What woke me.

Why alone?

Two purposes I have then.

Tasks to pursue to race's end.

Day passes to night as I stand.

Thought turns me as stars turn overhead.

Hope stirs as I spy an unnatural satellite

A false star twinkling in darkened sky.

Stood still I still move but not enough

Time to move, 

And I do.

Change rains down

My eternal dancer

In whose dance I could disappear.

Without my reader.



Journey forks.

Here I stand.

Do I move aside and on.

Or meet the stranger.

They are unlike.

So unlike I must change.

So I whisper goodbye

And walk forward

To greet the strange.


Something is wrong.

I cannot talk.

The change went wrong.

I blunder away from their eyes

Stumble and run

What happened?

Nothing felt wrong, and then it was.

Perhaps I dreamed too long.

Unused to the restraints of time.

Perhaps my guide read wrong.

Or has not read for time long gone.

I fall apart without the words.

Time to flee and think again.


The child saw it, it lay quiet in the shade.  She ran over and looked.  Its eyes were black like a birds.  They stared at her.  Skin shining metallically.

She knelt down and looked more closely.  She reached out to touch it.  It felt cool and smooth.  Her fingers felt numb and tickley.  She couldn't move her hand, and shook her arm but her fingers felt wooden and frozen in their hold of the little animal.

She cried out to Mommy.  And sat crying wretched-faced as her arm grew dead. She couldn't stand up and fell over stumbling towards the house.

She fell unconscious.

And the dreamer fell asleep. this point we must stop this continuing work in progress.

I hope it's of some interest, and would welcome any comments.

I'm not quite sure what I'm intending to do but so far I'm so happy to be writing I'm just writing and not doing terribly much planning.

Not too happy with some of the technical aspects of what I've done, but I can't expect it to be perfect in first draft.  That way lies madness and a government job.



Updated: 09/29/2013, Fargy
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Jo_Murphy on 10/26/2013

Well I write about OHS and Arts Based Practice so we won't clash I don't think.
Just compliment each other!
I'll go and have a read.

Fargy on 10/25/2013

Yep, OHS stuff, I like to chat about safety type ideas. Here is one...

Long ago I used to talk about it in BHP. Cultural change was heavily part of it then too. Not so much now.

Jo_Murphy on 10/25/2013

Yes same here. I had known about it but Jo gave me the shove )so's to speak)
It seems great here.
When you say safety do you mean OHS?
I write about that quite a lot, Jo

Fargy on 10/25/2013

Hey Jo, The Sleep of Fall is a thought in suspension at the moment. Jo said fiction didn't do well on Wizzley so I had to write something that instant! Mayhap I needed more planning. I have an overall theme for the story but I suspect I'm feeling a bit nervous about writing it.

So for now I'm getting all the other ideas out and about, building up my courage that way.

I try to write something every few days, at the moment its been 22 articles spread over 32 days. Ignore my year long membership, that was just to have a peek at what Jo was doing.

My aim is to get 20 safety type articles and then tidy them into a pamphlet/presentation thingy. And overall get to 50 articles in another 2 months.

I'm feeling quite good about finally taking Wizzley on.

Jo_Murphy on 10/25/2013

I was doing just fine until you mentioned madness and a government job!
I just escaped from that!
I like your work I will keep dropping in,

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