Tinkerbell Party Bag Fillers

by SusanM

Fun ideas for filling up Tinkerbell birthday party bags

Favor bags are an important part of any kid's birthday party.

Kids just love the small toys and other goodies in the bag. They also love the surprise that comes with getting a favor bag. Finding out what goodies are inside it.

Party favor bags can become expensive though. This is especially so if you have a bigger number of children to buy for. But you don't want to skimp on the party bag. This would be disappointing for the kids at the party.

So what can you add to a Tinkerbell party bag to fill it up and make the party more exciting? Here's a list of some great Tinkerbell party bag fillers that are fun and won't cost too much.

Tinkerbell Party Favor Jewelry

Tinkerbell Charm Necklaces

These lovely looking Tinkerbell necklaces are a pretty choice for a girl's party bag.

They have a dainty fairy charm on them and come in three color choices - blue, pink and purple.

Because they look more grown up than a lot of birthday party jewelry they're a big hit with younger girls. Because they don't look like toy jewelry they look more special too.

They come in a set of 12 and each is individually packaged. This means they're easy to pop into the party favor bag.  

Amazon has them at 56% off normal price at the moment. This means you only have to pay about 90 cents for each necklace. So they're a good budget item to use as filler in a Tinkerbell party bag. 

Plastic Fairy Necklaces

These Fairy Necklaces are classic party jewelry that's popular in favor bags. They're not as special or grown up looking as the Fairy Charm Necklaces. But they're colorful and because each has a Disney Fairy younger preschool girls will love them.

They're a really good price for a party bag filler too. At $4.95 for a packet of 12 they're about 40 cents per child. This makes them an easy way to add to a party bag.


Tinkerbell Party Favor Bulk Packs

Disney Fairies Pack

Buying bulk favor packs is a good idea for filling a party bag.

Bulk packs make it easy to gather party favors. This makes filling party bags faster. They're also cheaper than buying lots of small toys. So they're better for your budget.

This party pack is a good one. It's only about $1.20 per child. It has enough for 8 children. It has a lot of goodies for that price too. Each child will get a Tinkerbell party bag with an activity sheet, jumbo sticker, whistle, kaleidoscope and ring. This give means you get a fun thing to do, sticker, two toys and something for dressing up. 

Bulk party favor packs also mean if you have 32 children at the party you only need to buy 4 of these party packs to have your party bags sorted out. Then you just need to add some extra filler like candy or some small TInkerbell stuff to make a great bag. 

Another Cute Bulk Pack

This is another cute choice to fill your party bags fast and easily.

This pack is fun for children up to about 5 years of age. The favors in the other bulk pack are better for older children. 

But like the other bulk favor pack it has enough for 8 children. The Tinkerbell favors include things like a flower ring, bracelet, brush, flying disk and a fairy wand.

The toys aren't in classic Tinkerbell colors like the other pack but they're very bright and fun looking. It doesn't have any stickers either so you'll need to add those yourself. 

This pack works out to about $1.15 per child. So much the same price as the other pack.

Filling Up Your Party Bags

Disney Fairy Bandz

Bandz are very popular with children. Luckily you can get them in fairy shapes that will work with a TInkerbell birthday party theme. 

Amazon has these Disney Fairy Bandz for 78% off. This means they're cheap enough to give each child the whole bag. Doing this it will cost $3.99 per child.

But you can also give each child one Fairy Bandz. This is a cheap filler to use because there are 20 Bandz in each packet. So at the special Amazon price that makes each Bandz only 20 cents per child. 

Disney Fairy Stickers

Stickers are an essential party bag filler. This is especially so if you're building your own party bag from scratch or the bulk pack you buy doesn't have any stickers.

They're also a good thing to fill up a party bag even if there's stickers in your bulk pack already.

Why? Because kids love stickers! A sheet of stickers also gives a party bag a "full look" which makes it more exciting for kids. 

These Fairy Stickers have 2 Tinkerbell stickers per sheet plus other Disney Fairies. This makes them perfect for a Tinkerbell party.  

They're a really good price for Tinkerbell party bag filler too. Each full sticker sheet is about 40 cents. This means you don't need to be cutting up the individual stickers to pop in the bags unless you need to save some money. (If you're giving one sticker to each child the cost is about 7 cents for each child.) 

Silver Fairy Wands

Fairy wands like this are a classic fairy party favor. This is because they're great for make believe play after the party is over. 

Wands are great because they make a party bag look full - just like stickers do. So if you include one of these wands and a sheet of stickers your party bags will look overflowing with goodies.

But if your bulk pack already has a wand of course you won't need to add another unless you want to swap the bulk wand for this one. A fairy usually only needs one wand. 

The price of these are fabulous too. They come in a bulk pack of 12 wands so they're about 25 cents per wand. These things all make it a top choice for a Tinkerbell party bag filler.

Fairy Party Favors on Ebay


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