Toddlers Halloween Costumes

by pkmcr

Are you looking for some unique or cool Toddlers Halloween Costumes this year? There are so many choices available that you are bound to find one here your toddler will love!

Halloween would have to be children’s favorite time of the year. There are the fun parties you attend, yummy candy that you get for free and it’s also the one night out of the year when you can dress up as anyone or anything you want to be.

With so many different costumes to choose from, finding one that’s unlike any other can be a bit of a challenge. But we’ve compiled a few of the most interesting and uncommon costumes for toddlers to make your search a little easier.

These costumes will not only turn heads, but they might even cause people to scratch their heads in amazement as well as confusion.

Below are some of the most unique toddler Halloween costumes you’ll find in stores and online.

Toddler UPS Man Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t love receiving packages from the UPS guy? Dress up as the uninvited guest who’s always welcomed at people’s homes; as long as they come bearing packages of course.

This costume is simple and yet so much fun. It includes a brown button up UPS uniform shirt and matching elastic waist pants.

The UPS logo is featured on the shirt and a matching cap with the UPS logo also comes with the set. Get an empty shoe box and wrap it up in packaging paper for a nice accessory that’ll complete the look.  

Candyland Deluxe Girl

Almost everyone has played the fun and colorful game of Candyland. And now you can become the beloved board game’s very own Princess Lolly with this Candyland Halloween costume.

It’s comfortable, it’s colorful and it’ll match the treats you get in your trick-or-treat bag perfectly. The costume features an adorable pink and purple satin dress with striped details on the skirt and candy patterns and accents all over.

It also includes detachable blue wings and a matching lollipop tiara. There’s no doubt that this would have to be one of the “sweetest” costumes your daughter will ever wear for Halloween.  

Deluxe Musketeer Toddler Costume

“All for one and one for all”. This deluxe Musketeer costume will turn any toddler into a courageous hero who’s ready to sacrifice everything for his men and country.

OK maybe not the second part, but your little one will definitely look brave and dashing in this costume which includes a blue tunic with attached ruffled long sleeves, collar and belt, a detachable gold cape, an elastic waist gold pants, brown boots and a brown cavalier styled hat with feather accents.

Rubies Toddler Girls Day of the Dead Skeleton Halloween Costume Dress

Don’t be surprised if your toddler wants to step up the level of “spooky” this year with their Halloween costume.

After all that’s what the entire day is all about. This Day of the Dead Skeleton costume is the perfect combination of sweet little girl and spooky undead skeleton.

Its highly detailed dress features ribbon and ruffle details along with black and white striped designs, a patch with skulls, and a chest detail that displays an exposed rib cage.

Also included are black Capri pants with tethered hem, black and white striped gauntlets, and a mini top hat with a red rose and black and white ribbon detail. 

Police Officer Deluxe Costume

If your child wants to be a police officer when they grow up then this costume is perfect for them.

No longer will they have to wait over a decade before they can proudly uphold the law and wear a badge.

This police costume features a polyester blue long sleeve shirt with gold button details, two front pocket flaps and police patches on the sleeves and front chest.

Matching pants, a police hat, a belt with an attached gun holster and a whistle complete the look.

Champion Boxer Costume - Toddler Costume

Not many 3 year olds walk around with sculpted 6 pack abs and a black eye which is what makes this boxer costume one of a kind.

If you have a champion at home who’s ready to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee then this is the perfect outfit for them. The costume features a padded muscle chest top with attached white shorts and a champion belt.

Also included are fake boxing gloves and a blue hooded robe. Ghosts and goblins better beware because this is one toddler who’s ready to knock you out.

Trick Or Treat Sweeties Dunk Your Doughnut Costume

How many donuts have you seen going door to door on Halloween night? Presumably not many!

This Dunk Your Doughnut costume is absolutely adorable and is definitely unique. It features a 100% polyester donut shaped jumper with printed pink frosting and sprinkles.

Also included is a matching pink and white headpiece which could represent the donut filling. Just watch out for cops and anyone who has a cup of coffee.

Toddler Lobster Halloween Costume

You might think that the last thing any toddler wants to dress up as on Halloween would be a big red crustacean, especially one that has a famous chain of seafood restaurants named after them (Red Lobster).

But then again, that’s what makes this costume so much fun and unusual. This costume features a full body foam lobster suit that’s covered in red fabric.

A detachable lobster head piece with black lobster eyes and pincher hand covers complete the “Under the Sea” look.   

Toddler Girls Frankenstein Bride Goth Halloween Costume Dress

It’s not every day your toddler tells you they want to be the bride of Frankenstein which makes moments like that a great opportunity to introduce funky new costumes that are a world away from pretty pink princesses.

This Frankenstein Bride Goth Halloween costume features a very detailed dress with lace underskirt, an exposed heart design in the front, a sheer top, silver studs, stitches, scars and black and white striped fabric accents.

Also included are green leggings with stitch details, black and white striped glovettes, a green choker necklace with yellow “bolts” sticking out of the side and a matching green headband.  

More Amazing Halloween Costumes for 2014

Halloween doesn't have to be all about scary costumes and spooky does although they can be fun! This year let your kids enjoy themselves with fun and novel Halloween Costumes!
Captain America Costumes are going to continue to be incredibly popular following the release of the Movie which has been a great hit. What better way to show your patriotism!
Another great superhero movie has been the Green Lantern which means that Hal Jordan, Tomar-Re and Kilowog are going to be popular Halloween Costumes this year!
The Smurfs have come into their own again as characters for Halloween Costumes with the 2011 movie. Why not choose a Smurfs Halloween Costume and turn yourself blue for Halloween?
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pkmcr on 06/10/2013

@Janet21 yes it does look cute doesn't it

Janet21 on 06/09/2013

My son was the UPS man one was such a cute Halloween costume!

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