Top 10 Cookbooks Bestsellers 2023

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Find the best cookbooks this year. Easy recipes, healthy recipes, international recipes, vegetarian, vegan, BBQ... Whatever you want!

We all need to eat. This perhaps explains why cookbooks are so popular. Even if we don't cook from cookbooks, it's a feast just to read it. If this is why you're buying a cookbook, or giving one, you need a cookbook with pictures, not an old fashioned one that only has text. Either way - let's go find out what the most popular cookbooks today are, shall we?

Best Recipe Cookbooks for Thanksgiving

Make the Best Thanksgiving Recipes!

Looking for the best recipe cookbooks for thanksgiving that would leave your guest more than satisfied? You've found the right place! Here are my top best Thanksgiving recipe cookbooks that I always use for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner every year.

Every Thanksgiving I leave my family and friends craving for more turkey and dessert.! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm sure you can't wait to unite with your family for a small dinner celebration. It's a day to enjoy each other, thank and appreciate everything that surrounds you and for all the blessing you gotten through out the year.

What I enjoy most about Thanksgiving besides from welcoming my guests, are the facial expressions they get when they taste the food I prepared. The recipe for every meal to taste delicious is for you to cook/bake it with lots of love and enjoy it while cooking it. Also these Thanksgiving cookbooks can help you prepared very delicious recipes for Christmas and New Year's eve.

Vegan for the Holidays

Celebration Feasts for Thanksgiving Through New Year's Day

This cookbook will help you through the holidays if you're like me: you want to eat for the occasion, but you don't want that to include meat. In fact, this cookbook goes a step further, it doesn't include dairy either, because it's VEGAN.

This cookbook has excellent reviews: easy to use, lots of pictures and delicious results.

More vegan cookbooks
Cookbooks that embrace the vegan lifestyle with recipes that will delight the palete.

Betty Crocker Thanksgiving Cookbook - Make Traditional and Modern Recipes

This Betty Crocker recipe book teaches you how to cook traditional Thanksgiving recipes and teaches you how to mix ideas. It's very easy to follow unlike many recipe cookbooks that are very hard to understand. If you're looking forward to cook traditional classy meals then this is the one. You don't even need to know how to cook to follow this recipe book.

Festive Recipes - a Traditional Cookbook

Festive Recipes for the Holiday Will Save you In ThanksGiving Dinner

If you don't know how to cook at all and you're looking for a easy cookbook to save your Thanksgiving Dinner then this is the one. This cookbook is known for being a traditional cookbook for many family. Festive Recipe Cookbook shows you how to cook very quick recipes with very easy to follow instructions.

The beautiful pictures will help you make your cooking easier and quicker. Choose from a variety of recipes. It won't only save your Thanksgiving dinner, but every dinner your have through out the whole year.

Easy Pumpkin Recipes for Thanks Giving dessert

The pictures of every recipe will get you cooking delicious desserts on Thanksgiving. That's why I love this book because it gives me so many ideas when it comes to appetizers and side dishes. You're never going to say " I don't know what to bake for dessert" you have the answer to your problems in one book.

Thanksgiving 101 to Cook a Tasteful Dinner

Your Guide to Make a Unique Thanksgiving with your Guests.

If you're looking for great delicious recipes all in one book, then this is the one. With this book in your hand, it could turn you from a bad cooker to the best chef in your family. It has so many great recipes to make for Thanksgiving and other Holidays. Personally this 101 Thanksgiving Cookbook has helped me cook for dinner through out the year. Make your guests have a wonderful Thanksgiving by making the delicious bread rolls.

This cookbook is perfect for anyone who's looking for traditional Thanksgiving recipes with basic directions, let Rick the professional turn you into a pro too!

Best Mediterranean Cookbooks

Recipes focused on the foods from France, Spain, Italy and Greece

Are you looking for cookbooks featuring Southern European Cuisine? Perhaps to add to your own kitchen shelves or perhaps one to give as a gift to someone? Not only do the dishes prepared with the ingredients typically used in Italy, Spain, France and Greece delight our taste buds but it turns out they are exceptionally healthy meals for us to eat, too.

A cookbook with this style of cooking makes a wonderful shower gift for the new bride, a housewarming gift and even a Christmas Gift. Mom might even enjoy getting one for Mother's Day.

The Mediterranean Prescription: Meal Plans and Recipes to Help You Stay Slim and Healthy for the Rest of Your Life

Meals That Assist In Losing Weight - Healthy easy cooking with this top rated cookbook

The 'Mediterranean Diet' is somehow healthy and tasty at the same time. No wonder 'dieting' cookbooks are based on it. Like this one. 

This cookbook was written to help people eat healthy as they worked on losing weight. There are meal plans to assist in a plan for dieting but it goes further than that. Once you have lost your weight, you need to be able to maintain that weight loss. Dining on meals made from this cookbook can be an aide in that maintenance not to mention that the foods just taste so good!

Meals to help you loose weight and remain healthy

Mediterranean Cuisine can reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes in many people.

Just don't overdo it with the wine.

Meals To Cook Slowly - Healthy slow cooking

Michele Scicolone give us 125 slow cooker meals

This cookbook offers meals that can be cooked in a slow cooker. That is one of my most favorite ways to cook because I can start the meal around lunch time and leave it alone until it is time to sit down for dinner. These recipes are not for boring old pot roast, oh no! The author has adapted recipes for the slow cooker from dishes traditional to Greece, Israel, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia. It is making my mouth water just thinking about them!

A reader says:

My choice is the slow cooker because not only can you time the cooking but the flavor increases as well.

Best Italian Cookbooks

Cook Italian Cuisine At Home

Have you been looking for a good Italian cookbook either for yourself or to give as a gift to someone? Most people I know love Italian cuisine and there is no reason that you can not make some awesome dishes in your own kitchen especially if you have a good cookbook to follow the recipes in. Mediterranean cooking in general has become renowned for healthier choices in our dining. An Italian cookbook makes a wonderful gift for Mom, to a new bride and even as a housewarming gift.

Italian Meals That Are Simple To Prepare

Have you watched Giada on the Food Network? The meals that she fixes just look so very yummy! Her soft voice and easy manner in the kitchen just makes you want to sit in the kitchen with her while she prepares the meal. In this cookbook she shares 125 recipes with a minimum amount of fuss in preparation and full of flavor to serve to your family and friends.

Written by the Food Network star who makes your mouth drool with each episode.
Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes

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Foolproof Italian Recipes

Meals Lidia cooks for her own family.

The renowned chef and author, Lidia, has compiled some of her very favorite recipes in this cookbook. She shows us how to make the most basic of sauces and gives instruction on making the most mouth watering entrees that you can imagine. Learn to make zuppa (soup), pasta dishes, meat entrees and Italian desserts from one of the best.

Lidia's Favorite Recipes: 100 Foolproof Italian Dishes, from Basic Sauces to Irresistible Entrees
Lidia's Favorite Recipes: 100 Foolproof Italian Dishes, from Basic Sauces to Irresistible Entrees...

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Some Italian Food Terms you may not be familiar with

Using an Italian cookbook might be a little daunting if you do not speak Italian. Not that the recipes are written in Italian but when you see the titles sometimes you are not sure what it is, exactly. Here are some terms or words that might come in handy:

  • pomodoro means tomato
  • prosciutto is a salt cured and air dried ham
  • mascarpone is Italian cream cheese
  • formaggio is cheese
  • pollo is chicken
  • carne is meat
  • pesce is fish

That of course is not all of the words or terms you might see but it will get you started, anyway.

Cooking Like an Italian Grandmother

More than just a cookbook, a look into the lives of 15 women from Italy.

What I love about this cookbook is not just the recipes but the anecdotes and stories of the fifteen women who cooked and shared with the author in her trip to Italy. Of course the recipes are tremendous but the personal stories of the women who helped just make this more than any old book with recipes in it. It so reminded me of times in the kitchen with my own Grandmother and the talks we had while she prepared a meal.

Cooking with Italian Grandmothers: Recipes and Stories from Tuscany to Sicily
Cooking with Italian Grandmothers: Recipes and Stories from Tuscany to Sicily

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