Top 10 Valentines Day’s Ideas of Romantic One Day Getaways

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Here are top 10 romantic Valentine day’s ideas that will fill your day with joy. Looking back when you grow old, you would love to remember these days for beautiful memories.

Just ponder for a while, think about the best way your fiance or wife would love to do on Valentine day. An outdoor excursion is always best because it helps to divert your focus and energy from the worries and regular humdrums of life. If possible decide a part of city you are residing in which is left unexplored and will serve as the romantic rendezvous for your celebration.

Does it have a beautiful setting of sunset or a romantic location in a beautiful park? Settle for a picnic getaway on Valentine day with your sweetheart watching the golden sunset or the flora and fauna of the park. If you can afford, you can always arrange for a vacation that can last longer than a day.

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Valentine’s Day need not be an expensive affair for you. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without burning a hole in your pocket. If you wanted a rejuvenating and romantic Valentine’s day in a spa, how about gifting your wife a luxurious experience in a posh but affordable spa. I am sure all these ideas will be cheaper than an expensive getaway to a distance location which you can reserve for another day.

Shop on Valentine’s Day


Do window shopping of the charming boutiques and galleries to decide what you are going to buy as a valentine surprise gift for your Valentine. Check out a few gifts that will surprise your would be Valentine.

Romancing the Coast

Romantic Getaways Along the California Coast
Romancing the Coast: Romantic Getaways Along the California Coast
RiverWood Books

Spend Valentine’s Day with Music and Dance

Orchestra, Movies on Valentine’s Day


Romantic Music is relaxing and just right with your date, music is also the ultimate experience that carries you to the stars. Gift a beautiful Valentine music DVD or an instrument if your spouse delights in music. Drown yourself in the waves and vibrations of romantic melodies and dance to the tunes of love tracks on the romantic eve of Valentine day.


Did you feel like soaking yourself in an orchestra with your spouse if you have a penchant to watch music performances? Enjoy the melodies of a live performance which is totally different to watching a DVD at home. Or book movie tickets and spend the evening with your Valentine.

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Green Valentine’s Day


Celebrate this valentine by going green and reducing your carbon footprint. Plant trees together, buy saplings from nurseries and cater to your garden and patio with green plants and flower that will delight you all the year round. Watch them grow and savor your success in gardening. Gift a bonsai or an organic gift basket this Valentine’s day.

Camping in Tent on Valentine’s Day


Plan to spend your Valentine’s Day in a really rustic cabin or pitch a tent at the outskirts or in your own patio. Watch the twinkling stars and walk on unspoiled lush green deserted island with your Valentine.



Dine in a Heritage Mansion


If your town has a historical heritage mansion that you wanted to visit, this is the right time. Watch the grandeur surrounded by the historic elegance with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Dine on the palace’s exquisite dinner menu and feel like a king, eat to your heart’s content and remember the aristocratic splendor of the past browsing through the gallery and tapestries. Buy a romantic present of heritage which is customized to your heart’s desire.

Unforgettable Valentine’s Day in the Beach


If the place you live in boasts of snow-white pristine beaches this can serve as a rare romantic occasion that provides couples a true romantic experience. Walk on the serene beach with your date, stroll through the cool breeze and laze around the white sand beach in a shaded beach umbrella. Gift your sweetheart a beautiful gift of swim-suit, beach-wear or sun-hat that you would like her to wear on that day.

Which is the best romantic getaway of all?

Wander Along the Island and Woods with Your Date


Does your place boast of romantic woods, some kind of wildlife and small island at the outskirts? Go island hopping and walk in the green woods. Kick back your worries, relax and fall asleep in a swinging hammock to the rhythm of peaceful island breezes and the melodies of wood. Prepare and indulge your Valentine with a sunset cocktail especially meant for her. 

Sail Around the Sea on Valentine’s Day


If your town provides an escape to a deserted island with sea and white beaches, plan a romantic getaway in the sea. Rent a kayak to sail around the blue waters, count the dolphins and watch the birds fly. Book a romantic dinner cruise for your special day. Walk on shell covered pristine beaches with no one to disturb you. Sleep late under the sky covered with twinkling stars. Do nothing but relax and rejuvenate.

Dinner Cruise on Valentine’s Day


Become a castaway by breaking all ties to the mainland. Book a dinner cruise that whisks you away to an outer island for lunch or a romantic dinner. Capture these moments with sunset, serenade cruises that are available to your beautiful city’s golden sea-shore. Nothing can beat a beautiful sunset evening with just two of you having the entire moments for yourself.

Flower and chocolates are considered the most popular romantic gifts. However, these trends are changing. Geeky devices, handsets and tablets are fast becoming people’s favourites
When it comes to Valentine’s Day, heart cannot be too far. For anything romantic the symbol that represents love is the geometric shape “Heart”.
Romantic Vintage Wedding Rings for Valentine’s Gifts are perfect for Valentine’s day because vintage and Victorian era has always fascinated people of modern generation.

Dine in the Countryside


Arrange for a beautiful, candlelit dinner at the countryside with country music. Open that bottle of wine that you had left for the special occasion. If you want to propose, this could be the best moment of your life. With no crowd and the beautiful vineyards as the witness, you might remember this day forever.

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DerdriuMarriner 17 days ago

Your camping and sailing getaways are my favorites!

Have you come across the wonderful tents that are available for camping and that have a number of interior rooms and a patio?

It would be such a wonderful getaway to combine both camping and sailing. It would work so wonderfully to sail to and from the camp site, particularly if it's part of one's own property or of properties of family and friends.

katiem2 on 01/31/2015

Now this is what I call a great romantic getaway perfect Valentines Day!

WriterArtist on 01/24/2015

@Digby_Adams - I love the idea of romantic retreats, they are what we can call - much needed breaks. We often find ourselves so busy that we forget to take a vacation.

WriterArtist on 01/24/2015

Hi ologsinquito - I happened to visit one of California beaches, it is breathtaking and lovely.

Digby_Adams on 01/23/2015

We love to go to Newport RI and stay in a cozy Bed and Breakfast for Valentine's Day Getaway

ologsinquito on 01/23/2015

I love that vintage Valentine design. Also, the coast of California is very romantic.

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