Top Ladies' Pink Tool Kit Sets

by Tested_to_Destruction

A pink tool kit is one for the girls - no guy is likely to wield a pink hammer. The five best pink tool kits reviewed and compared.

A pink tool kit is designed specially for the ladies that either work in the construction industry or enjoy crafting or getting stuck into home improvements. There's a good selection of pink tool sets for women available and some of them are up to industry standard.

They're functional as well as aesthetically attractive and make a great gift idea - as well as being an extremely practical contribution to the handy-woman's tool collection. It goes without saying that all things should be equal - so saying ... tools are not just for the boys. Which is why the pink hammer exists.

The five best pink tool kits are featured below. They're all in the best value for money range, are highly rated and all are user friendly, good quality tool kits.

Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P 39-piece Pink General Tool Set

Ladies Pink Tool Kit SetThis is the best selling pink tool kit - and contains just about every general hand tool known to man - only it's designed for the ladies. In all, there are 36 hand tools, ranging from an 8oz claw hammer to hex keys, pliers, scissors and much much more.

The predominant manufacture is tempered chrome vanadium steel, and all the tools meet with current ANSI standards, so they're tough and more than up to being used around the home. Those that have a handle have a cushioned pink and black grip, and they're all housed in a sturdy tool case. It retails at just under 25 dollars, is up to a good quality standard - and is the perfect tool kit for women.

Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P 39-Piece Pink General Tool Set

The Apollo Precision Tools 39-piece pink tool set comes with attractive pink accents and helps fund breast cancer awareness initiatives. It is heat treated and chrome plated ...

$20.99  $17.07

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Apollo Precision Tools DT0773N1 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

Ladies Pink ToolkitThis pink tool kit is a more comprehensive version of the one previously featured, and comes from the same manufacturer, Apollo. It contains an awesome 135 different tools, bits and hex keys and will come in useful for home repairs, crafts and hobby projects.

For around 35 bucks, you get just about everything a home tool kit should include - A small cordless screwdriver and charger, screwdriver bits, scissors, claw hammer, tape measure, adjustable wrench, pliers, a plastic level and a whole bunch of other tool related pieces of kit. It's all stored within a pink and black molded case and the tools are up to ANIS standards. A well rounded durable kit - just what every woman wants!

Apollo Precision Tools DT0773N1 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

This 135 piece household tool kit is perfect for a variety of small projects around the house. With almost everything you need in a compact case, you'll be finding projects to ...

$40.99  $35.42

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Pink Tool Kit

Pink Tool KitThis is a small but comprehensive pink tool kit and covers all the basics. It contains pliers, screwdriver, interchangeable bits, wire cutters and more. They're all manufactured from heavy gauge steel and the handles all have a pink cushion jacket around the handles.

For the price if 18 dollars you also get a fairly tough tool case that's as pink as it gets and the whole set is good for the home, camping trips, hobbies and more. It lacks a hammer and some of the tools found in the Apollo sets, so if you're wanting more general purpose tools, they're the better choice. Overall, nice finish, strong enough for lightweight use - and it's pink.

Pink Tool Kit - 26 Pieces

5" long nose pliers 4.5" wire cutters 4.5" tweezers Ratchet driver 3" driver extension 10 driver bits in popular sizes 6, 7, 8, and 10mm sockets 4 Slotted precision ...

Only $17.95

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The Original Pink Box PB20TK Home Repair Set, Pink, 20-Piece

The Original Pink BoxThis one claims to be the original pink tool kit. Now I'm not sure about that one but what I do know is it's well made, there's a good selection of tools to choose from and they're tough enough for use around the home. You get a short handled claw hammers, pliers, a screwdriver set, tape measure and more.

The hand tools have a nice cushioned grip - black and pink no less, and the tools are manufactured from heavy gauge steel, so they're not going to let the user down every time they're used. The case is solid steel, feels like a proper old fashioned tool box, and for the price of 50 bucks or so, you get a high quality, well thought out tool kit.

Apollo DT3795P Precision Tools 18-Piece Garden Tool Set, Pink

Pink Garden ToolsThis pink ladies tool kit is one for the garden loving woman - and it's a well put together set that covers a myriad of garden tools: a pair of pruning shears, rake, pitch fork, trowels and more. There's even a handy knee pad (pink of course) and it's all housed in a solid, well built case.

The set is good enough to meet with strict ANSI standards and the metal items are manufactured from heavy gauge steel, with decent cushioned jackets around the handles that are both comfortable and give a great grip when you're working with them. Like all the other featured tool sets, it's up to standard, good looking yet practical - and definitely won't find itself in the hands of husbands and sons any time soon.

Apollo Precision Tools DT3795P 18-Piece Garden Tool Set, Pink

This 18 piece garden tool set is perfect for all your gardening needs. Includes: • 8.5" pruning shears • 8.5" anvil pruning shears • Knee pad • Trowel • Narrow trowel • Rake • ...

Only $124.75

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Updated: 02/28/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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