Toys from the Disney Pixar Movie Brave

by SusanVillasLewis

Merida dolls, Angus plush and tons of other toy options based on Brave

The toys are here! The toys are here!

Brave toys specifically. Merida and the rest of the cast of the Disney Pixar movie Brave captured the hearts of kids (of all ages) when Brave released in 2012. Even before the movie was out, we had a few great toy options, mostly dolls of Merida. But now, we have a ton of dolls with not just Merida, but Queen Elinor and those rascally triplets. Not to mention plush of all the major characters, as well as art sets, weapons and video games.

One of my favorite items is the Monopoly set, just because that isn't something you see for just any movie. And I definitely prefer the Disney dolls over the Mattel ones, but maybe you disagree. Still, lots of wonderful choices here to add to your Disney toy collection!

Brave Toys - Dolls

Dolls of Merida and other Brave characters

This category is just full of choices, most involving Merida and varying in design based on age of doll and style of play. I've included some of the best options (and my favorites) here at the top, but check out the long list below as well, since you can find some dolls of Queen Elinor and the boys in that group.

Merida Talking Doll - 17
Merida Talking Doll

$29.50 at Disney Store

  • 17" high doll
  • Touch her hand to make her talk (in Kelly Macdonald's voice from the movie!)
  • Dress is in glittery fabric with tulle trims (note that the glitter apparently goes everywhere when you play with her)
  • Requires three AG13 batteries, the kinds in watches. Included
  • Reviews rave about how beautiful she is and a good alternative to the more expensive limited edition dolls.


Classic Brave Merida Doll

  • 11" high doll
  • Cloak attaches with self-stick fabric fastener
  • Removable archery glove, shoes, bow, bow compartment, and arrow accessories
  • Bendable arms and legs

Disney Princess Merida with Bear Brothers

  • Merida in blue dress with tiara 
  • Outfit is very like the Merida costume
  • Includes three bear brothers
  • 15" doll

Toddler Brave Merida Doll

  • 16" tall doll in Merida's formal blue dress
  • Love that smirk!!!

Other Brave dolls and figures available:

Find a Merida Doll on eBay

Disney version of the Princess Merida doll
Disney version of the Princess Merida...
Mattel versions of Princess Merida dolls
Mattel versions of Princess Merida dolls

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Brave Toys - Figurines and Playsets

Not as many choices here as I would have expected. But maybe girls just prefer dolls and plush over little figurines. More of a boy-army-men kind of toy? Anyway, here's what we've got:

  • Deluxe Figurine Set - The 10-piece set includes all the major characters, as well as the bear versions of Elinor and the triplets. $7.99 at Disney Store (clearing out!)
  • Brave Bear Playset - Pictured here, features the fight scene toward the end of the movie. Includes Merida, both adult bears and a base of the fairy stone ring.
  • Vinylmation - The four-pack includes Merida and her three brothers.
  • Brave castle and forest playset - From Mattel. Includes Merida and Angus.
  • Brave Six Figurine Playset - Includes Merida, Elinor, the triplets, Angus and bear versions.

Brave Toys - Plush

Snuggly and plush versions of the Brave characters

Lots of options of the plush variety. Makes sense since the baby bears are so darned cute! Not quite as numerous as the dolls, but still quite a few to pick from in this batch.

  • Merida soft doll - 20" tall with a satin dress and velvet cape.
  • Large Mum Bear plush with articulating limbs. And large she is. 23" tall!
  • Mini bear cubs - Each in a different pose. CuriousHappy and Hungry. Each around 7"-8" tall. $8.50 at Disney Store
  • Medium bear cubs - In the same three emotions as the minis - Hungry, Happy and Curious. Each in the 13"-15" range and $19.50 at Disney Store
  • Plush Cub pack - Get all three in one set!
  • Angus, Merida's black horse. He's a Clydesdale and they made him suitably large. Stands 14" tall.
  • Reversible prince/cub plush - Transforms back and forth.
Plush Queen Bear
Plush Queen Bear
Mini Plush Cub
Mini Plush Cub
Plush Cubs
Plush Cubs
Plush Angus
Plush Angus

Brave Toys - Weapons

Archery and highland games gear suitable for Scottish clans

Another area where we don't have a lot of choices. I'm assuming the boy vs. girl thing. Really surprised we don't have a sword for Merida or sets that are built around Fergus or the other lords. But here's what we've got:

  • Merida archery set
    Bow, quiver and suction-cup-tipped arrows
  • Highland Games toy weapons - includes broadsword, battle axe and foam mace with interchangeable handles. $19.50 at Disney Store

Brave Games

Great addition to family game night or your video collection

Some typical options here since almost every movie these days has a video game attached. And all the Disney properties have LeapFrog options. But not everything gets a Monopoly game, so I thought that was pretty cool.

Disney Brave Monopoly Game Collector's Edition
Disney Brave Monopoly Game Collector's Edition

Brave Video Game

For Wii, Playstation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo DS and PC

LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Disney Pixar Brave

Brave Toys - Arts and Crafts Sets

Brave Marker Set
Brave Marker Set

$14.50 at Disney Store
Brave Wooden Stamp Set
Brave Wooden Stamp Set

$16.50 at Disney Store

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SusanVillasLewis on 05/13/2015

I haven't seen any new plush for the bears in quite some time. Which is unfortunate. And when they did have them, they were only for the queen and the triplets.

Gagan on 04/07/2015

Is there a teddy bear for Mor'du?

D. Mally on 03/26/2014

Mor'du from Brave

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