Travel to Sarajevo: Where History and Modern Age Meet

by Mladen

Learn about rich culture and history of Sarajevo and hear the reasons to travel to this cultural capital of Balkans.

Sarajevo is one of the cities with the richest culture and history in the world. There, you can find more history then you can cope with. Over 100 wars and dozens of occupations left rich heritage to this city, buildingt it into the must-see destination!

Sarajevo, walking lane.
Sarajevo, walking lane.

Introducing Sarajevo

Breaking down the myths about this city worth of traveling to.

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in South-Eastern Europe. Sarajevo is the largest city of one of formal Yugoslav republics. This European metropolis is populated by 1 million people. One of its main characteristics is diversity, rich culture and history, rich night life and lots of places to visit if you travel to Sarajevo. 

Most of people from around the world get surprised by what they see when they come to visit Sarajevo. A decade of international news services reporting about war, victims and bombing made huge harm to this city's reputation. Before 1990s Sarajevo was known for its hospitality, great skiing destinations, monuments, archaeological sights and many more. 

Luckily, in past 10 years, capital Bosnia and Herzegovina is returning to world's map of best tourist destinations. More and more tourist come, enjoy it and then start sharing beautiful experiences with their friends. Today, more than half a million foreign tourists come to see cultural capital of Eastern Europe every year. Number is rising fast, which proves that image of Sarajevo is changing among people from other parts of the world. 

In 1984 today's Yugoslavian center of ski sports was host to winter Olympics. Three mountains were destination to world's skiing elite, and Sarajevo has shown that it can host the largest events at the time. 

Today, it is a modern city, a mixture of new age and oriental architecture, brought by Ottomans during 500 years of occupation of these lands.

Sarajevo, panoramic view from the fortress
Sarajevo, panoramic view from the fortress

Story about Modern Sarajevo: What to Visit when Traveling to?

Have you ever planned to travel to Sarajevo? Have you ever been to Sarajevo? Do you know someone who visited it?

I bet most of you learned about this city in context of wars, but actually it is much more than that. War happened long time ago now, and it is time to turn new sheet and hear story from the common people living in this part of world, and to blindly believe to what TV says.

I fell in love with Sarajevo, when I traveled to it for the first time. I have sister living there, and my first contact with this beautiful cultural center of Balkans.

Sarajevo lies on two rivers which are significant tourist destinations: Bosna river and Miljacka river. The latter flows trough the downtown area, and dozens of bridges are connecting northern and southern banks offering great views on both old and new city areas. Bosna river origins from 10 miles away from the Sarajevo, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery surrounded by woods and water turned into park (favorite weekend destination for thousands of people from this region).

Ilidza is western part of the city. This new city core is perfect for those who love to spend time in nature. Here you can find lots of parks, fountains, aqua park, enjoy walking or running by the river, and spend night in one of dozens clubs and pubs located in Ilidza. 

Besides that, Sarajevo offers lots of other opporutnities for tourists to see: museums, cinemas, fortress, pubs, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters...

The most recognizable part of City of the Sarajevo is Bascarsija (old city). 

Sarajevo: Bascarsija (old town)
Sarajevo: Bascarsija (old town)

Bascarsia - the Heart of Sarajevo

Bascarsija is the old town of Sarajevo and the most important tourist destination in this city with rich culture and history.

Bascarsija (Bash'Charshia) was heart of Sarajevo since its foundation times. It is old market place, stopping point for ancient caravans. It was richest and the most equipped market on Balkans in time of Ottomans and Hungarian Empire. 

Today, Bascarsija is unavoidable tourist destination in this old city. It is located in the very heart of the city, on the right bank of Miljacka. Main shopping district connects it with few other city squares. Bascarsija is labyrinth of streets where you can buy souvenirs, eat traditional food, visit traditional themed workshops from 15th century running old businesses, or learn more about rich culture of these lands in city museum. 

Central part of Sarajevo's Bascarsija takes Sebilj- city fountain (image to the right). It has been built using a mixture of wood and stone in semi-Moorish style. Word Sebilj in Arabic means a road or building gifted to the people.

Bascarsija is place to meet people, relax and take great photos for long lasting memories. 

Travel to Sarajevo: Bascarsija (old town)
Travel to Sarajevo: Bascarsija (old t...
Travel to Sarajevo: Ilidza
Travel to Sarajevo: Ilidza
Travel to Sarajevo: Bascarsija
Travel to Sarajevo: Bascarsija

Have you traveled to Sarajevo before?

Locate Sarajevo On the Map:

South-Eastern Europe> Balkans

Read more about Sarajevo:

Forgotten City: Sarajevo
During 1990s Sarajevo ended up at the margins of world's pages in all things but war. After the year 2000 it is coming back to the European and world's tourist stage as one of the must-see world locations.

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Mladen on 05/13/2012

You should really find some time to visit Sarajevo. It is quite close to you. I do travel to Ljubljana often, and I love it!

Tolovaj on 05/13/2012

Many of my friends have been in Sarajevo and they told me only good things about the city and people from Sarajevo. I still haven't find a chance to visit it, but it is certainly on my list!

Mladen on 05/10/2012

The city, people in it and its architecture suffered alot indeed. But that was already 18 years ago. Many things changed there. Life goes on, they say!

DavidPaulWagner on 05/10/2012

Apart from the terrible human suffering during the war, I remember also all the cultural ruin visited on Sarajevo (such as the destruction of the celebrated Oriental Institute). I am so glad to hear that good news that Sarajevo is back! I hope to visit one day.

Mladen on 05/08/2012

They say it is the best one! I prefer food. Now, smell that food with coffee! :)

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

Miaden, Sounds like a marvelous plan, I will keep you posted on my travel plans. Oh my now I imagine the marvelous coffee of Sarajevo, I can smell it now :)

Mladen on 05/08/2012

@ Katie:
You are welcome to come and enjoy Sarajevo, Katie. Maybe we meet there for a coffee, and discuss about new cooperations and possibilities on Wizzley. :)

Mladen on 05/08/2012

@ Marko:
You are not far away, Marko. You really should come and enjoy the food and architecture. Sarajevo is blooming in this time of year. Lots of things to see and lots of events to attend too.

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

More wonderful things to consider about travel options, Sarajevo is definitely a great travel destination to consider. Thanks for your wonderful review and tips.

Marko on 05/08/2012

I have never been there but have a plan to go. Baščaršija, great food and friendly people - my friends (who were there already) say they had a great time!

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