Trunki - Rideable Luggage for Kids by Melissa & Doug

by ThePartyAnimal

Get the kids extra excited for vacation and give them a Trunki that they can pack their toys in and ride through the Airport.

Trunki Kids Luggage

Trunki by Melissa & Doug

the coolest Kids Luggage on the Market

If you travel with a Toddler you know it is not easy. Whether you are traveling via an Airport, Bus Station,Train or other method it is inevitable that at some point they will want to picked up or carried from walking. Of course that is not always easy to do since most of the time our hands are full dragging our own luggage, carry ons, shuffling through tickets and it just makes for a stressed out situation. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone through this.

I recently stumbled across Trunki by Melissa & Doug and had a moment of why did they not have these available when my kids were toddlers. I hate when that happen because this could have saved so much stress in the Airport.

So what is Trunki exactly?

Well it's Kid friendly Luggage that does so much more than just carry their stuff. Trunki is a child sized suitcase that is on wheels, which is not unusual, but what makes it different is that the kids can ride on it as well. Yes it doubles as a Riding Toy !! It has a strap you can use to pull them or they can scoot themselves right behind you. The Strap is Child Friendly so the kids can pull their luggage as well just like Mommy & Daddy. How cool is that? I say very !!

Other Features:

  • Trunki's are Airline "Carry On" Approved
  • Tow Strap
  • Carry Handles
  • Secure Latches
  • Integrated Wheels and Stabilizers to prevent toppling over
  • Holds up to 75 lbs.
  • Teddy Bear Seatbelts inside to keep toys and items in place
  • Trunki's dimensions are 46 x 20.5 x 32 cm, 18" x 8" x 12.5"
  • Lightweight
  • Fun line of matching Accessories and Stickers available

I have read a lot of great things about Trunki with some of them being that Trunki's are real head turners in the Airports. I think other people and kids are amazed when they see a Trunki rolling by with a child sitting on top. I know I would look twice !!

I think this is a great way to get the kids extra excited for vacation and they are great for sleepovers as well.

What do you think of Trunki Kids Luggage?

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Trunki's Available

Trunki's are available in lots of bright fun colors for both Boys and Girls and each one has its own name too.

  • Trunki Trixie (Pink)
  • Trunki Terrance (Blue)
  • Trunki Sunny (Orange)
  • Trunki Ruby (Red)
  • Trunki Iris (Purple)
  • Trunki Jade (Green)

You may also come across some Limited Edition Trunki Luggage out there such as Frieda Cow Trunki, Bernard Bee Trunki, Freedie Fire Engine Trunki, Tipu the Tiger Trunki and Harley the Ladybug Trunki.

I have seen the Limited Edition Trunki's mostly available in the UK, but you may see some of these pop up in the US at some point.

Trunki Accessories Available

There are lots of fun Accessories for the Trunki and Stickers the kids can use to give them faces and add their own personalization.

Here are some of the Accessories available for Trunki:

  • Trunki Fun Face Stickers
  • Trunki Alphabet Stickers
  • Trunki Destination Stickers
  • Trunki Saddle Bags (available in Pink, Blue, Orange/Red)
  • Trunki Totes (available in Blue, Red, Pink)

I personally love the Fun Face Stickers because that really adds some character to this luggage. I also really like the Saddle Bags the kids can place on the top while they ride and have some easy access to some of their toys.

Trunki Accessories

you can also find the Trunkis being sold with them in a bundle deal
Melissa & Doug Trunki Fun Face Stickers

Trunk Face Stickers. Trunki becomes truly their own with personality stickers. Trunki gets a mind of its ownand a smile, sunglasses or mustachewith these fun stickers. Kids ...

$7.95  $3.48

View on Amazon

Trunki by Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stickers

The easiest way to make a statement with your Trunki is to personalize it using this collection of over 100 letter stickers. Available in your choice of basic black, white and ...

View on Amazon

Melissa Doug Trunki Destinations Sticker Pack

Your child will really enjoy decorating his or her Trunki with a memento of a special trip, real or imaginary. Using over 20 familiar and exotic locations stickers, the ...

Only $4.99

View on Amazon

Melissa & Doug Trunki Saddlebag - Pink

With a horn squeaker and padded seat cushion, your little traveler will want to saddle up for every adventure with this amazing Trunki saddlebag. There’s a zippered pocket on ...

View on Amazon

Melissa & Doug Trunki Tote

Red means go with this pack and zip tote with shoulder strap This unique packing organizer is designed to fit neatly into your childs Trunki (Trunki NOT INCLUDED with self ...

View on Amazon

See the Trunki's in Action

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Marie on 01/07/2012

My daughter has a Trunki and loves it. It is enough to hold things for a weekend away but much more useful to use as a boredum buster at an airport to fill with their toys and coloring and also something they can ride on!

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