Tungsten Spinner Ring

by eslevy17

Near-indestructible tungsten carbide rings last forever, look great, stay shiny, and they can have spinners too!

Tungsten carbide rings make an extremely durable, long lasting piece of jewelry that will stand up to all sorts of use, and keep looking brand new throughout. Quickly becoming a popular alternative to more traditional metals, tungsten carbide will offer a better value, and longer life.

Tungsten carbide rings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so check out some of the tungsten spinner rings below and pick one up today!

Why Tungsten Carbide?

Advantages of tungsten carbide rings

Tungsten carbide, often shortened to just tungsten, is one of the most durable materials available, combining tungsten with carbon into a material nearly as scratch resistant as diamonds, and stronger than steel. Because it's so strong, it has become popular for people who want tough, long-lasting jewelry that will stand up to all sorts of abuse, such as outdoor labor, use of power tools, or other work or recreational activities that would leave ordinary jewelry looking damaged.

Tungsten is also hypoallergenic, so people with allergies to certain types of metals can enjoy them without worrying about reacting to them, plus it's quite a bit cheaper than fancier metals such as gold or silver. Rings go for a few dozen dollars, so they've become rather popular among the crowds that would prefer functionality over social tradition.

With such a scratch-resistant surface, tungsten carbide rings are also quite low maintenance, and don't require the periodic polishing that fancier metals usually need. This means it's not just the upfront cost that will be reduced, but the long term maintenance costs as well.

Plus, they often look pretty great. Check out some tungsten spinner rings for sale at Amazon below:

Colorful Tungsten Spinner Rings for Sale

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Potential Downsides of Tungsten Carbide

Things to know about tungsten jewelry

Although tungsten does have a well-deserved reputation for being an incredibly durable material, there are a couple caveats that buyers should know about before buying a tungsten carbide ring or other piece of jewelry.

Tungsten carbide cannot be resized, so it helps to choose a size carefully, or to find a seller that offers free replacements if necessary. If you're not planning on gaining or losing much weight, you'll probably be fine.

The metal is denser than lead, meaning tungsten rings are often quite heavy. Some people prefer the extra heft, but it's just something to be aware of ahead of time.

Stay away from cobalt content, which can cause allergies and eliminate the hypoallergenic advantage of tungsten carbide rings.

They can't be engraved by hand, so you'll need lasers instead. This is not particularly hard to find, but keep it in mind.

Finally, although tungsten rings are more difficult to cut off than other materials, it's still possible to cut them from a finger if they get stuck; it generally requires more serious equipment, but it can be done.

Tungsten Ring Uses

Reasons you might prefer a tungsten ring

The main calling card of tungsten carbide is its legendary durability, practically impervious to scratches unless you find a specialized tool that can cut diamonds, or close to it. This makes tungsten particularly great for people who work with power tools, or people who enjoy activities such as rock climbing. You probably won't have to remove the ring ahead of time.

It also makes a great gift, as something that can be handed down repeatedly, one generation after another, since it'll last for quite some time. The sizing issue might get in the way, but it'll probably fit someone.

It's also gaining popularity simply due to its value; many people find themselves asking why they would bother buying overpriced jewelry that declines or climbs in value with the whims of the marketplace, as billionaire investors drive up prices of gold or other precious metals, whose preciousness lies only in their perceived value. Tungsten carbide rings, on the other hand, are far more functional, and offer a much better value compared to some of the more expensive metals such as silver, platinum or gold.

Check out some tungsten spinner rings available on eBay below:

Tungsten Spinner Rings for Sale from eBay!

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Enjoying Tungsten Year after Year

Low maintenance brilliance

Because tungsten carbide rarely if ever requires polishing, it will probably look brand new even after years and years of wear. Shiny finishes will retain their luster, though matte finishes are often popular as well.

If a tiny scratch manages to find its way into the surface, it can usually be buffed out. Some manufacturers will provide a warranty against this, however.

So enjoy longevity of this material year after year. They look pretty cool, too. Mmm. Shiny.

More Tungsten Rings

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