Understanding Energy and Vitality On Several Levels - Then Pulling The Trigger

by Jerrico_Usher

Energy is not just a physical phenomenon created by food and external resources like caffeine and energy drinks, it's a state of mind and an awareness that may change your life

Do you drink energy drinks, eat fruits and vegetables, and get plenty of exercise but still find yourself drained? Do you have moments where you feel absolutely drained and out of nowhere you feel a burst of adrenalin and motivation but can't figure out where it comes from or how you can sustain it?

This article will explore these concepts succinctly and offer some solutions to help you if you so need them. The reality is that energy is not just a physical manifestation; it's a mental physical synergy in motion. You can't treat one part of the problem (lack of energy) and ignore the other. In fact the mental side being primed for energy can eliminate the need for caffeine and other things. Many people think that energy is the result of drinking some energy drink, taking vitamin B, or the various other things that people try to get their energy up. The truth about energy is that it is always a bi-product of a synergy of other things.


Part I: The Physical Damage That Robs Energy And How It Comes To Happen



Energy is created in the body when the body is fed properly (nutrients derived from the right kinds of foods), exercised, and free from toxins but energy is also created, caused, and amplified (and even intercepted, removed, destroyed) by your mindset, internal dialogue, and more. Knowing how your body creates and uses energy can save you a lot of problems. This article will dive into all of this.

The fact is having the chemicals and nutrients in your body (building blocks towards energy production or ATP propagation) isn't enough.

You can have all the nutrients to create atomic energy but if your thinking is wrong, you will block production by creating counter productive chemicals (like stress hormones) that cancel your energy out!

You down more coffee and energy drinks only to find they are ineffective or worse they are effective only to push you into hell's kitchen within hours and nothing can help you at that point because you've used up ALL your neurotransmitter nutrients during your "caffeine" high.

You can read more about how caffeine does all this in my article on Caffeine:


In This Article, You Will Learn The Real Truth About Caffeine, Not What You've Been Misled To Think
(for your amusement)

6-Hour Energy? Or One Good Hour?

Although caffeine is effective in your system for 6 hours, it can do all of it's damage (rather you can acting on the potential it creates for you to use it up) in the first hour. It's damage is not direct but a result of unlocking all the locked liquor cabinets and you're taking advantage of all the free (unregulated) supplies of feel good neurotransmitters.

Someone on caffeine is like a car with the gas pedal down and a board under the breaks- they feel POWERFUL but that power is an illusion. It's really there, but if you use it, you may as well beat yourself up- physically. This power is not "extra" it's just unbridled by your body's breaking system the adenosine molecule, because caffeine has taken a home in the receptor for 6 hours!

It's like if you had a bunch of criminals outside a store they wanted to rob, and you just left the front door wide open with lights pointing to the fact that you can now easily, without effort, enter and rob the store.

Left ungoverned (often due to lack of information), people tend to act irrationally against their better judgment! In that scenario the robbers are your decision to push yourself physically (because you can not necessarily "should") and the "goods" stolen are your feel good chemicals, and like the store owner when they find the mess- you will feel absolutely crappy when you realize what happened!

You can actually generate indigenous chemical releases from the brain that do what those energy drinks do only there is no crash afterward and there is no toxic effects to your body. In fact if you take the right supplements you can get the same result (but better), and it will be completely helping your body's systems to do their thing, giving the body what it NEEDS/resources, and you don't have to criminalize your brains functions (i.e. caffeine molecules shape being almost identical to adenosine molecules and hijacking the adenosine receptors (so they can't hit the breaks on you!).

You can use natural ingredients that won't rob your body/brain/chemicals, but that rather enhance your body's ability to create more (to use now without withdrawing from the stores already there). You can also generate chi energy through meditation and reprogramming the way you talk to yourself.

Forced Energy Is Not Free

(useful as a jump start if done correctly, but never free)


Keep in mind that some things can "force" you to feel energized (coffee does this by simply turning off your andisone receptors or your body/brain's breaking system, regulation of feel good chemicals, and more- but you pay for this later, same with energy drinks).

By forced I mean it doesn't enhance the body's function of creating energy- it hijacks it. It literally gives you unadultered access to ALL of your feel good neurotransmitters- this alone doesn't harm you- if you sat at a computer and worked your heart out, it would be a good energy source.

It would serve as a jump start not a sustainer. You wouldn't likely expend all your reserves of neurotransmitters just thinking to death- you do use a lot there, but not nearly as much as physical exertion.


Physical Exersion And Repairing The Damage



Dopamine Reserves

DopaBean is Mucuna Pruiens Extract (a plant/bean) that is the direct pre-cursor to Dopamine Production In The Body, helps replenish Dopamine deficiency
DopaBean - 60 - Capsule

When your dopamine supply is exhausted (usually an hour after consuming caffeine) your muscles literally have no way to charge up and make simply standing up easy!

If you feel fatigued and in a bad or frustrated mood, your muscles ache, you can't think sharply- chances are your dopamine is "used up" or what's left is strictly locked to allow you to function at all). Solaray makes an amazing supplement called DopaBean. This is essentially a precursor to making dopamine in the body. You take it the body takes it as raw materials and produces dopamine.

Don't take too much of this stuff, it's quite powerful and a headache will ensue if your overwhelmed by dopamine! In good balance dopamine also makes you feel good, feeling good is a precursor to free energy!


Amino Acids

Drinking an energy drink may make you feel a false sense of energy (if, and this is the norm for most people, it's abused). This manufactured energy isn't actually manufactured- its hijacked.

The reality is, that energy drink will make the problem worse and eventually after its become so bad that even the energy drinks and caffeinated drinks don't work anymore, you will find yourself stuck wondering what’s wrong with you.

The body does recover if you eat amino acid rich foods, relax/rest (so you're not burning of any more than absolutely necessary to function) or take an amino acid multi, and plenty of water to give your body the power to break that stuff up, ship it to the right areas and process it into new chemicals, but you can't speed up the rebuilding process.

That's the Tierney of a caffeine crash- it's like a headache that won't leave until your body is fully repaired in certain areas.

The foods/amino acids essentially are just building blocks the body uses to create everything else (your best bet for the fastest recovery of your neurochemicals are to both take a multi amino AND eat foods rich in amino acids.

The reason is the foods have things in them that makes the amino absorption fast and highly efficient... pills may lose something in digestion if other factors are present).

Eating foods or taking an amino multi will help you replenish the supply but it can take 24 hours to fully recover- (but you can't avoid the inevitable headache, see why you get that headache in the article linked to above and below on caffeine).

It's when people don't realize that their actions following caffeine infusion has consequences that irresponsible behavior sets in.

Great Resource On ALL the body's matrix of chemicals and supplements you try to return to exuberant, energetic, and healthy

Get High Now (without drugs)


Serotonin Reserves

5-HTP is a precursor to Serotonin- this can literally replenish your supply of lost Serotonin within hours
Nature's Way 5-HTP, 60 Tablets

The Problem

The brain is no longer (effectively) regulating your "stores" of serotonin  dopamine, and other vital chemicals that are strictly regulated (to maintain homeostasis/balance in the body) otherwise to make sure your energy sustains and the body can survive. Serotonin and dopamine are major contributors to what we perceive as "energy".

Energy is a result of several processes and often is allocated based on needs. When adenosine mimicking caffeine molecules get in there it blocks the actual adenosine molecules from doing their job- putting on the breaks and budgeting your chemical stores, not blowing your whole wad on one good hour of productivity.

Great Resource For Learning The History And Uses, Clinical Trials, and more fascinating information on 5-HTP

5-HTP: The Natural Way to Overcome Depression, Obesity, and Insomnia


Adrenal Reserves

Your adrenals are also taxed when you indulge in a caffeine fit of physical exertion. When your adrenals are flushed out- lethargy sets in, even painful tired spells and more.

The quick fix to that is to get a multi adrenal supplement to feed your adrenal system the precursors it needs to replenish the needed adrenaline.

This works by replenishing the precursor "salts" that the adrenal system uses to create adrynalyne and other things that give you quick and physical energy (fight or flight and even sustaining a hit).

A great supplement I use for this is Adrenal Caps. These work incredibly well, and it's not an instant reaction so give it time to work it's magic. Make sure your getting plenty of water for any of these supplements (mentioned in this article) or they will not work.

They could make things worse actually without hydration. The body both uses the water to perform complex tasks, but it also needs it to cool systems down when the systems are working overtime!

Water is also a potentiator for brain cell chemical-electrical firing- think of it like the oil in your cars engine- not enough water and the brain can't fire as many neurons when needed to perform a task thus things go slower.

Water alone can generate energy in the form of mental clarity, mental dexterity, powerful congnitive functioning, and more.



You DON'T want to take this every day- you can overwhelm your body so just take them when you feel fatigued and start with the lowest dose, regardless of the bottles instructions (i.e. to take 2 3 times a day- I can only take one in a day without overwhelming my body).


Always try supplements alone, take nothing else and give it a shot to do it's work. Take notice of how you feel, then later take it with something else (i.e. 5-HTP) and see how the combination works for you... it's a bit tedious to do but it makes all the difference in the world when you figure out your tolerances, and doses personally.


One of the main components of energy is state of mind

One of the things most responsible for energy drain is not just bad health or lack of nutrition. Although eating right and exercising help tremendously, and in and of themselves create energy through synergy, it is your state of mind that governs how your body treats, uses, or replenishes these chemicals.

You could be extremely healthy, get plenty of exercise but if you're stressing out over little things your countering the energetic effects of these things with stress chemicals. (for example)

You could be absolutely chalked full of energy but your body could be countering the benefits by intercepting them with things like stress hormones, adrenalin, and more. You could also have everything you need including water but lacking "salt" the magic "electrolyte" ingredient in Gatorade (yea just table salt). Without salt, drinking water all day won't help as it will not absorb correctly or become useful in the body without salt. Salt helps the body RETAIN more water, without it you will urinate and sweat it all out.

When your mind is in the right mental thought stream, you tend to notice things that cause energy drain like negative self talk, and even the foods you're eating.

You will eat something bad for you and actually feel it drain your energy.

Most people are so distracted by their lives that they have no idea what connection is between their energy and the reason they have none!

The Internal Dialogue

Internal Dialogue

The first thing you need to get right is your internal dialogue. Once that is squared away, you will start to consciously think in ways that help you to solve this problem rather than being swayed towards a quick fix like an energy drink. You tend to think for yourself more and question things that claim to give you energy. You start to pay more attention to how that apple makes you feel vs. that candy bar.

Have you ever been beat down tired at work, bored out of your skull, and want nothing more than to go home and go to bed, then someone you haven’t seen in years, someone you absolutely are head over heals in love with comes into the office or you bump into them in the street and instantly you fee energetic, happy, and no longer want to go home and pass out, rather you want to go out and have a good time with them! This proves my point. The mind controls the energy by controlling perceptions, defining how you feel by visualizing actually feeling it!

We spend most of our day telling ourselves how tired we are, but we don’t spend any time saying how energetic we are. We are quick to think negative and affirm what we think we feel which may very well be simply auto responses from seeing OTHER people who are tired, watching someone yawn and then you yawn and “think” you’re tired because you yawned. The reality is that most people are not tired or worn out; they are simply HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE TO SUGGESTION!

What may be making you so tired is not reality, but what you actualize from your environment. If you’re not in control of your internal dialogue you are in auto pilot, and in autopilot you’re a reactive creature. If you’re simply reacting to everything you’re like a pinball machine and everyone else is playing you!

How would you like to escape this self created prison of reactive thinking and start living YOUR life, feeling energetic, thinking in energetic and optimistic ways, and not being affected by everyone else’s “bad programming”? The book mentioned below "Life Strategies" (I know I know but Dr. Phil Does know his stuff, this book literally changed my life around- it's incredibly powerful and a brilliant read. I've passed my copy around so much (and it's been stolen so much) that I've probably bought it again over 20 times and I feel the money is WELL worth it. I'd rather buy a new copy than have a friend I loaned mine to not like it or read it- them keeping it means it's helping them right? There are audio versions too- just click throgh the amazon ad to see more choices)

This book and workbook changed my life- with this information you can literally take back your energy- by living life proactively!

A lot of energy is robbed from simply not thinking effectively!
Dr. Phil Life Strategies 2 Book Set~ Life Strategies & Life Strateg...

In conclusion

Before I end this article (for fear of it being too long) I want to bring up one more area of mental health and well being that affects us more than anything else- relationships.

Energy is also a result of stimulating conversations, debates, feeling appreciated through conversations that feel two way, and more.

What's ironic is people in our very forum accouse me of having way too much energy, but what they don't realize is my energy is a direct result of the excitement I'm feeling interacting with these amazing writers here!

The relationships we forge tell the world and ourselves who we are, how we see ourselves. One bad relationship i.e. a friend that's always stirring up drama, can create multiple relationships like this through association- this will inevitably wear you down and your energy with it. Not even an energy drink can help you.

It's important to realize and fully comprehend how relationships are nuclear sources of energy or incredible sources that drain it from you, robbing you of your vitality, focus, and even well being.

Anthony Robbins has an amazing take on this phenomenon I think you'll like, called Personal Power: How to increase your energy; the power of successful relationships.

There are far more supplements you may want to look into depending on your personal needs, but the ones mentioned here are the average used to combat fatigue related to things like caffeine hijacking and just overexertion in general. I hope you found this helpful, comments appreciated and definitely welcome! Have something to add/share, leave it in comments. Links ok, but will be checked for spam. 

Have A Powerful Day!

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Energy exudes from you Jerrico. I don't count on caffeine to keep me going. I believe in eating well and exercise and do take some natural supplements. I totally believe in surrounding myself with positive people and not people who will be a drain. I also like the Wizzley forum because of this. Thanks for sharing your secrets. Now go change your profile picture - again.

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