Unique Gift Ideas: Name a Star

by TerriRexson

Lots of people want to find unique gift ideas. Naming a star is lovely gesture which will be remembered for a very long time.

Naming a Star

Having a star named after you is certainly a unique gift! The recipient will be able to look up into the sky and have a connection to a piece of space. 

You also get a certificate and other physical items so you have something to gift wrap and act as a keepsake and reminder of your gift. 

In this article we'll have a look at how naming a star works and what you get for your money. Is it a scam or a wonderful idea?  

Name a star ISR

Name a Star Packages

When you name a star for someone they get a parchment certificate with their name and the coordinates of the star named after them or given a name which is meaningful to them. A record of the naming is also published in a star registry for posterity. 

You also get a booklet about stars and a star chart with the named star highlighted. A great conversation piece. 

You can upgrade the package to add a wooden frame and you can also add personalized gifts like a necklace or silver star. 

Prices start from around $54 plus shipping. 


Click here to see options: Buy a Star Name


Stars do have a special association to Christmas. But this gift works for other occasions like birthdays too. 

Who would like a Star Named After Them?

Having a names star makes a unique gift for quite a variety of people:

  • Dads and Grandads who are hard to buy for and not particularly interested in stuff. This gift gives them a connection to the past (many of the stars we see now are gone because it takes the light so long to travel to earth) and the future (through a record in the star registry and a keepsake to pass down through the family.)
  • Science fiction geeks and science buffs. Those with an amateur interest in space will enjoy a connection to a piece of it. They'll have fun trying to find it on star maps or maybe even with a telescope. "I've got a star named after me in that galaxy you know"
  • Stargazers and romantics. There's something sentimental about the stars. Naming a star is a popular symbolic gesture to someone you love
  • A new baby who wouldn't appreciate an actual gift just yet. But will have a lovely keepsake for the future. 

Naming a Star: The Facts

So how does this work then, naming a star? It's important to understand what you are getting and not getting. You don't own the star and the scientific community won't recognise the name of the star. The name gets published in a star registry which you can expect to get recorded for posterity.

The name is associated with a specific star and you are given the coordinates. It's not a scam, but it's important to know what you are buying. 

It's a symbolic gesture and the possibility of a small footnote in history. When the descendents of the recipient research their family tree in the future they might find the record of the named star. 

You also get a physical certificate and other items depending on the package you choose.  The star chart that shows where the star is located is a nice touch that you don't get with some other packages. 

Alternative Gift Idea

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A Unique Gift

So you understand what you're getting when you 'name a star'?

  • Parchment certificate, star chart and other physical items that act as a conversation piece and constant reminder of the gift. 
  • A symbolic gesture and a point of interest for future generations. 

OK, here you go then. You can get your unique gift here:

Buy a star name gift

Updated: 11/15/2011, TerriRexson
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Digby_Adams on 10/24/2011

My aunts all joined together and gave me a star when I was born. It is very cool indeed. When I was little I used to wonder if it was my star "that had life on it." It was a while before they could explain to me the difference between a star and a planet.

mivvy on 10/21/2011

My daughter bought a star for her partner, but i can't remember what she named it. It is such a romantic idea

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