Unmotivational Posters to Make You Chuckle

by kevinw1

These "unmotivational" posters play off those hokey posters that businesses and organizations display, but have the opposite - and funny - effect!

Motivational? Maybe Not!

Are you tired of being "motivated" by bosses and committees?

It's interesting - you see "motivational" posters in offices and factories all over the palce, usually posted by the boss or by some committee tasked with "improving workplace morale" or "team building". Most of them are so cliched they are more "unmotivational" than motivational, to my way of thinking. I wonder if there have been any real studies done on whether they have any effect, and if so, what effect?

Anyway, if you are as tired of them as I am, here's the answer - real unmotivational posters to make your own dark commentary on work life, ambition, goals, teamwork - all the stuff we're supposed to think important.

"Ambition" Unmotivational Poster

If you can't swim with the big fish, stay out of the water

Ambitious? Want to swim with the sharks? 

Reality is that most of us are little fish and are much more likely to get eaten by the sharks than to succeed in going head to head with them. Maybe it's time to stay out of the water.

"Self Motivation" Poster

Means you sleep whenever you damn well please

Folks who work from home have to be self-motivated. They are self starters, keep working without a boss to keep them on track, set goals for themselves and reach them within the deadlines they set for themselves, and leap tall buildings with a single bound.


They also sleep whenever they like, imprinting the keyboard on their faces in the process; work in their pajamas or their underwear (or worse); work all night and sleep all day; and gradually disappear behind stacks of unfiled papers that take over the home office.

"Meetings" Poster

Any simple problem can be made worse if enough meetings are held to discuss it

One of the things I love about self employment is - no meetings :)  I just end up in innumerable community group meetings instead!

Still, if you have to be in a meeting, you may as well make your opinion of the whole process clear, like the guys in this poster. As a student, in a summer job, I fell asleep with my head on the table during one meeting (heavy night the previous night). My boss was not pleased.

"Trust" Poster

Big brother is always right

Having been the big brother, I have to say: trust everyone, but always cut the cards. Big brother does not always have your best interests at heart. This poor little guy is about to learn a painful lesson.

Another method of DIY tooth removal: tie a string round the loose tooth, the other end of the string around a rock, stand by an upper floor window, and drop rock out of window. Make sure there are no passers-by below. Do not try this at home folks. For more details of the possible outcome, read "The Big Six" by Arthur Ransome.

Unmotivational or Demotivational Posters?

Doesn't matter what you call them!

Whatever you call them, they are still funny. If you have one displayed on the wall, at a casual glance it looks just like the conventional motivational kind. Then your visitor goes up close to read the tag line - and you see their face change.

On this page I've chosen to feature posters which are "G rated". There are more available through Allposters and Amazon which are a lot more "frisky" - just click on any of the poster images on this page and follow the links to the demotivational or unmotivational poster category - you'll see a wide selection.

Updated: 07/09/2011, kevinw1
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ohcaroline on 07/10/2011

That guy sleeping at his desk reminds me of the time I worked the midnight shift.

pkmcr on 07/10/2011

Made me laugh! The "meetings" one - hmmm that looked like a late Friday afternoon meeting :-)

kajohu on 07/10/2011

I like the big brother "helping' the little brother with his tooth! These posters all gave me a good laugh this morning.

theherbivorehippie on 07/09/2011

That "Drinking" poster is so adorable! :)

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