The Secrets Of The Tarot Part 3 - Using and Learning Tarot Cards

by Jerrico_Usher

There is more than one way to learn the Tarot, from games, to books, to a variety of ways to use the cards themselves in spells (not magic) with thought alchemy

Tarot cards can be used in three primary ways.They can be used to play games based on them; they can be used to discover yourself; and they can be used to "see" information you couldn't "see" otherwise usually due to stress, scattered thinking, too much going on at once and so on.

The tarot cards don't provoke images from the future and put them in your head- they simply help you organize and focus your thoughts into a coherent order that you can "see" past the daily grind.

It uses an imagery stimulated compartmentalization concept to organize your thoughts through visual stimulation that triggers organization of thought (clarity). Each card is a masterpiece of art that is MUCH more than just a picture. Every pixel of the cards picture means something and together they form a construct/container of one slice of the circle of life. Each card forms one part of life and together the 78 cards create the realm of "Life"...

The major arcana are like face cards and represent an entire set of cards under them. They are like the kings and the subjects break the kings concept down further. 


The Tarot Game

Tarot-based games

Tarot-based games are about as far from the other uses as you can get.

In most cases I have encountered, it is believed that if you use Tarot cards as a form of entertainment, they will lose their accuracy and value for using them in either of the other two ways they can be used.

I don't think this is accurate and in fact I believe if you use games to learn the tarot it may sink in faster due to the fact that your enjoying yourself, not trying to memorize things at first.

The game above is a great way to break into the Tarot realm.

You only really need a deck of tarot cards and a basic interpretation of each cards meaning (comes with each deck) to pull this off, but different people like to learn in different ways.

Personally I just read every book on the Tarot and did a lot of practicing with self readings.

Eventually I started to catch on and now I can read the cards without any book and it's MUCH more accurate as the reading is being read through my wisdom not memories of definitions.

It's hard to explain this to a newbie but you'll understand as you start playing with it.

Self Discovery Through Ink Blot (advanced) Interpretation Of Current Thought Forms

Self discovery is an important way to use the Tarot cards

This is actually fairly similar to using them to discover information you couldn't know otherwise, since you are still communicating with the same source of knowledge, but the goal is not to discover information about things and situations outside yourself.

In this case you are seeking their guidance to understand yourself better and advance yourself along the path of wisdom and knowledge.

Discovering information you otherwise would not (realize or that is blocked by stress or overwhelmed mindsets) is the most common usage of the Tarot cards.This includes answering questions concerning the past, present and (potential paths of the) future, and some people consider this a form of entertainment also.

However, when this is used as a form of entertainment, it tends to lose accuracy because it is not being taken seriously and given the respect it deserves. Think about those people who the psychologist asks to define the ink blotches and they don't want to be there thus they make up something.

The Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool - Use Responsibly!

As with all such tools, it should be used carefully and treated with respect. The amount of good that I have seen accomplished in people's lives because of them is immense. It just depends on how you use them. If you are giving a friend a reading, for example, you don't tell them everything you see.

Sometimes what you see won't help them- it will hinder them due to their obstructed mindset and perception of the information.

If they are in a negative downward spiral and you see that they are going to be there for a bit until they learn something- you have to let them play it out without telling them this fact.

Telling them this fact will just change the little hope they have for things getting better into nothing- they will then based on your reading foresight, give up where as if you tell them what they need to hear like "it's almost over- something all of this was trying to teach you is becoming visible" is much better than "your going to suffer much more before it's over"- make sense?

If you want to learn to read Tarot cards, there's no better way than to simply start reading books on the topic, playing with the cards, and doing readings that at first will be gibberish until you start to define the cards intended "basic" meaning. Later you will give them deeper more personal meanings based on your own interpretations.

These are the encoding of your thought stream that will be translated into imagery. The power of tarot cards is it's ability to help you encode your subconscious thought patterns into a tangible image you can see and thus quickly figure things out just by looking at a series of random images on cards you draw!

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Updated: 12/01/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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