Vintage Gold Estate Diamond Engagement Rings

by Regi_B

Take a ring that made another couple happy and begin your marital bliss with it. That is what vintage gold estate diamond engagement rings are all about.

As a comedian, I am oft seen as a silly man. Even my wife would tell you so!

Still, she would be the first to tell you that I "got it right" with my wedding proposal to her -- on a brilliant April day. I proposed to her with a piece of estate jewelry in hand. It set her heart alight.

You can do the same with your dear love, and you can do it with a vintage gold estate diamond engagement ring. Sure! I said a mouthful there! That does not change the fact that a woman's heart worth keeping will go fluttering when she sees the piece of unique, vintage jewelry you selected for her.

If she likes gold (as opposed to platinum), then this is the article for you.

Have a read, and a gander at the rings shown in this article, and if you find this article a help to you, please let me know in Comments. (If it is of no help, please don't tell me. j.k., j.k.!)

The Best Place to Buy Vintage Gold Estate Diamond Engagement Rings Online

The title of this section is wordy, I know. Simpler, is the where of that statement. You can save yourself time and money by buying estate jewelry at auction on eBay.

If doing so appeals to you, here is a link to vintage gold estate diamond engagement rings on eBay.


How generous of me to provide that! ;-)

Estate Solitaires Sold on eBay

Some Come in Yellow Gold

If the woman you hope to be your bride-to-be has a gold preference, I hope you know it.

Whether it be yellow or white, you have options.

Yellow gold certainly adds to the "vintage look" of an estate piece of jewelry.

When your loved one peers upon the yellow gold ring you have chosen, and if you have chosen well, a "Yes!" you will soon hear!

To the right, are some yellow gold vintage estate diamond engagement rings you might want to consider.

Yellow Gold Vintage Estate Engagement Rings

Others Gleam in Gold of White

White gold gives off a shiny look -- one not to be forgotten.

If your darling is partial to white gold, she is partial to something long-lasting -- and may your love last as long as the diamond fitted in your vintage engagement ring. (Diamonds are forever, they say!)

Yes, I am cheesy. Let not my cheese sauce ways cheapen your true love!

I wish you and yours bliss evermore!

Estate Engagement Rings in White Gold

Good luck in your proposal. They say in the question of marriage, you only ask if you know the answer will be "Yes!"

If you are certain you will get that "Yes!", remember eBay can save you time and money on vintage engagement ring shopping.

Updated: 04/23/2012, Regi_B
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