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A wheel chock is a simply a wheel holding device - often used in the automotive industry. The five best wheel chocks reviewed and compared.

A wheel chock is a simple wheel holding device - shaped like a small ramp - and often found in automotive workshops, those that use RV's and motorcycle owners. They're especially also useful if you haul a trailer, whether it's a few days break or for longer periods.

In the automotive industry, they're most used for when a vehicle has a rear wheel braking system. If the of the car is lifted up, the safest way to prevent injury is to simply insert a tire chock - which will hold the vehicle steady and stop it from rolling.

The five best wheel chocks are featured below. Popular and best selling, they're also good value for money, largely inexpensive and highly rated by previous purchasers.

Blitz 11930 Tire Hugger Wheel Chock - 2 Pack

This is the best selling wheel chock pack and they're big enough to handle the wheels and weight of an RV. Bright orange and not gonna be missed in a dark corner, they're manufactured from a good heavy plastic and slide nice and snug behind the wheels.

They're easy enough to store - they stack one inside the other and once correctly positioned they'll hold a vehicle steady. However - they're not meant to be used as an alternative brake - they're meant to be used to prevent a vehicle from rolling once you jack one end up, so make sure they're sat in nice and tight before you start working. Nice pair of chocks, do the job - and incredibly cheap.

Blitz U S A Pair Plas Whl Chocks 11930 Jack Stands & Ramps

Keep tires from rolling, or use as safety device with ramps or other lifting devices.

$17.58  $5.88

Valterra Products, Inc. A10-0908 Red Wheel Chock with Nylon Cord

This is a single wheel chock - note that you'll need to purchase a pair to work in safety. Molded rugged plastic, with a ribbed upper surface that helps to grip the wheels from rolling, and a good solid serrated edge on the underside to grip the surface.

When bought as a pair they're reliable for trailers and smaller vehicles and the cord is a nice touch but not really required. The best way to remove a chock once you've taken the vehicle's pressure of is to kick them - so pull if you must ... I prefer to use my foot. Doesn't slide around, correctly used won't let you down - just remember to buy at least two.

Valterra A10-0908 Red Wheel Chock

Valterra Products, Inc. Red Wheel Chock with Nylon Cord prevents tires from rolling and sliding. Grooved surface for better grip and nylon cord to easily remove the chock when f...

$9.0  $5.24

Race Ramps RR-WC Rubber Wheel Chock - Set of 4

Another nice set of wheel chocks and still on the best selling list. This is a pack of four chocks - so you've got a block in every corner. Great for those that work on the flat and want to secure the front or rear tires on both sides.

They're able hold a good weight steady  - each on can bear up to 1500 lbs, and they work especially well on ramps. They're manufactured form solid rubber, heavy weight enough yet surprisingly lightweight to move around or store out the way. Good grip on both the tire and floor surface, well made - not the cheapest but there's four in there, you shouldn't need a second set and they will do the job perfectly well.

Race Ramps RR-WC Rubber Wheel Chock - Set of 4

Rubber wheel chock ideal for use with Race Ramps and on smooth surfaces.

Only $80.0

BAL 28012 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock

This is the best selling tire locking chock set - and there's two in the pack. They're designed to work with trailers and vehicles that have tandem tires. The chocks fit between the inner wall of the tires and are easily applied by way of a manual ratchet that pushes the chocks against the tires.

Once locked in place they keep your vehicle or trailer in position, allowing for plenty of stabilization when your RV is standing. They're lightweight, easy enough to fit, do a great job all round and if you're into getting out into the wild blue yonder, you'll be all the better for owning a set. They will increase and decrease between 1 3/8 and 10" and lock up for extra security.

BAL 28012 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock

BAL X-Chock Tire Locking Chock starts off where the Deluxe Tire Locking Chock left off but it’s new, slimmer design will fit into more axle applications. It fits between tandem ...

Only $72.0

Buyers Rubber Wheel Chock

The final best selling wheel chock is this heavy duty rubber model. Heavy is the right choice of word because that's exactly what they are - heavy. They're a solid unit of weight and will also take some weight above them so - when you slot them in behind the wheel - you know the vehicle isn't going to move.

They're a full rubber manufacture, rigid, give a good solid grip both to the wheel and the ground. They work well as added security for a trailer or perform just as good beneath the tire when you're working on a car. They're not the cheapest but there's a solidity about them that's kinda comforting and in my opinion - what price safety? Ruggedly made, built to last - make sure you buy two.

Buyers Rubber Wheel Chock

Practically indestructible reinforced rubber resists sun, salt, oil and acid. 5in.L x 8in.W x 6in.H. Sold individually. Material: Rubber, Working Width (in.): 8, Height (in.): 6...

$27.65  $26.99
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