White Desks and Cool Chairs for Teens

by HomeArtist1

Pair up a cool desk chair with white desks for teens like these and you'll have a great combination that's both attractive and functional for getting homework and studying done.

Chances are, your teens need a 'quiet place' where they can blast music through their headphones-- whilst they study at their desk for that important exam. I know; I've heard the mountain of excuses from both my teens on why they can't sit for long and study.

End the madness and create a study zone pairing a white desk and cool chair just for teens, where they can roll up their sleeves and get down to business without interruption--and excuses.

Begin with a white desk, then finish with a comfy, yet cool desk chair, one they can adjust to their height and maneuver and swivel about their space.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Not so fast. There's a lot of considerations to make, especially if you want an ergonomic teen desk chair and and a white desk that goes well with your teen's decor.

Scroll down for a look at the many styles of teen-cool, rolling desk chairs and options for white desks, along with several decor and study tips to help along the way. Let's get this thing rolling!

White Desks for Teens for Small Spaces & Cool Desk Chairs Below

White Floating Desk for Teens' Small Spaces

I love this floating white desk for a teens' bedroom, where their space is most likely small--unlike them. 

There's a lot to love about it:

Use any teen-cool design desk chair with its white finish.

The wall mounted desk means more floor space for teens' legs underneath

Gender-neutral white, so you can pass the desk for teen to teen as need arises

Budget-friendly and crazy-sturdy (I'm familiar with the PrePac brand)

Small White Desk for Small Spaces

link below
Small White Laptop/Homework Desk for Teens
Small White Laptop/Homework Desk for Teens

Say Yes to this Desk

small, white, cheap, sturdy, storage, cool, YES!
South Shore White Homework Desk for Teens: Great Laptop Desk in Pur...
a small white homework/laptop desk for teens with handy storage drawer

This white homework/laptop desk is great for teens who need just enough space to study. It's by SouthShore, a company with furniture much like Ikea's: its lines are simple, sleek and modern--a definite fit for teens' rooms.

The last desk I bought for my teen son was a SouthShore and I need to forewarn you: these desks are heavy--as in H-E-A-V-Y. But it's also heavy-duty and will stand up to a teen's bettering (although I don't think teen's will do much beating while doing homework or studying--maybe to music!).

This desk  has a nice white finish, a cool drawer for teens to put all that 'stuff' they claim is treasure and a low price tag to boot (my fave). I did see this desk for three times the price this one is listed as, so be sure you get the price at the link here, and it's still low. 

Narrow White Homework/Study Desk for Teens

white, sleek, modern, cool, budget-friendly and sturdy

A slim or narrow desk like this white one from IKEA has all the cool factor teens require for their small space. The two storage drawers are generously-sized and have a stop feature where the drawer won't go awry and spill contents everywhere.

Another great feature with this homework desk is the cord compartment in the desk's back corrals all those computer cables. The desk's long design allows two teens to study or do homework at once (if that's possible).


White Homework Desk for Teens with Storage Shelves

White Homework Desk for Teens with Storage Shelf in Pure White

Keeping to Task and Decor: Cool Desk Chairs for Teens


yes, 'teen-cool' desk chairs are a must but . . .

There are several considerations you'll need to make when perusing all the different 'cool' desk chairs for your teen. Is style important? Color? What about the backrest? Is size an issue? Does my teen study for long hours?

These are among a few desk chair uncertainties you'll need to ponder, as hopefully, your teen will spend long hours studying and doing homework.

I've included different backrests, padding, sizes, armrests (and none) to give you an idea of what might be your determining factor.

If you're like me and big on decor, satisfy need first (I know, it's hard but you can put decor second--just this once!) before moving on to a desk chair's aesthetics.

Too, where will place your teen's desk chair?

Once you've determined your teenager's needs, move on to the 'fun stuff', that is, style and color: high style or low?

These cool color and zebra print desk chairs for teens promise to bring plenty of drama into your teen's space.

Pair it up with the plainest of desks and you'll have a working arrangement you and your teen will both love.

Imagine that?!

When Your Teen's Room Decor is Oh, So Important

a cool color desk chair for every space

I'm a big-time decorator, so it's no wonder a desk chair's color and style is as important as its features for comfort.

These cool teen-friendly desk chairs come in a host of fun colors like lime, hot pink, black, purple, white, orange . . . well, you can see it at the link here.

The scooped tractor seat and ergonomic backrest make this budget-friendly task chair (that's formal speak  for an 'executive' desk chair without armrests).

This style chair is also available in drafting table form that's much taller.

Teens with uber-long legs might fare better with a drafting table type arrangement as a homework or study desk.


Don't you love the cool color?   

'Ergo' What? The Science of Ergonomics and Your Teen's 'Cool' Desk Chair


Small Adjustable-Height Cool Color Desk Chairs for Teens

When I first happened on the term 'ergonomics' I had to look into it. While the word sounds like something just short of rocket science.

Really, the term ergonomic simply refers to the science of how we, as a product's user, relate to the item in how our body conforms, how our body's mechanics fits a given product and how said product makes us feel.

Indeed "We become 'one' with the product."

This is ergonomics.

This cool desk chair teens, needing serious support for studying. The chair's frame was designed to lend support where it's most needed while sitting with a healthy posture (if that's possible).

These desk chairs available is many popular, teen-cool colors.

Desk Chairs for Teens for Those Long Study/Homework Sesions

fun, funky, cool and comfy: high backrest desk chair
Mid-Back Quilted Vinyl Desk Chair for...Funky Faux Leather Black Desk Chair f...Cool Teen-Friendly Desk/Computer Chai...

Cool Desk Chairs for Teens that Last

Decorating for teens is always a test in patience, as they tend to change like night and day in a night or day! What was fun, funky and cool yesterday is today's flat, boring and EW! today.

It's maddening, I tell you.

It's always a good idea to go for furniture pieces that can survive a teen's mood swings. While I'm not the type to go shopping on a teen's every whim, I do want my teenagers to enjoy their surroundings.

I'd venture to say that these cool desk chairs above, will weather the storm well into and beyond college years, as it's quite the stunner and would easily go from teen room to townhouse without changing a thing.

Armrests or Not?

As I mentioned earlier, armrests are the main difference between task and desk chairs.

Armrests can be either a boon or bust depending on your teen's study habits. I can appreciate both styles but I must say armrests make the better chair for using as extra seating in your teenager's room.

It's a good idea to determine just how your teen will use the chair and if space allows for a conventional chair and a desk chair. If not, I recommend you go with a desk chair with armrests like this one.

My ADD Teens: a Helpful Study Tip
My ADD Teens: a Helpful Study Tip

Desk Chairs for Teen Boys & Girls with High Back & No Armrests in Many Colors

Ideally, your teen will appreciate a desk chair that's comfy while being a cool addition to his or her room. A chair like this more-executive style sports a full back and armrests.

The real difference between a task chair and its 'desk' cousin is primarily the armrests. While keeping arms comfortable an at ease with armrests sounds appealing, the armrests limit your teen's movement and their ability to really pull up to and under their desk.

Hence, tasks chairs make the ideal choice for busy teenagers who are reaching an rolling about during a study session. It's all a matter of study practice, space and habits.

Teens who spend long hours studying will truly appreciate a full-on backrest like this one.

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I like the idea of a floating desk quite a lot. Nice article!

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