Why I believe that mind over matter like Uri Geller does is possible?

by BardofEly

Mind-over-matter or telekinesis is a paranormal ability that many people believe in. Uri Geller came to fame for breaking forks and spoons but is what he does real?

Does mind-over-matter and mind-reading really work?
.Uri Geller became world famous for his ability to bend spoons by some strange power and later on in his career he also demonstrated that he was able to read minds and fix broken watches by some mysterious force. As well as all this he has demonstrated dowsing ability and psychic powers of prediction.
Many people are keen to believe in Uri but there are also a lot of skeptics with James Randi probably being the most famous of these. These people want to see Uri fail and claim that all the things he does that are believed to be examples of his mystical powers and mind-over-matter are actually just illusions and tricks that a good stage magician can do.
In his public performances it has always been the case that there was an uncertainty that anything strange would happen and he never knew for sure what would take place. But Uri has always made a point of stressing the value of positive thinking and believing in yourself and what you are doing. This is not easy to do in the presence of skeptical people, who want you to fail.

Uri Geller in the Public Domain

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Uri Geller
Uri Geller

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Mind-over-matter and real magic

The power of intention

The point is though that anyone who knows about and believes in real magic will know that the intent and keeping your focus on it strongly are what causes the result you desire. Mind-over-matter works best when you believe it will work with no doubt at all it won't work and also with no counter intentions and doubts being thrown in by other people.

This is why children often have better command of powers like this. It is because they haven't as yet been convinced by doubting and debunking adults that these things cannot work and are not real.

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I used to play the Monopoly board game with my son Isaac when he was a boy around the age of 11 and often it looked as if he was controlling the score on the dice, where he or I would land on the board and even what cards came up in Community Chest and Chance. I could do this too but not as good as him.

It was like a board game being played as much by mind-over-matter as it was by the luck of the dice. For example, Isaac would work out what dice throw I needed to land on one of his properties with a hotel on it and he would call out "get...(whatever the number was needed to make me land on his property)" and I would end up getting it and have to pay him the rent for landing there. Or he would land on Community Chest or Chance and get one of the "Bank pays you" cards after saying: "Some more money". Or Isaac would say "Go to jail, Dad," and I would have to. But then I would say "I want doubles," and throw them and come out.Then he would say, "Go back in"! And often I would have to.

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I remember we once had a Scientologist called Andrew from the Office of Special Affairs staying with us - I was a member of Scientology at that time - and he saw Isaac and me playing like this and was very impressed with our powers. It was far too often to be coincidence. Local kids in the neighbourhood knew my son could do this and called it "Isaac's magic."

Unfortunately he started to have epileptic fits and had to be put on medication to control his seizures and has been on these drugs ever since. He was best at causing mind-over-matter when playing a board game before he had to take the anti-convulsant drugs.

I think because I never told Isaac that he couldn't do these things that he believed he could and that's exactly why he got results.

Schoolchildren get it right

The child within

Recently, in the school I was working at I noticed that often children would be able to guess a number or something else I had chosen in secret straight away. For example, the teacher I was helping, would ask me to pick a number between 1 and 50, and I would choose 33, say, and then the first child from the class to guess what it was would get it right.

Of course, this didn't always happen, and more often than not the children would need many goes to find the number or object I had picked, but the times a child would get it right straight away didn't seem like coincidence or good guesswork to me.

I believe this is mind-reading or telepathy in action. I would suggest again, that children may be better at this because their "psychic senses" have not been dulled or turned off yet by listening to adult opinions that negate such abilities.

It would be very interesting to see how children would grow up if they never had any parent, adult family member, teacher or other grown-up putting negative thoughts in their heads about what is "impossible" and what cannot be done.

We are all brought up in a system that tells us what we cannot do far more than telling us what we can do. Is it any wonder there are so many sceptics and debunkers? Is it any wonder so many people are lacking in confidence?

To stay a child within I think is the key to success with "paranormal" abilities, and would add that it seems very significant that the Bible tells us in Matthew 18:3 that Jesus "said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."

Copyright © 2012 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

Uri Geller websites

Find out more about Uri
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BardofEly on 05/16/2015

Thanks for sharing!

frankbeswick on 05/16/2015

Whether Geller is a fake or not, the phenomenon of telekinesis occurs and may be responsible for some poltergeist phenomena, which seem to occur around young girls. Let's see what you make of this case. My then thirteen year old daughter reported to me that oddities were happening: she would reach for a pen and it would sometimes jump sideways, she would reach for the television, but it would switch on before she touched it. Eventually we were sitting in the living room and she picked up a pen that was on the settee next to her. The refill simply floated out. It moved over my head and laid itself down on the top of the gas fire. She said "See!" I tried to replicate the case by replacing the refill and shaking it, to no avail. It was firmly fixed in, and I am certainly stronger than a thirteen year old girl. There was but one more instance, when a poster took itself off the wall in her room and floated across to lay itself down on the dressing table. Then the phenomena stopped. Make of this what you will. I don't put it down to a poltergeist, but regard the case as an uncontrolled instance of telekinesis.

But maybe the ability of mind to control matter is not an oddity at all, but is what enables our minds [which despite what Skeptics say] are non-material to control our bodies.

BardofEly on 11/05/2012

If he has I am very surprised and not heard that!

BrendaReeves on 11/04/2012

I thought Uri had recently admitted that it is all fake, but I may be thinking of someone else. I have a very open mind about these things. I'm a cautious believer. The trick is to weed the fakes out from the legitimate people.

BardofEly on 11/04/2012

Thanks for your feedback, William! As you will have gathered I believe in Uri despite all his critics and the sceptics. So many people want to knock stuff down and be negative about everything!

William Bond on 11/04/2012

Uri Geller was trained by a man who claimed that mediums in Victorian times used magic tricks to put people into a believing frame of mind and then this allowed genuine paranormal activities to happen. So Uri Geller would do the same using stage magic tricks and to get people 'warmed up' to allow paranormal activity to happen. But this couldn't happen when was witnessed by the likes of Randi.

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