Be Careful What You WISH For, You Just Might Get It, The Physics Of Wishing - Comprehensive Guide

by Jerrico_Usher

We all make wishes all the time but most have no idea how a wish truly works, what makes it come to fruition, and that it's YOU that does all the leg work!

Wishes are not just some esoteric thing. They are a persons way to "request" something from the universe, then to command their subconscious mind to make it happen through external action and micro-movement decision making and goal planning that changes the playing field.

This in turn manifests the wish and in the end you can track back every wish, even serendipitous (chance happenstance) seeming wishes, to the source actions that made them happen- YOU. To throw the energy out there and allow the law of attraction to bring it to you through resources that become available from the moment the wish is secured by emotion. In this article we'll review the "Wish Mechanics" and how you can effectively wish for something, think it through, then pull the trigger.



Wishes come very close to the same formula for "Luck"- opportunity met with action, and the physics of "Manifestation" itself (through cause effect relationships and psychology) but there are a few twists and turns along the way for a wish to be born and nurtured into manifestation- brought into reality.

In this article I'm going to walk you through the fascinatrix of all the things surrounding and synergising to make things you want (and don't want) happen. This is based on my years of research and my quest to figure out how to take the reigns of my life and proactively become successful. What I found is pretty fascinating and incredibly empowering.

Years ago my room mate prompted me to write this when she herself needed answers and I found I had them in droves. Prepare to have your mind blown!


I was inspired to write this when my roommate needed a little insight into why her life was becoming a bit "challenging". She's a highly optimistic woman; she can get dealt the worst hand and still smile about it. She often says it always seems to just work itself out in the end.

She, however, doesn't realize that these hands being dealt are not random "life" obstacles. They're things she's set up to happen, things trying to help her reach her goals. I think some people understand the concepts in this article naturally and just don't realize they're doing it.

These people often seem "Lucky" to the outside world looking in, but to them they will often say, no I'm not lucky, I work hard and these things are just the results/rewards/consequences of my efforts. They are enacting the first and second laws of "Wish" Technology (also known as "The Secret").

  • 1. Law one: Make your wish.
  • 2. Law two: Receive it

This is oversimplifying it as I want to wrap your head around the concept before I get knee deep into defining the Physics of Wishing. Truth is, there is a lot more to making a wish than meets the eye (or the rest of your senses).

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Wish Roulette
Wish Roulette

Wish Roulette...

If you wish without responsibility you're playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun missing only one bullet, not the other way around.

I Call it Wishing Roulette.

The difference is none of the bullets will kill you; they will just make you wish you were dead. When you get the concept down, you will have a full 6 bullets and pulling the trigger will not kill you or make you wish you were dead, it will enlighten you and give you your hearts every desire with less effort, more impact, and with laser focus!

In the movie "The Matrix" Neo asked Morpheus, "What are you trying to say, I can dodge bullets?" Morpheus replied "No Neo, when you're ready.. You won't have to"

This nails what I'm trying to show you here. "Wish bullets" are only bad when they're not directed, not understood, and not managed correctly.

I'm sure you realize that there are good wishes and bad onesA wish is just a desire or need expressed with passion, with intention of acquiring something.

People like my roommate appear to go through life effortlessly but the truth is they're just programmed to do things in harmony with the laws of existence.

Not realizing this and still doing it can cause frustration as you may be bewildered as to what's really happening or why things happened.

The reality here is that even though on the surface a wish may seem like what you want, what your missing is the cause effect relationship and how that always brings consequences (good and bad).

It will always work out in the end so long as you continue to apply the proper laws.

What's interesting to note is that it's not required that you consciously process those physics of active wishing for it to be effective. You could hit or miss on it for years, or sporadically.

But without focus, the right language, and your ability to realize the cause and effect relationship your setting into motion- your throwing out there things that can come back to haunt you only because you don't know what's happening.

If someone throws a baseball at you and you don't see it coming you don't duck, or move out of the way. But at a baseball game in the bleachers you realize that this is a very real possibility and so you brace yourself. This is the concept of responsible thinking and ultimately wishing with intention and efficiency.

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Cause & Effect
Cause & Effect

"Wishing is just cause and effect with a power source"

Cause and Effect - The Process Of Making (and recieving) a Wish Is A Blessing In Disguise

The first thought that came to my roommate's mind was she was wishing for something better and life was just ironing out the wrinkles, things that in her new upgrade will infect her success.

In life when you do something (cause) their is always an inevitable and equal reaction (effect). To put it simply Wishing is just cause and effect with a power source.

When you ask for something you will always receive it. It's not going to always happen the way we'd like it to, however, and just appear. That would disrupt the entire fabric of existence. Perhaps in the age of Aquarius the laws of physics will evolve into a whole different class allowing the "magic" we see done on television or movies to be possible- but in the current class/state, there is a process that has to be followed or things break down.

The rules of our existence require manifestation to happen in a series of steps; it's within those steps that the cause effect relationship molds what you want into what you end up with. The steps can change before the effect comes about as well.

If your thinking, "oh really? that's going to take some effort and patience, isn't there a way to get it instantly?" then realize that your missing the whole benefit of the cause effect relationship and it's "slow" process.

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Cause & Effect

Fact is, since it takes all these steps you can always counter your wish if you come to realize while watching it unfold in slow motion, that this wish was a mistake!

To me that's a far more efficient way to go. If everything you wanted just appeared, and you wished for something that turned out to be (based on the laws of physics sped up) detrimental to your life, your day, your relationship, etc... then it would eat you alive and you couldn't stop it from fully manifesting- there just wouldn't be enough time to REACT!

For a visual think about the "Back To The Future" movies and the paradoxes that kept happening when they tried to "cheat" and use a time machine- everything came unraveled and in reality, based on the laws of physics in the movie series, there would be no end to the chaos!

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Thank's Gov'nor!

The way things have to be stepped out over time with resources and other cause effect relationships intertwined is like applying a "governor" on your wish manifestation. Can you imagine a world where everything everyone wanted just magically appeared? Can you imagine how that would affect the entire realm of existence? (think about the movies "The Butterfly Effect").

Realize that everything has a balance in life. A butterfly bats his wings here and a tornado is the result tens of thousands of miles away and even tens of thousands of years in the future! The real butterfly effect as taught by Buddha, knows no time constraints. According to this also, something you do today could impact the past, even years or centuries back! I don't know for sure if that's true but it's fascinating to think about isn't it?

This also means anything you manifest- even if you rightfully worked for it, applied the laws of attraction (the secret), that manifestation had to draw "ingredients" from somewhere.

There is no such thing as simple manifestation that doesn't "use up" something somewhere. Although our potential is infinite, unfortunately, our "resources" are finite, we have only what's already in the universe to work with so taking from one thing gives to another (energy exchange).

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Law Of Energy

Energy is neither used up or destroyed, only changed

This is very important to grasp and crystallize in your mind, for without this one awareness, your going to be confused. If you ever do find a magic genie lamp and rub it to have a genie appear and offer you three wishes, you better make dam sure you understand everything in this section (from the title "Thank's Gov'nor!" to right here.

Anyone whose paid attention to any movie or show about genie wishes knows the genie always creates consequences with the wish- it's not a ploy to hurt you but rather him/her being confined to the very laws of physics...

It's your responsibility to know this (they never seem to tell them do they?). Fantasy genies aside, life works this way in the real world.


Never jump out of an airplane without a parachute



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Life seems to challenge us when we ask to better our self

(there's a very good reason for that - Change is required often)

You don't jump out of an airplane without a parachute, so when you ask life to give you wealth or success or anything else you don't have but want- the parachute is competence.

The text book answer to this problem is:

If you're currently not successful its most likely because your attitude isn't right, your not doing something required to become and maintain success, or simply the dominoes aren't yet stacked correctly to make it even possible at the time.

I don't know about you but this is not enough to motivate me to change my attitude or ways of doing things. It basically lacks awareness.

It's an insight that would make sense to someone already there, but to the person not remotely in that arena it seems like a bunch of self help crap. I'm not here to show you that side of this wonderful side of life, I'm here to really break it down and explain it in such a way that you "get it". Since most people are chasing success in one way or another I'll use the generic term for my examples.

This applies to anything, however, from getting that cheeseburger your craving but have no money in your pocket to buy, to becoming a multi millionaire so you have resources to do everything you want to do in this life without so many up hill battles with money. Ironically, many people think to buy a cheeseburger you need money- that's not always the case!

You just need a "way" a "resource"- but money being the easiest way, is not the only way.  Part of why many people's wishes don't seem to happen (they do but not always recognizably) is that they aren't aware of resources. When you make a wish resources appear but if you don't recognize them or act on them- you cancel your wish.

Tranquil learning

Wishes Require Resources and Circumstances To Manifest

A Wish Made On Mars For Earthly Things Won't Yield A Thing- Because Your On MARS!

We often ask for things outside the reach of our current resources/circumstances or that can't sustain due to the environment or resources not being there.

For example, someone whose emotionally unstable, depressed all the time, and can't seem to get their life together shouldn't ask for money. Money is like putting your problems on fast forward. 

The reason your problems exist is because of how you think, how you do things, the reaction/action relationships in your life. Money is a great thing to have but it truly won't buy happiness, unless your prepared mentally to be happy without it. It can temporarily make you feel empowered and gives you amazing resources to better yourself with- but again, back to the mental state.

If your not ready for it, it will eventually make you crash and burn (history repeating itself because the same cause effect relationships either exist or don't exist to sustain it). Most problems don't exist based on money- even those that appear to be, they exist because of how you think- bottom line. If you don't change your thinking in a way that you could generate money anyway, getting a handout will only harm you and backstep your mission.

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Nuclear Wishingwish lamp

Visualization is the key to Nuclear Wish Manifestation

Fear both blocks good wishes or subdues their power, and makes negitive wishes happen faster due to the energy in fear

With the enlightenment in movies, It's fiction meets non fiction in a way that both entertains and teaches. Nothing is lost in trying, but not trying and making excuses is a huge loss. Even in failing we learn what not to do so it's valuable even if not successful at the moment of "perceived" failure.

Fear Is A Power Source - But Many Aren't Aware Of How To Change It's Polarity For Use In Power Wishing!

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FEAR Infects/Repels Wishes

We often don't chase what has fear blocking it; this is what causes the good wishes not to manifest, at least not the way we expect. The reason for this is that we shy away and make wishes about the things we don't want, and so things start to suck. 

We're more inclined to believe in negative things we don't want because we have, often, A LOT of life experiences to back it's possibility- but things we've not yet experienced in bulk like being wealthy, being successful, or being anything- those are things we need to build up experience in before they become second nature (easily wished and received). Experience often makes us believe something is absolutely possible but lack of experience can make it difficult to have enough faith in it's outcome that we second guess whether or not it's possible- that deteriorates the energy needed to make a wish happen. It boils down to motivation.

If you've never been wealthy then you don't have the proper experience to believe it's possible for you. We tend to "believe" in things we've already experienced more readily, and shy away from anything that "seems" impossible (that bared repeating).

Belief, however, is a very powerful thing and an ambition conjuring concept that makes things happen. Belief isn't just "faith", it's much more than that. Belief is like a get out of jail free card for your mind.

The problems come in when your letting the wrong thought forms out of your mind and using belief to seal your fate! Being poor may be something you've struggled with your whole life so it's very easy to believe and reinforce that you will be poor tomorrow. After all there is proof!

But did you know if you had 100% faith that this is just a setback, a temporary thing, and that you will plant a seed today that will change everything... that wealth would be more possible and even in your mind, probable. Wealth will come to you by virtue of how this changes your thinking, which changes your actions (and what you cease actions on that are hurting your goal) and so on.


Example Situation:

If you won the lottery today for a million dollars, then tomorrow you won the publishers clearing house prize, then the next day you met the man or woman of your dreams, then the next day you would "expect" something magical and lucky to happen to you and so it would!

The only thing truly that happened there was your string of luck changed your very belief in what "could" happen changed with it.

The trick to making your wishes impact-full is that you have to believe with every fiber of your being that you can achieve what you wish for.(believe it to achieve it?)

You do this with practice by making your wish/request to the universe and don't bother with worrying about how it will come. The how it will come is not your job, its the wishes job and the universes. The details are handled by your subconscious mind and how it changes your micro-movements- how you do things, even how you make decisions.

Worrying about how it will happen is like saying you doubt it will happen unless _____________x. This will block progress as this creates "doubt" which is like a virus in your "belief matrix". Your thinking. It also blocks other possibilities for achieving the wish manifestation because your mind is in black and white mode.

If this then that, in other words. If you only have one possible way in your mind that the wish can manifest, then you limit your options. Although you may think you know the best way to get money, for example, but don't open your mind to other opportunities and the one thing you think needs to happen (i.e. winning the lottery) doesn't happen, you lose hope and it all dissolves away.

Don't get in your own way- let the universe take a snapshot of where you are, where you need to be for the wish to happen, and let it pick HOW it will happen. If you think about it, if you don't already have what your wishing for, what makes you think you know best? You don't! if you did, you'd have it already! Make sense?

Also by worrying about how it will come about you are making several new wishes that may clash with and overlap the energy coming back to fulfill the wish through resources appearing.

Did you know that likely every wish you made that never came to fruition is likely the victim of your making counter (or counter productive) wishes RIGHT AFTER?

Wishes Are More Often Than Not- Mental... We Wish In Silence More Than Spoken

Not being aware of how a wish is fulfilled can rob you of the wish's outcome!

A wish is not always a spoken thing. You could simply desire something and THAT is a wish. Based on that, if you make a wish then doubt it's possible, you just canceled your wish!

If you ask for money then a job opportunity opens up but before you get the call, or go to the place where it would happen for you by "accident" you may think I have to go find a way to make some money, then you come up with ways you need to do this; I need to learn to invest, I need to sell my car etc.. you may actually force yourself into a completely different path from the wish's fulfillment!

These things are new wishes and when you go out to accomplish this you take yourself out of alignment with the resources that expected you to be somewhere else!

What you end up with is a bunch of unexpressed energies competing for your attention and you get easily confused. Worse, the wishes will still try to manifest and if you keep countering the resources that keep coming you could cause unpredictable results because your subconscious mind is trying to do one thing and your conscious mind (or ego) is trying to do another.

This makes you doubt your faith, you then become negative and thus thrust the higher energy power on your negative wishes which disrupt the subtle energies of your desired wish.


The bottom line is that you should make a wish, truly believe the outcome will happen, realize you now have to wait for resources or "nudges" I call them, to appear. Don't make a wish then go off on a mission- give the wish's energy time to manifest, wait for a signal, then act on it. Signals come in micro-movements but you know they are there because your intuition will nudge you mentally telling you to act on it. Use your gut- it's being fed information by your subconscious mind!

The Seriousness of Depression Where "Wishing" Is Concerned


We know now that negative wishes  manifest easily due to the inclination to really believe they can happen. (This could be thinking bad ideas about how your life is going, generally this redefines even the good things in our life and like a domino effect causes us to fall off the horse).

Faith is strong because it carries a lot of energy. Having a lot of doubt casts a lot of negative wishes. The energy itself is not evil or good, it's just a contrast, and the universe sees it as neutral so like the positive energies it is aided in and used to help you accomplish what you asked for. Ask and ye shall receive is based on this principal.

It's US that determine relatively what is good or bad, not the universe. The reason it's so easy to have negative wishes fulfilled over ones we really want is that it's our nature unless we fight it, to believe bad things will happen (because of past failures and not yet realizing failure actually equals learning/growth, not pain) but we seem to think uphill when it comes to things we want (due to lack of actual success to "prove" it's not only possible but probable). Overall, essentially, there is no good or bad, there is only perception.


Your perception of something creates an opinion based on the collective of your knowledge and awareness. Good or bad doesn't actually exist but rather is a way to quantify weather or not something is convenient or not, painful or not, pleasant or negative consequences and so on.

Depression is very bad because it puts you into a flux of negative thought streams. Each thought is impactful and painful because we tend to send them out over and over and over again with amazing visualization.

In depression you seem to be able visualize with great detail and focus (and what you focus on becomes reality), which is very bad for you. As you send that constant stream of negative thoughts powered now by the belief in it happening, and your visualizing it too. This is far more powerful.

A stream of bad things (wishes trying to manifest) start to enter your life, negative energy trying to express itself returns to you in the same fashion you sent it out but amplified! The sooner you bite the bullet and take the hard road (to try to fight the depression instead of indulging because its easier) the faster you will break the "spell" of depression and negative energy generation!

Science has also proven that depression causes bad chemical reactions to form in the body that can lead to cancer because of the deterioration of the immune system.


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rope ladder
speed boat

The Wake - Wish Basic Mechanics

The negative energies are like that boat that speeds by while your little sail boat is floating in the same water.. Although the boat may be farther away, the disruptive ripples it causes in the water (even when it's passed) throws your sail boat off and violently, sometimes even capsizing it.

This makes you frustrated and feel hopeless. Did you know saying "I don't want to be fired" is the same as saying fire me? The universe doesn't hear I don't it hears "to get fire".

You should never say I don't something when making a wish, say instead I will keep this job forever, or for a while, this doesn't put your focus on the negative (lose my job or get fired) and maintains the same point, just doesn't give the Genie the wrong information.

Your thoughts and voice activate wish technology every time they are used. Your not stagnant in existence, your like a car going 100 mph all the time, even at rest- because your thoughts, your words, written or spoken, are constantly creating commands to the universe- and even if it takes years to fulfill (even something you "thought" you wanted but aren't ready for) the universe always manifests what you think about, want, desire, or put emotion behind. Good or bad, the universe reads the emotion behind it like a carrier signal, so be careful what you wish for- you just might get it!


The Extremely important "Phonics" of the Language of wishing

O.k. we've dived into the theory behind wishing and thought control to accomplish what you want and need. Now were going to go deeper down the rabbit hole to learn how thinking the right way is not all that is involved with this process.

When you talk to people you will notice that its not what you say but how you say it that counts. Things are perceived with different moods, different meaning and different angles based on exactly how you form your words, how you tied the sentence together and how you enunciated the key words in the sentence.

For example:

  • 1. saying "I love you" (I Love YOU) says you love only the person your talking to, or enunciates that they are special
  • 2. saying "i love you" is just bland and could be protocol
  • 3. Saying "I LOVE you" in a sarcastic tone begs for attention
  • 4. Saying "I LLLLLLLLLLLLove You!" enunciates the "L" and changes the very word love into the key power point of the sentence.. if you enunciate YOU your also directing it specifically but if you whisper you it again changes the meaning.. could be I LLLL(a pause? not sure?)love you"

Just to name a few examples. It's much more complex than this but as you get used to the concept you learn to control your thoughts and the way you interact with your world to change the very vibration of your broadcast to the universe.

Wake or Ripples


Think of throwing a rock into a pond and seeing the ripples form outward from the middle. Now imagine those ripples being words converted into kinetic energy, each ripple is a letter or word in a sentence. Now the one on the outside has the most power and thus thrusts outward with the most Energy. See this as a race of energy to reach the universe. Imagine also that this energy like a tennis ball hitting the wall comes back with as much force as it was thrown at but when it returns it brings back with it resources and ripples that affect everything around you to attempt to "Make your bed so you can lay in it" so to speak.

How you word something is important but how you say it is what determines its true meaning. The universe is no exception. How you word your sentence determines how powerful each word is, how the sentence strength comes together. Words and thoughts are but two different but equally important energy generators, a thought followed by vocal projection is twice as powerful and they end up traveling parallel to each other. Imagine words and even the letters in them as energy, pure energy.

The power level in this energy is determined by many factors but the emotion you throw into your vocalizing each letter and word and which words you give more strength determines the ultimate energy value that is projected outward.

That energy interacts with the universe and creates "shivers" that cause "ripples" that eventually bounce back to you. Keep in mind also that these ripples affect other people as well, even those not in the immediate vicinity, and how it affects them determines part of the formula of what comes back.

In this next half we will discuss how this works not only with phonics or how you vocalize things you wish for.

This is what most people screw up when making wishes.. They worry and say I hope I don't get fired, but fired is the key highest energy spot in the sentence (because it's backed by fear, a powerful emotion) so it becomes the dominant force in your wish, and could cause you to run into a lot of problems at work as the universe is trying to grant your wish!

This is the part you really have to wrap your head around so pay close attention here.

The DNA of Energy Creation


Words carry vibrations

How you emphasize each word in a sentence determines what IN that sentence happens.

If you say a sentence but only one word in that sentence sticks out to you, that word will dominate the meaning of that wish. If you say I don't like spinach, and have a serious distain for spinach, spinach will carry a lot of weight the rest wont carry enough to matter.

When you "say" I don't like SPINICH" but have a very negative and redundant thought stream about it (thinking "why you don't like it" is normal, and this triggers visualizations which carry a tremendous amount of vibrations).

The words carry a certain weight on their own but the trailing thoughts about it are what really push the sentence into submission (like afterburner jets) with a negative result returning. The universe doesn't hear negative or positive it only hears wishes, requests, orders, and reads the energy output (raw power/vibration value) so what has the most power gets precedence.

Also realize it's the definition you personally give it (often subconsciously) that makes it what it is. Remember the universe doesn't know words or their meanings, it knows only what you fuel it with (definition based on perception charges it with that energy).

By energy I'm not talking esoterically, this is a shortcut term to describe the complex nature of the subconscious mind and how it reacts (using your body) with the outside world causing ripples.

If you practice being positive in your talking, thinking, writing, and any other area where your thinking, then the habit will form protecting you from negative wishing pitfalls.

The universe is not judgmental, other than it responds to energy. In the spinach sentence example above its entirely possible that the word spinach will be so powerfully backed emotionally (even if negatively) that the universe will work hard to BRING you spinach!

You will go to a friend's house and it will end up on your plate! You think to yourself I said I DONT want spinach (then in this sentence the don't is highlighted and becomes the message to the universe.) but a little too late huh?

Don't ever say I don't want a mean girlfriend! Say I want a compassionate and loving girlfriend and emphasize all of the words. A "word Spell" is powerful if you know how to cast it. The Secret DVD touched on this with some detail but this article expands on that awareness to a degree they didn't explain it fully.

Two sentences side by side containing two emphasized words can be dangerous as the two words could be carrying the same amount of energy, trailing ahead of the other words, and thus become a new sentence as far as the universe is concerned. See how this energy thing works? Energy can be intention and subconscious thoughts (which always translate into actions in the outside world, or reciprical actions).

It's not what you ask for but how you ask for it and how much control over this you have. Learning to balance your words out so you get what you want not what you fear is essential to the process!

You could calibrate what words mean and how they affect you when you say them (in a wish) by watching your results. If always wishing "I don't want" or "don't let such and such happen" brings you negative results you can figure out that your asking wrong.

Every thought and action is a ripple outward that always returns (karma)

What you don't know about the actual process and format of this ripple can hurt you!

This also answers the question "why do bad things happen to good people". There's more to that than this but this hints a shadow over what starts it. Thinking about what you don't want is dangerous as you may install fear and a lot of negative energy to push the wrong keywords hence the bad things happening aren't bad they're manifestations of your wishing incorrectly. Not paying attention.

The universe at the most basic levels works a lot like Google in that they keywords you send out bring back focused results relative to those words, you have to form your keywords very carefully then pay attention to how your feeding them energy through the nuclear power plant of your thoughts.

The SEO ranking for those words would be how you define them. Are the words negative- ah then you want a negative result and so on. We each have our own algorythm that defines our words meaning, but there are generalities that everyone should follow i.e. how you form your question.

The universe is efficient but it doesn't judge good or bad, just energy. If a lot of bad things keep happening to you try looking at how you talk to yourself or others or what your doing in your head, are you thinking about what you want or expressing what you don't?

The Book "Rich dad Poor dad" by Robert t. Kiosaki also touched on this point as one of the reasons poor people just can't break the poverty spell. Mindset is everything, it drives perceptions which drive the thoughts or filter the thoughts that create the ultimate results of your wishes.


The Power of Karma: How to Understand...
William Morrow Paperbacks
$14.99  $8.23
Karma 101: What Goes Around Comes Aro...
Fair Winds Press
$34.89  $50.89
How Karma Works: The Twelve Links of ...
Snow Lion Publications
$17.78  $3.62
Karma: The Ancient Science of Cause a...
Mandala Publishing
$4.6  $26.71
Everyday Karma
Ballantine Books
$17.0  $6.0
Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Cont...
Llewellyn Publications
Only $55.07

How do you control it?

Reverse Engineering Karma (cause and effect)

To powerfully control this you need to visualize you there (effect) and the cause will become clear to you.

Since it's judging the intention based on the energy of your intentions it weighs the words or meaning of those words to you, based on which ones have the most energy. Many people don't realize that our wishes don't just affect us. They affect EVERYONE.

Since that part carries the most thoughts, the most energy, and the most importance in the wish, the universe being all efficient strips away the rest and focuses on the highest energy content.

Like Google bots crawling your page and verifying it against the current algorithm and ranking importance based on all the parts together, the universe bots crawl you when you make a wish.

More specifically, your subconscious mind is "the universe" in this equation- it controls how you perceive things, how you make decisions, and even what filters are in place.

The rest of your wish (supporting keywords so to speak) is thrown out there its just not strong enough to push itself out too far to create effects from its cause.

Its cause is more localized and thus you feel its effects more immediate, yet it affects much less. It's a lot like how certain words in a sentence are there just to tie the others together into a flow, but omitting them doesn't remove the sentences meaning.

Words like I, to, and, etc.. You can say "when we go to the store and buy groceries we will have a lot of food" you can say it like this too "when go store buy groceries will have food" and you still know what was said in its entirety.

Most people focus too much on certain things and not enough on others and thus their wish is granted based on not what they wanted but what they feared they'd get. Again, it's not so much the words but your personal perception/definition of them- what they mean to you will be different from what they mean to someone else- even if you both believe the same things, because we all think individually and have unique perspectives on everything in life based on our accumulated life experiences.

You get what you focus on the most.

This is one reason you don't add negative things into a sentence and you think, speak, or write down, only things that are of a nature consistent to what you want, omitting anything that if it manifested right there you wouldn't.

This is how one would formulate a wish for the Genie, but you'll notice people always ask for something selfish, and so when they receive the wish, they are impacted drastically when it goes wrong. I'd prefer to ask for something i.e. for others who'd both benefit from it and I'd benefit indirectly.

Dream / wish / vision board
The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams

A vision board is a powerful tool that anyone can use to shape an ideal future through the power of intention and visualization. Learning how to vividly imagine your desired res...

Atria Books/Beyond Words  / $7.09  $22.01

View on Amazon

Wish Boards Work

Think of it like this. Convert words to pictures for a "dream board" that you want to meditate on to get your dreams. Would you put a negative image on this board even if it says "I don't want to get this"? Of course not, you want to "keep the thoughts positive" hence you ONLY put positive images on the board to be consistent with your theme. Do the same in your thoughts and words!

Take a powerful next step into comprehending this awareness

Their are two powerful books (only about 200 pages each and both equally entertaining and fun to read, real eye openers) and three movies(one being a trilogy that I count as one movie"set") that will completely unlock then blow the door wide open for you. I've never before experienced such a powerful awareness as I have after watching these movies and reading these books!

After integrating the information in these movies and books, you will not only be able to control and get your wishes, you will see them in progress.. and think wow I used to just wish for any dam thing, and you'll see the damage your causing in the process by not realizing what the wishes your making are doing to you! It's like neo waking up in the first matrix movie; he says "why do my eyes hurt?" Morpheus says (both literally and metaphorically) "Because you've never used them before".

The powerful thing about this awareness unlocking is when it does become apparent to you, all of these same books and movies should be read and viewed again as you'll see them in the new light of your open eyes! Very powerful stuff!


Below are some tools that gave me the power to control my own life and more importantly taught me how life REALLY worked...

1. The Secret-

Start with this one because it will show you instantly "the secret" to the law of attraction.

Once you learn and grow your awareness around what the secret and all it's derivatives teach-

This hub will take on a whole new meaning and the power you will feel over your life will change immensely.

The Secret
Atria Books/Beyond Words
$11.43  $8.58


Quantum Physics Of Life (explained in a powerful 3 hour entertaining video!

2. What the bleep do we know..

Further down the rabbit hole-Quantum physics extended edition-

This is a powerful movie that expands on the concepts in the secret but as the secret is about mental states of manifestation-

Tthis is about the physical and mental aspect..

Very exciting movie to watch!

Everyone who watches this movie is blown away and discovers the world around them is nothing like they thought (it's better!)!


Safe Structure - The 10 Life Laws

3. Life Strategies:

Dr. Phil -

This will show you what you're giving away, why you're not in control, and why your the problem not your environment or anyone in it.

Very enlightening book.

It set me free and is responsible for where I am now.

This is the real 10 commandments of happiness and each one is FULLY explained in layman terms.

Very enlightening. (this was one of the first I read that changed everything!)


Awareness of Finantial and Hierarchial Principals - MINDSET Of Success 101

Life Perception

4. Rich dad Poor dad -

Robert t. Kiyosaki (any book by him rocks! but this one is the best to start with).

This was the first financial book I ever read growing up that changed how I did things, how I perceived life, and especially business.

Wealth mindset (how to be the rich that get richer not the poor who get poorer).

Very entertaining-

- again no one who's ever read it didn't love it to death!



..And of course the spark...

The Complete Matrix Trilogy [Blu-ray]

The Complete Matrix Trilogy features all three films in the trilogy together for the first time in mind-blowing high definition, with a newly re-mastered picture and sound for T...

Warner Brothers UK  / $19.02  $6.23

View on Amazon

Technology Sufficiently Advanced Is Indistinguishable From Magic

Change That To Read "Awareness Sufficiently More Advanced Than Your Current State Is Indistinguishable From Magic"

Go watch all of these powerful movies (and/or read the books) and you will never be the same again. In fact I believe after watching them, this very article will become more valuable.

But watch it in a new way from the way you have always watched movies. Watch them like an E! True Hollywood story or documentary (2 of them are documentaries but are not dull, very exciting, a lot like the matrix), not to be entertained but to try to decode what is really being said, what's really being taught.

Some of you aren't ready for this shift in mind state yet so the books and movies will give it to you (through awakening awareness).. effortlessly, your mind needs to be wedged open so.

When your done reading/watching them you'll agree their worth thousands if not millions because of what they will give you the power to accomplish with ease.

Knowledge is potential power but awareness is truly power, (I once heard the only thing more valuable than money is knowledge/awareness) these movies/books give you knowledge and then invoke awareness states that truly excite you.

It will wake you up like neo did, and you will realize you can fly (metaphorically speaking), and can control your Matrix/journey through like in ways that once seemed magical but will soon become "normal".

My journey to owning my power to cast wishes and get them! I hope I can inspire you to find the same peace

Those are the exact books that unlocked my mind, the movies came next, the secret and what the bleep came just last year and reinforcing and deepening my awareness.). Reading the book which is going to be the foundation for a new movie/documentary coming in the summer of 2012 (according to the site) really blew my mind in a whole other way...

The book is called "The Singularity". I Wrote an entire article about it here: The Singularity Is Near (after listening to the audio book unabridged version;12 hours of fascinating listening/reading!). You can find links to the books (he wrote two one is more recent and on a different angle of the same concept) on that article linked above).

The secret alone will blow your mind, and I suggest you start there, then watch what the bleep- to really get an amazing visual/explanation of "how life works". This all ties directly into wishing as wishing is highly based on the laws of attraction.

I gave the DVD to my roommate to watch and the next day her entire life changed, her awareness was so open she looked like neo when Morpheus said, "Welcome to the real world".. 

I believe the Wachowski brothers got a lot of their inspiration from psychology, philosophy and the bible. Their mission was to create a movie so powerful it enlightened people in 2 hours, and this movie did it.

Granted it's embedded lessons are so complex and mind blowing you have to watch the movie (first one mainly) 5-6 times before you "grasp" it all. The Matrix is also a movie I'd recommend you watch as it gives you deep insight into wish mechanics as well.

In conclusion...

So now you know MY path to enlightenment, it's been a hell of a ride and every day still new awarenesses open up.

It's like money, once you have some, more inevitably seems to come your way- awareness is the same and the amount of awareness you need to become successful and powerful is pretty much unlimited, or limited to what you need or want in life at any given time.

As your awareness grows your thirst for knowledge will grow. You will truly understand the phrase, knowledge is potential power. It's the most lucrative commodity on earth- information. Using it is even more powerful.

My book "The Luck Source" will cover all the best of all of these books in real application... but it's a work in progress currently- the entire TOC is done, but I have yet to find the time to finish the content/context. You can check out what it's about and see when it comes out here:

It's a play on words, Luck Source describes the source of real luck (not esoteric but rather practical based on psychology, wish mechanics, and more) but it also describes the "Source Code" to being lucky, which is merely psychological principals synergized to create specific mindsets that create/generate, protect, and reinforce serendipitous and purposefully lucky moments.

Good Luck, please comment!

Comments Left By HP Users (where this article used to be)

Brianna 4 years ago

I really like the way you took an idea as big as the law of attraction, and broke it down into the mechanisms of energy. It makes you  realize how everyday experiences use this law, it makes you realize that you knew it was true all along.

I originally found your page by typing into google "genie"

I watched the movie Aladdin the other night, and I was thinking how the genie was a metaphor for the creative genious in us all.

so, we were both thinking along the same lines ;)

I have a huge paper coming up, the topic can be anything but it must be specific. I really want to try to compare the movie "aladdin" or the original arabian story "One Thousand and One Nights", to these principles. Its hard though, to do a serious analysis of such "spiritual" topics.

Or I could go a slightly lamer route and compare the movie aladdin to the original story through literary analysis.

I don't know if you could help me at all?? A certain focus, an angle I could try concerning this?


oester8 4 years ago

This is eye opening. i got up one day at 3 in the morning and i felt a spider crawling on my arm- and i freaked out. And that night i barely got any sleep bc we have such a bad bug problem and i felt like they were everywhere- but their really not. neway- i got up and came down here and Google energy of wishing and this site came up. I just realized im always thinking about 'negative' things. Im always praying things 'dont' happen. i didnt realize the power of wording until i read this article. thank god for this website


SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 3 years ago from North AmericaLevel 1 Commenter

Thanks Jerrico - I do enjoy how you break things down. I keep finding your hubs as I'm about to write about a concept and voila - you have a few of them already layed out... appreciate it! Glad you are sharing truth with the world :)

CBSElearners profile image

CBSElearners 17 months ago

If all of this were really true, why wouldn't everyone be infinitely rich or happy or never have any diseases. They can think up anything they want with respect to the universe and the energies around them.

I do believe that wanting something badly enough does bring it your way ultimately, I've noticed it many a time with my own life, but to believe it is so simple or easy and to eternally have a Pollyanna complex would be a hard thing to accomplish methinks.


Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 17 months ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

Because most people are programmed for failure not success, it's a simple to understand mindset change but difficult to implement if you have alot of bad filters in place. in short- common sense is not so common- it's not just about wishing, it's about following the laws of physics and the laws of the universe.


Michael 10 months ago

You won't get what you want. You won't get what you need. You get what you desire.


Mukai Muringi 10 months ago

Hi. The was fantastic and well ariculated. I truly can look back and see where i have put too much focus on what i didnt want - and got loads more of it. Its not a new pholosophy but THE REALITY of the way things work. As a life long student of quantum physics its easier to understand the application. Energy really is everything! Well done and i wish you much success!


Michael 9 months ago

Great and fantastic article! I wish to add to your list of movies and books for people to become more aware and enlightened. Read a copy of Florence Scovell Shinn's writings. This book is all about making positive affirmations(mental commands)to order the Universe's power through God within us to manifest what we desire.Read also 'Becoming like God' by Michael Berg. Read the book 'Be careful what you pray just might get it' by Dr.Larry Dossey.



AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 months ago from SomeWhere Out ThereLevel 7 Commenter

I have always been programmed for success. I find this hub absolutely interesting. I certainly have shared it on Twitter and Pinterest. You are so talented and I agree all of us should be careful for what we wish for. :)


Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 5 months ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

wow, thanks AEvans! appreciate the comment and the sharing :) I wrote this 3 years ago and reread it about 11 days ago and myself was blown away lol.


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Jerrico_Usher on 07/28/2012

That new movie coming out "The Singularity Is Near" just hit DVD, I can't wait to watch it, (I mention it in the article somewhere)...

katiem2 on 07/28/2012

Integrated thought is a good thing I'm always happy to participate in. This is worth the read to really get it! :)K

Jerrico_Usher on 07/26/2012

Thanks Katie! This thing is a bit long but I'm hoping people find it valuable none the less. Many of the resources (books, videos etc...) were where I learned about and consolidated concepts from. This is essentially both my consolidated understanding of how we get what we want and what blocks our way, and all the things I've read that really made sense. A lot of what I wrote here is based on my experiences applying the principals... when you capture these things, liberation is yours... appreciate the comment and syndication :) (and glowing feedback is always appreciated!)

katiem2 on 07/26/2012

I really enjoy how you explained the importance of energy in the words you speak as related to the actual words. I think people get that they should chose more positive words yet don't understand the one little fleeting negative thought has such intense energy it can and will impact the positive thoughts you concentrate on.

Good SEO analogy for us freelance writers and content providers. All in all I really enjoyed the recap of making wishes, for me a person who firmly believes you get what you think about with feeling. Great and inspiring article, tweeting, sharing and giving a big thumbs up! :)K

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