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by Michey

Wordpress platform is well established now, but some professorial help to get better is still a need, so I present sources of knowledge written by successful bloggers

Wordpress Platform

Wordperss is a Content Management System (CMS) platform, a great system to organise, optimise, and monetize your websites.  

In general we use Wordpress platform to create Blogs.

Wordpress successWhat is less known and used is the full functionality of a CMS. 

We can use Workpress to create:

  • Blogs, but also: 
  • Membership sites:
    • Teaching Clubs
    • Any type of e-courses
    • Business Clubs and Associations
    • Affiliations and Joint Ventures sites
  • On-line Stores 
  • Directory Sites
  • Just personal or business relationship Websites

In this post I present 2 books, the first one explains in detail a blueprint for each type of sites you can create with Wordpres.  So it is a real eye opener for the power of Wordpress as CMS.

The second one shoes you the benefits of Wordpress 3.1.

I also listed a couple of more Wordpress books to cover all the needs, but I really recommend the ones I comment on.

First Book

WordPress 3 Site Blueprints By Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace is an author, WordPress consultant, and a brilliant web developer who has been building a large variety of Websites and Blogs.  

She offers her consulting services on useful topics on WordPress

  • Installation
  • Customization
  • Troubleshooting, and more 

In this book she creates the blueprint for a variety of sites you can create using WordPress.
Each chapter is devoted to the design of a different site, you don't need to read the entire book, instead, you can pick and choose the blueprints you are interest in. In the same time you see all the possibilities, so it is a great book to learn, grow and maybe change your mind and dive in a diferent scenario which can be closer to your goals.

Heather presents 9 types of sites:

  1. Migrating a Static site to WordPress 
  2. Building a Community Portal 
  3. Building an E-Commerce Website 
  4. Building a Local Classified Ads Website 
  5. Building a Consumer Review Website 
  6. Building a Job Board Website 
  7. Building a Micro blogging Website 
  8. Building a Local Business Directory 
  9. Building a Membership Website

In first appendix Heather presents several WordPress plug-ins that she feels may be of value for you.

In second appendix she provides a guide to installing WordPress Themes and plug-ins. 

She also shows you how to integrate bbPress, BuddyPress and WordPress to enable you to create a community portal site:

  • bbPress provides a forum component
  • BuddyPress enables users to interact in a facebook-like manner

In Summary:  I consider that this book contains a great deal of knowledge for all levers of bloggers, and website designers in general. 

The Second Book

Smashing Wordpress: Beyond the Blog By Thord Daniel Hedengren

Thord Daniel Hedengren is a professional web designer and developer who has created numerous Wordpress themes, developed plug-ins, he definitely put Wordpress to good use.

His book shows you how to utilize the power of the Wordpress platform, and provides creative tools to help you build Wordpress sites that go beyond the obvious. The second edition of the book has been updated for Wordpress 3.1+, which includes new and upgraded examples of cool Wordpress usage, such as

  • custom post types
  • the admin bar, and other useful new features

Thord Daniel Hedengren takes you beyond the blog and shows you how Wordpress can serve as a CMS, a photo gallery, and e-commerce site, and more.  

You will learn to:

  • Build beautiful Wordpress themes, including child themes
  • Create custom login forms and admin themes
  • Use to control content
  • Build plug-ins, including widget functionality
  • Use custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Use post formats
  • Integrate Wordpress with the Social Media
  • Use conditional control elements
  • Integrate theme options
  • Build your Wordpress for SEO

In Summary: both books provide a great deal of knowledge but they are not for beginners, they are books teaching you to mastermind Wordpress. In the left column you can find books for beginners as well.

Which Book Is The Most Help For You?

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Michey on 06/27/2011

Bolillie, for membership sites there are plug-ins, or scripts, if the time permits I'll create a post about it

Michey on 06/27/2011

They are, especially the first one I commented is awesome...
Thank for reading my post

petunia on 06/27/2011

These wordpress books sound like great resources, Michey!

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