How To Write An Amazing Article The Secret To Empowering Your Article's First Paragraph (And more)

by Jerrico_Usher

Build Articles That Make Money - It's All Resting On The Formatting Of The First Paragraph

You Want Your Article To Sing? Many writers build amazing articles that have incredible potential to both entice readers, gain a readership, and ultimately make money for the writer. The problem is, many of them don't have a clue how to correctly format the first paragraph so people continue and read the entire thing.

Imagine if you saw a poorly built movie trailer. Would you even think to continue researching if the movie was any good? Of course not! You should think of that first paragraph and the title as the movie trailer of your article. It's your "Sonic Boom"! If you screw up either one your article will be like a website online that never gets promoted, or linked back to- it really doesn't exist.

With that, let's get into the magic formula for creating the most amazing article ever...

The Formula To A Well Written Article In A Nutshell:

In an opening article paragraph you introduce the topic, tell why you are writing the article, give the three or four points you will cover in the article and sum up the paragraph while leading into the first point. This actually helps people not only get excited about the rest of the article, it allows them to compartmentalize the information better.

This isn't where you give the root information, but rather where you summarize the basic shell of the article with just enough information to entice them but not enough to satisfy their thirst for answers. Curiosity is a major tool in enticing people. This is designed to show people what's to come- much like a movie trailer.  You should keep the opening article paragraph to six sentences or less and try not to repeat yourself anymore than necessary. 

First sentence

The first sentence in your article should be very closely linked to the title. It just tells the reader what the topic of the article is and what the rest of the paragraph will fill them into (for the shell only). Think of it like the first 5 seconds of a movie trailer where they flash a sentence that makes you want to know more.

It should be potent and enough curiosity should be built to make them NEED to read more to satisfy their curiosity about your article that was likely started from the image or avatar of your article.

Second Sentence

The second sentences should state why you are writing on this topic.  It should be stated in a way that shows what benefit the paragraph and syntactical/synergistic with the rest of the article- the article will have to the reader. This is the first hook to encouraging the reader to keep reading, but also to entice their interest intellectually.

Third to fourth Sentences

This is where you introduce the points you will be covering in your article. It's not where you give information on those points, again it's just a shell to entice them but keep them interested  and to show them what they will be getting details on. This helps them figure out the relevance. 

The teasing of the content also builds anticipation and that is like gold. Once someone has this mindset on your article, they could be interrupted by world war III and will still try to come back and finish it!

Final Sentence

This is where you wrap up the article paragraph. It leads into the first point you will be expanding on. Writing is an Art form not a Task. As you start writing each paragraph you will find that each one is an expression, an art form of your thinking, perceptions, and view on the topic. Each paragraph should have at least 1 fact in it.


That first paragraph is the one that will sell the reader on continuing to read the rest of your article. It's the sales pitch of a sort but should come off as an exciting lead into the rest of the article. 

Where this first paragraph introduces the article much like a folder that holds contents, the rest of the article fills in the blanks- like putting the rest of the content in that folder. If you write this correctly the reader will be so committed to reading the rest if for no other reason than to fully understand the context and to resolve the curiosity.

Your article's content must adhere to that first paragraphs points and expand them. You can go beyond that but be sure to cover everything as not to leave the reader without closure on those points. You can and definitely should add any more points you think will enhance the readers research, but make absolutely sure that you don't miss any points in the article that you mention even in passing, in the first power paragraph.

If the rest of the article's paragraphs entice the reader they should also lead them to the next "call to action" such as going to a sales page, clicking something, or whatever you need them to do- but not directly. Just pushing them mentally in that direction.

Now go write the next Pulitzer prize winning article, or at least write one that should be nominated by your peers!

Good Luck!

Updated: 10/02/2013, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 10/04/2012

thanks for reading!

cherylone on 10/04/2012

Good article. I knew that information that should be put in the first paragraph, but sometimes we forget even the basics when we are writing our thoughts down. Thanks for sharing.

Jerrico_Usher on 10/03/2012

yea you and me both, I know lots of big words but I depend on spell check to spell them (and easier ones) ! I have been forcing myself to see the correct spelling and instead of just click/changing it I type it out every time, I find it gets it in my head and that words no longer is an issue, over time you get almost perfect... I'm still on the path haha

teddletonmr on 10/03/2012

Thanks for the tips, now if I could only learn how to spell ;) Mike

Jerrico_Usher on 10/03/2012

thanks! appreciate the comment :) I'm writing an article right now comparing CB radios to FB, both are social networks in different ways, old school and new- it was spawned out of a conversation tonight with Michelle.

Sheri_Oz on 10/03/2012

Excellent tips - you have a few seconds to catch their interest or they're gone. You do this well.

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

Aww thanks so much Katie! I enjoy bringing them to you!

katiem2 on 10/02/2012

Great content. Jerrico I appreciate the effort you put into making such appealing pages. They read well, keep me interested and are very visually pleasing. :)K

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