Writing Nude: Focus Your Mind To The Task Of Writing

by humagaia

The task of writing is easier if you focus your mind to the task. A good way to focus your mind is to write in a cool atmosphere, or to keep cool by writing nude. Either way.......

As I sit here on a sunny but cool day in the UK, tapping at my keyboard, the thought crosses my mind 'What are the best conditions under which I would be able to focus my mind to my task of writing?'. I have read previously that one performs tasks better if undertaken at an optimum temperature. We, as online writers, are located everywhere around the globe, at different times of the solar year, each coping with different temperatures. How is it best for us to focus on the task of writing?

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Idea springs to mind
Idea springs to mind

Writing Nude

The concept

So, the thought had crossed my mind whilst writing 'What is the best time to publish online?'.

A strange time to think these things but that is the way of the mind.

It throws up those little curve-balls that make one wonder how it has the time, whilst we are using it for other things.

The mind must be female, it can multi-task.

Writing Nude : The Very Idea!

Cool Temperature Causes Firing

Crackling away doing two things at once - oops there's another thought just popped in - 'The language police are out to get you!' - that will have to wait for another time - my mind trying to segregate each flighty wisp of idea into the appropriate compartment for dissemination, it buzzes: you can see the thaumatological blueness emanating from each hair follicle, dancing into the coolness of the unheated room.

And that is probably why the thought was born. Crikey, it's cold in here. My mind telling me, unconsciously, that a little heat would not go amiss. Even though I am clothed there are small goose-bumps appearing on my flesh as the temperature subsides as late afternoon approaches.

Writing Nude : Examining The Efficacy

So the thought was born, bringing with it the chance to examine the phenomenon, and to contemplate whether the experience had made any difference to the quantity of work completed. It is unlikely that it would have had any effect on the quality of the work, there is just so much a little cool air can achieve.

In my article 'Writing Online 101: 5 Essential Tasks for Success' I extrapolated on the notion that one should organize your writing environment to be as conducive to the writing experience as possible. I must admit that I did not expound on the matter of optimum temperature within the work-place. 

That was remiss of me.

I wish to redress that oversight.

What is the most conducive temperature
(and humidity probably should be considered)
for ones body to work efficiently,
and for ones mind to focus on the task of writing?

Let us consider the available 'evidence'.

Adjust the temperature: up or down
Adjust the temperature: up or down

Optimum Working Temperature

Keeping cool

If my mind serves me well, and I am not mistaken, certain experiments have been undertaken to determine the optimum working conditions involving physical activity, and for those involving mental activity. It is the latter that we are to consider:

  • Being hot and sweaty is not conducive
  • Being freezing cold is equally unhelpful
  • And little bear said that just under 60 degrees seemed just about right.

Task of Writing: Optimal Temperature

Focuses the mind

So, how do we achieve that optimal temperature. How do we ensure that we can focus our mind to the task of writing?

There are two main ways:

  1. Influence the conditions around us
    Some instruments that can achieve this for you are available below: 
Cool air: Low vapour
Cool air: Low vapour

At this temperature the humidity is low, as the atmosphere cannot hold as much vapour as when it is considerably hotter.

At this temperature ones body is not trying to compensate and adjust to conditions that cause shivering or perspiration.

At this temperature the porridge of the mind functions optimally. 

Unlike supercomputers, where the synapses fire faster when nearing absolute zero, our minds are not of superconducting material fused for the flash of electricity, they are molecular structures that allow the passing of chemical signals across minuscule gaps between the component parts.

Chemical reactions are influenced by entropy and part of the entropy equation is reliant on temperature. A different end product is encountered at differing temperatures. This is the basis on which our functioning as writers is influenced.

If you reside outside the US

You can find suitable products at these destinations

2. Influencing our own bodily temperature

And that is where my mind went into overdrive. How? What? Why? When?..... shudder. The thought hung in my mind for those few milliseconds that are enough to ingrain a picture on the insides of ones eyelids. And that picture was not good. Neither was the thought. Where had that come from?

And the thought, bringing all the factors together, was by:

Writing nude!

That is the way to focus the mind to the task of writing.

Why? Because it:

  • Regulates the body temperature by placing more of it in a position for wafts of air to dissipate heat and moisture (sweat to you and me).
  • Informs the brain when the temperature rises above, or falls below, the optimal. Our bodies are capable of differentiating temperature adjustments of as little as 2 degrees.
  • Removes all vestiges of the material world touching our body and soul.
  • Allows us to contemplate our navel without relying on memory.
  • Frees our mind from worrying 'Does my bum look big in this?'.
  • Makes us complete the task of writing, just in case someone drops in on us, unannounced.
  • Makes us all the more in touch with our physical selves - now stop that, you will go blind!
  • Secures our place in the list of writers who have been known to write nude, which include: Victor Hugo, Ernest Hemingway, D.H Lawrence and James Whitcomb Riley (more about that, and them, here).

So, I commend the practise to you.

Writing nude can focus your mind to the task of writing!


You know I'm always thinking about...........your well-being!


Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 02/10/2013

It's raining up in Lincolnshire, too. Just waiting for the next bout of snow. Glad you found my writing style to your liking.

Bobski606 on 02/10/2013

You know I was just thinking about this when I came across your article. I love your writing style but now I'm off to adjust the heaters - it's raining on the coast today and very cold.

humagaia on 02/25/2012

@Jimmie hehehehehe. There are some great thermals at Victoria’s Secret Direct

Jimmie on 02/25/2012

60 degrees! That's too cold for me! (Maybe in my thermals...)

humagaia on 02/25/2012

@Brenda hehehehehe! What are you waiting for? Get writing!!!

BrendaReeves on 02/25/2012

I'm most productive in the early morning when sun is pouring in the window, and the temperature is just right. I might write nude after my breast lift. Of course, I'll have to do a lot of writing to afford that.

humagaia on 02/25/2012

@pcunix - I could add you to the illustrious list above then, as you follow in the footsteps of great writers. Why is it that men don't mind admitting it, and women seem to be a little coy on the subject?

humagaia on 02/25/2012

@Ral - it's all a matter of ambiance. Get the write (sic., pun alert!) conditions and everything flows naturally. Don't have to squeeze the brain to get the creative juices out.
I love the Caribbean - favorite is sitting on a deserted island in the Grenadines with some seafood and a cool bottle of Soave, growing a beard and thinking of Thursday. I would have put Friday here, but I am hetero.
If the environment is not already there, then adjusting it slightly can help.

Ralpapajan on 02/25/2012

An interesting article as ever. Thank you. I also think that it depends on the person as well. I found that my most prolific writing was when I was sitting at a beach restaurant on a veranda some 100 feet from the sea in Belize. I also wrote easily when in a hammock overlooking the Bay of Honduras around dawn. Temperatures in the mid 20'sC and clad only in my swimming costume. However, I find that in UK I can work quickly and easily in the early morning as long as it is warm and the sun is up. I find that for me I cannot create the environment to speed things up but that the environment influences me.

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