Zombie Calendars for 2015

by JoHarrington

Want the Walking Dead or other lumbering monstrosities to help you keep track of the days? Calendars featuring zombies of all hues (mostly grey) are right inside.

Other people use pictures of cute kittens or beautiful flower arrangements to mark their months. But that's not you.

If you have to display a sweeping rural scene, then you want to include a figure in it munching upon brains. It somehow feels more honest given the brutal realities of nature, don't you think?

Or else you are the sort blessed (or cursed) with an inherent practical streak. Not for you the mere functionality of a list of days. You want a zombie wall calendar, which also provides handy hints and tips for protecting your home from the undead.

You have come to the right place.

Calendars for Zombie Lovers

These make great gifts. They also make great panic buys at the beginning of the year, when you suddenly realize last year's calendar just ran out.

Image: Zombie Hanging OutCalendars are useful. (And stating the blooming obvious is my forte!) Pin one to the wall and you need never forget a birthday, anniversary or invitation to a party again.

You will never double-book to see a show, when you're supposed to be hanging out with your best friend on their special day. Nor will you risk a relationship shattering, because you somehow overlooked the date.

Saving your ass at home looks cool with an undead wall calendar.

Often calendars are downright essential. Sticking them up in the office will help you plan ahead in business. But that doesn't mean that they have to be boring.

Grab back a bit of personal identity in the anonymity of your corporate world. Disdain the landscape scenes and promotional pictures showing items from your supplier's catalog. Choose a calendar of zombies - and giggle over the metaphor in a work setting for the rest of the year.

The Walking Dead 2015 Wall Calendar

It's 2015, so the big news in the zombie world is undoubtedly The Walking Dead.  From Robert Kirkman comic book to lumber away success on cable TV, this story went viral on just about every level you care to name.

Each month of this Walking Dead calendar depicts a different character in glossy high definition. Police Officer Rick Grimes is naturally present and correct, but so are various other survivors and the grisly neighbors they're up against.

The Walking Dead wall calendar is solely for fans of the show. Everyone else will be cricket batting it away in favor of more bog standard zombie hordes.  We have plenty of them coming right up.

The Walking Dead is one of the most watched series in basic television cable history. Get the complete collection of the walking dead to catch up or review your favorites here.

Zombies Hate Stuff 2015 Wall Calendar

Still waiting for Greg Stones to release his new calendar. In the meantime here's the 2014 Zombies Hate Stuff one, which is bound to lead to the latest eventually.

This hilarious zombie wall calendar is just the thing to brighten up an otherwise dreary wall. It captures in cartoon greatness all the perils of surviving as a zombie in a world of cute kittens, kids and clowns.

As you may have gathered, there's a touch of the surreal going on here.  It's the perfect antidote to a profusion of saccharine scenes elsewhere.

Here zombies lose legs, while attempting to interrupt a game of dodge-ball in the pursuit of brains; or contemplate the complexities of dog poop on the beach; or enter into tug-of-war matches with schoolgirls; not to mention fending off kittens in a field.

The artist is Greg Stones, and you get sixteen months instead of twelve.  Bargain!

The Zombie Calendar is Based on Greg Stones's Book

Zombies Hate Stuff

Zombies hate clowns. They also hate hippies, not to mention zip-lines, penguins, moon penguins, nudists, weddings, sharing, and kittens. They really hate unicorns, and strangely...

View on Amazon

Zombies 2015 Wall Calendar

Depictions of gory zombie scenes were never this artistic before. These pictures look like they should be framed in a gallery somewhere!

The artist is James Ryman, who was based in the British town of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Having been to Nuneaton myself, I'm not pondering too long over where he gets his inspiration. He's now relocated to California, USA.

James appears to have started his career drawing gaming scenes for his followers on DeviantART, but quickly established himself as a talented individual far out of that league. He now takes commissions on a freelance basis, including the illustrations for several books, in addition to his day job as a games designer.

All while producing amazing zombie wall calendars for your dark enjoyment.

Beautiful Creatures: The Art of James Ryman (v. 1)

A games designer and art director by day, James Ryman has a night-time mission - to draw the perfect woman - which he does with great delight. He's also got this thing for horri...

View on Amazon

Beautiful Creatures Vol 2: Art of James Ryman

James Ryman's first collection of stunningly delightful demons and terrifyingly gorgeous women was so well received, we decided to do it again! This second volume contains all n...

View on Amazon

Fold Your Own Zombie 2015 Wall Calendar

Still awaiting the update here too.

On the subject of art, there's also this little masterpiece from Accord. Each month you get another origami zombie to pop out and assemble. By December, you'll have a whole zombie horde!

There's a vast variety of characters to create, from an undead prom queen to a zombie wearing an Hawaiian shirt, through to the grisliest child that you ever saw brain-munching in a park.

Oh! And it tells you what day it is too!

Zombies 2015 Wall Calendar: The Year of Infection

If stories over art is more your thing, then this is a treat for you. In addition to sketchy images of ghastly zombie scenes, a thrilling tale runs like blood through the year.

Each month, you will read another suspense filled installment from the notes of Dr. Robert Twombly. This survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse is heading north through America, where he hopes the colder climate will slow down his undead pursuers.

Will he make it?  Well, I guess that you'll have to wait until December to find out!

2015 Zombie Apocalypse Calendars

Surviving a Zombie Outbreak has not yet been updated. Check back soon and it will.

Also on a theme of the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse are these two wall calendars. They are crammed full of helpful tips and tricks to help you defend home and hearth against the walking dead.

Surviving the Zombie Outbreak calendar is filled with photographs showing zombie attacks in an urban setting. It provides three items of survival advice per month, perfect for memorizing them all.

How to Survive a Zombie Attack is also a gory photographic journey through the year, only this one focuses upon close up portraits of the creatures themselves. It comes complete with rules to live by, if you want to survive.

On the off-chance that 2015 ISN'T the year of the Zombie Apocalypse, you can merely use both for checking the date.

We all know that it's coming. The internet has been talking about an infestation of zombies since about 2008. But are you ready?

Zombies 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar

Finally this desk calendar from Universe Publishing has everything for the zombie connoisseur. There are games on a theme of The Walking Dead, quotes from movies (and anecdotes from the actors starring in zombie movies), short stories, historical facts, pop-culture facts, gaming references... in fact, if it concerns zombies, it's probably in there somewhere.

This is a 320 page bonanza of all things seeking your brains for tea. What more could you ask for in a day-to-day zombie calendar?

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Updated: 11/12/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 01/07/2014

I'm so intrigued by what Apples, Oranges and Zombies would look like! The least healthy grocery store ever? Thanks for linking it to her zine page! *waves to anyone who comes from there*

;) And I giggled at the Zombies Hate Stuff pictures too.

Ember on 01/06/2014

Also- "You will never double-book to see a show, when you're supposed to be hanging out with your best friend on their special day."


And I really like the zombies hate stuff calendar xD

Ember on 01/06/2014

My friend has a self published Zine called Apples, Oranges, and Zombies, and I can't help but think of her whenever I see zombie stuff, even though lots of people are into it. I'll probably link this to her zine page, just because :D

JoHarrington on 12/26/2013

Well, it's not quite 2014 yet. :D Closing in fast though.

To be fair, I've felt so ill this past week, and so much better now, that it already feels like a new year. And it's fabulous. <3

jptanabe on 12/25/2013

Oh my, hilarious! I'm a great fan of the Walking Dead, as is my daughter. I really should have got her that calendar - maybe it's not too late...

JoHarrington on 12/20/2013

:o I hadn't thought about that! Do you reckon they do human brains in Quorn?

Tolovaj on 12/20/2013

Hey, I wonder what happens to vegetarian who becomes a zombie? Dose he/she prefer brain or grain?

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