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by Tehreem

If you are looking for another game just like Age of Empires then we have got a new range of games waiting just for you

These days computer games are more than just about violence, sex or drugs! We may think that they are a complete waste of time, but often enough they allow one to go back into time- particularly if one is a history buff and to be able to look back at a time of war which displays knights and the manual seizure of land by dissatisfied barons and monsters and legendary figures –such as in the case of the Stronghold Collection. These games then allow you to be able to simulate real life instances and legendary wars, battles and fights that once took place and to hence be able to go back into another time and have the most epic fun imaginable!

We provide you with wide array of options if you are into Tycoon Games.

The Stronghold Collection - PC

This is one epic computer game that allows you to do various things like executing strategic military and economic expansions. Stronghold 2  which is the second level of the game features disgruntled and powerful barons who want to seize all the King’s land; it is now up to you to unite the land and hold it all together once again! The collection pack also includes Stronghold Legends which depicts legendary figures such as King Arthur and his men fighting in a series of rounds with magical knights!

Civilization V Game of the Year

This game allows you to delve into deeper, more intense strategy and actually allows you the choice of being able to pick your ideal location to be able to play your game and defeat evil- be it the time of the Knights of the Round Table to ancient Greece or even if you would like to be able to do a continual history graduation series from medieval times to the spaceship era!

A vast variety of Gangster games all set to thrill you and guarantee a quality gaming experience.

Rise of Nations - PC

Then there’s Rise of the Nations-PC which allows you to pick one of the eighteen major civilizations which allow you to the game the way you would like to. You also have a realistic map right before you and this allows you to be able to take over as many colonies as you would like and expand your own empire! You can also use a combination of trade, diplomacy and other techniques to maintain control over your territories and gain experience of over 220 unit types!

Medieval II Gold Pack - PC

Total War & Total War Kingdoms

This is one game that enables you to manage all the economic , civil and religious areas of your empire and battle out for what you want most! You gain as many fierce European warriors as you would like and with magnificent sieges that allow you to be able to destroy as many cities and castles and develop your very own great empire.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

This is one very balanced game that allows you to recapture the original game and allows you to be able to speed away on three races- which include Protoss and Terran. With 3D graphics engine that allows you to whizz off into space and do what you’d like, this is one super dynamic computer game that will have you locked to your computers for hours!

Imperial Glory - PC

The next game in the line, would be Imperial Glory-PC. It depicts real time 3D battles and with interactive maps that help you look across the rest of territory to be conquered, this is one awesome computer game that you should definitely play in order to be able to gain control of over 50 provinces and 30 different maritime regions! It will prove to be a great gift for a history enthusiast.

Blitzkrieg: The Complete Anthology

This gem of game will allow you to play the official expansion packs and bonus content of Blitzrieg –basically this game is a simulation of WWII and allows you to gain new experience and skills and to feel as though you are a real American or European solider fighting for your country only!

Warhammer: Dawn Of War

This game comes with a lot of real time strategy and unique settings; Dawn of War allows you to look at the ruins of the Emperor Class Titan, the one who has control over it as well as the ultimate power to destroy a world as well as the customization and management of an army! This is an amazing game which is compatible with most of the computers.

Command & Conquer 3

This is one gameplay that places the whole arsenal at your fingertips- every decision you make here matters to the point of it being a life and death situation; unless if skillful and highly diplomatic-you will then be able to serve your country to the best of your ability!

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Mira on 11/27/2014

I've seen others play such computer games, and the graphics can be amazing. Also the immersion into the created worlds. I see they're not even that expensive. Civilization is only $15. They would make great Christmas gifts for friends' kids. Pinning them onto various boards (Gifts for kids of various ages, Christmas gifts for friends, and Christmas gift ideas 2014).

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