Adjustable Floor Lamps with Reading Light

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Floor reading lamps with a reading light like these adjustable designs will add form and function to your favorite reading space.

Settling down with that best selling page-turner or hitting the textbooks until the wee hours, calls for adequate lighting. Too, your decor can always use some brightening up. Floor reading lamps are the ideal choice, as many styles for larger rooms have an uplight ~ or main lamp ~ while sporting an adjustable, gooseneck lamp for spot-on focus.

Deciding on what style floor lamp you'll need while adding that WOW! factor may be elusive if you're not the decorator ilk. Not to worry though; I'll show you several styles that'll fit your needs while looking quite the main attraction for a cozy reading nook.

Scroll down for some 'enlightening' ideas to shed light on your favorite subject ~ be it design or utility; I hope to shed some light on the subject.

In the Beginning: Starting Your Decor and Lighting Adventure

Deciding on a lamp is best determined when you consider your decor style, space, needs and price ~ Whew! Did I include everything?

Torchiere floor lamps like these have an adjustable, utility/reading light you can easily manipulate and take aim toward your task or reading material.

The simple torchiere shade on the lamp above suits a traditional-to- contemporary palette with your choice of metal finish for a great fit. The more decorative floor lamp at left can be used in any number of spaces from eclectic to contemporary.  

It's hard for me to label any decor or furniture piece as "cheap" because of the visual we all get when we hear the word but I wanted to spotlight (no pun intended) on these lamps' affordability only, not a measure of quality.

For their 'budget-friendliness', these floor lamps proffer a two-for-one, as a torchiere and adjustable reading lamp; you'll satisfy your need for extra lighting and beauty

How neat is that for the investment?

Banishing Looming Shadows and Creepy Corners with Adjustable Floor Lamps


Come sundown, even those areas in your space with low lighting become foreboding and the slightest shadows loom large, like the proverbial "monster in my room" scenario.

It's crucial for success when decorating to have adequate lighting at every corner. You may want or need uplights in tight corners or torchieres for higher ceilings. Determine the levels where you'll need light. Make a rough layout of your space and note 'how high' you'll need to go

Chandeliers can add drama and be a significant light source in large spaces, while task lighting must be spot-on, usually at table or counter level.

These floor lamps feature three adjustable spotlights and are great in small spaces. With these floor lamps, you'll have light for activity at all levels ~ even uplighting!

I was pleased with their price tag, making them an ideal pick for kid to teen bedrooms. You'll get lots of light for very little investment.

The Shade Effect: Arch Floor Lamps with Lampshades 


Modern Floor Lamp with Shade

I'm a huge fan of drum shades; their simple design looks conversely sophisticated and it's this contradiction that gives the shade its distinction.

I may have gone a bit dramatic but I'm loving the arch of this floor lamp, crowned with the white shade; it's like a chandelier of sorts.

Shades add an air of warmth as they soften the glare, bathing the room in filtered lamp light.

With white shades, you'll have light reflecting from all points, making this floor lamp quite an eyecatcher in your space, while being an important part of your comfort level while you read.

Consider having the lamp hang over the back of your chair for a different approach.

Either way you use it, this elegant floor lamp will certainly earn its keep.

reduce eye strain while reading with this LED floor lamp
LED Sunlight Floor Lamp for Reading with Dimmer Switch, Black (60")

Your Decor Budget: Keeping It Sensible with a Budget-Wise Torchiere Floor Lamp


Finishes can be a major determining factor with style; even a simple tone shift from white to bone can betray a different genre of style altogether.

Surprisingly, this modern style LED floor lamp is available in woodgrain, silver, white and black, making it a great fit for endless rooms' lighting solutions.

It can get tricky mixing metal finishes for a cohesive look, so I suggest keeping to similar finishes in a space for a pulled-together room you can appreciate.

This LED adjustable floor lamp is lauded for reducing eyestrain while reading and/or crafting, and with its dimmer switch you'll have just the amount of light you need. 

I often mention budget when advising about decor; it's certainly a major consideration when broaching the subject.

It's important to keep within your comfort zone, even if there's a piece you swear is a must-have, there's always a look-alike that's a good shoe-in.

This torchiere floor lamp with an adjustable light for reading is uber cheap but it's a fave for readers and those who want to decorate on a budget.

budget-friendly torchiere floor lamp with reading light
Torchiere Adjustable Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading L...

The Floor Lamp is My Personal Fave: Yes, You Can Have It All


Torchiere floor lamp for reading, crafting or whatever

Multipurpose torchiere floor lamps  for reading or crafting are always a good 'package deal' especially when decorating more conservative spaces.

Lighting for all occasions keeps your favorite task space or reading spot just that without having to set up shop somewhere else once the sun goes down.

I have a sunny kitchen but with high noon, the sun fades towards the opposite side of the house, making my favorite work/study spot look like doom and gloom moved in.

Another bonus this torchiere-style floor lamp features: handy clip for keeping things in place, magnifier for those tiny pieces while crafting or building and the adjustable height are plus, plus, pluses.  

Modern Adjustable LED Floor Lamps for Reading

LED Modern Reading & Task Floor Lamps

One of the latest concepts in lighting, the LED, is highly efficient and long-lasting.

Too, the versatile construct of the bulb means there's any number of bulb shapes; hence, these cool, ultra thin lamp parts on a few of these lamp designs.

One consideration you might find important is the site of adjustment: some floor lamps feature an adjustable arm, while others offer a telescoping lamp base.

I can appreciate both options and can think of different needs for either adjustment site.

Consider where you'll be using your floor lamp, then make your determination for the best fit,  finish, style and features.

Creating a Reading Nook


These sophisticated, minimal style floor lamps with adjustable arm make easy work of creating a nice reading nook.

While these floor lamps have a simple design, it leaves your decor options wide open for rugs and furniture pieces.

I can see any one of these floor lamps paired with an abstract, flokati or ultra pile, shag rug to bring instant warmth to your new reading space.

You might opt for a luxurious leather or microfiber chaise lounge to stretch out and cozy up with a novel on a cold night.

If (unlike me), you're up to sharing, the arch can fit nicely between two chairs.

Obviously, there's quite a bit of choice with these nondescript floor lamps.

So plain, but so visual.

Kids-to-Teen Bedroom Lighting Five Arm Gooseneck Floor Lamps for Reading


Tween and teen bedrooms are my absolute faves to decorate, although my boys had their own ideas on what looked good and I was happy (I use the term loosely) to oblige with 'minimal guidance.'

If you're looking to appoint kids' rooms with a floor lamp, one of these styles is ideal, as your tween or teen can adjust the reading lamps to any number of funky directions (I'm thinking Medusa, here). Each of my boys had their own floor lamp, despite sharing a bedroom, but the lamps are rather inexpensive, so it was a 'go' and I gave my OK happilly.

I'm all for promoting reading at any level and if a lamp will help get those books out, funky lamps it is!

You're probably thinking along the same lines if you've a tween or teen but these floor lamps can make themselves at home in play rooms, family rooms and basements where lighting may be sparse. It's OK to go all-out fun wherever you want; it's your home; put your name all over it. Happy decorating! .

Updated: 10/23/2015, HomeArtist1
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