Aeroccino 3 Review

by sinclair89

Aeroccino 3 review, prices, and PROS and CONS. Is the Aeroccino milk frother worth the money?

Aeroccino 3 Review: Introduction

A reliable milk frother...

Milk frothing devices are becoming increasingly common as an easy way to froth milk to add the perfect touch to an espresso. The Aeroccino 3 by Nespresso can be used in less than a minute to heat up milk and froth it for a quick premium touch to any coffee product you like. The following is an in personal review of the Aeroccino 3 milk frother....

The Product I will be Reviewing

Nespresso Aeroccino 3194
Only $99.0

Product Features

What's under the hood...
  • Works for Hot/Cold: Whatever you need it for, whatever the temperature, the Aeroccino 3 can froth it. 
  • Works for Lattes: Evenly heats the milk, perfect for Latte's.
  • Great for Cappuccinos: Provides gourmet style froth for the perfect finish.
  • Includes Custom Whisk: Easily stored in specially designed compartment on the device.
  • Easy Light Signals: Green light indicates when the device is ready for use.
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Comes in Red, Black, or White color (you pick)

Aerocinno 3 Product Review

From personal experience...

The handy little Aeroccino 3 from Nespresso does what once was a painstaking task, quickly, easily, and professionally. Instead of using a finicky hand frother or attachment on an espresso machine, the Aeroccino 3 does everything for you with the flick of a switch (make sure you watch the video at the end of this page for a REAL demonstration). It has really made my life much easier when it comes to delivering a gourmet quality espresso. The following is a comprehensive review of this product and why it works for me.

Saves Time: When I spend most of my time roasting, grinding and brewing coffee myself, the last thing I want to be worrying about is the finer details of frothing milk by hand. The Aeroccino 3 basically does this whole process on auto-pilot, but does it better than I every could. It takes serious skill, dedication, and practice to be able to do even a halfway decent job of it by hand. 

Heats Evenly: Some milk frothers have trouble heating the milk evenly due to engineering and design issues. The Aeroccino is even better than the stove top for heating milk for hot chocolate, let alone for coffee. This is also a big concern for me because I like my coffee to STAY hot, but I also enjoy milk with my coffee. Adding evenly heated milk maintains the heat of the coffee, making it last longer and provide a more satisfying experience overall. 

Flexibility: Like is mentioned in the features, I can use the Aeroccino 3 to froth cold, warm, or hot milk for heavy capuccinno style foam or latte style foam as needed. I also find myself using this device for basically anytime I need milk heated quickly. It heats it up and is done before the coffee is done.

Almost Silent: The one thing I absolutely hated about my old frother (and the attachment on the espresso machine in the video at the bottom of the page) was that the sound was terrible. The worst part was that it was not even a consistent sound that you could get used to...just what I would imagine a drowning sea otter would sound like. Fortunately this device is so quite it actually takes some concentration to hear it. 

Easy to Clean: Some coffee accessories I have are a pain to clean, involving taken pieces apart, etc.. The Aeroccino 3 is easy to clean after use without dismantling the whole thing. 


The few reported times friends have had trouble with the frother is when the quality of the milk is low. Generally speaking, older (less fresh) milk will not froth well. This is true even if you do it by hand. Price is sometimes a concern when people do not fully understand what the Aeroccino 3 really does. Hand frothers are generally cheaper, but that is not the point; the Aeroccino makes the job easier with more consistent quality. As hard as I have looked, there really are no complaints, especially regarding this generation (3rd) of the Aerocinno. 

Aeroccino 3 in Action

A simple video comparison says it all...

Where to Buy the Aeroccino 3

For the lowest price online...
Only $74.95
Only $139.0
Only $99.0

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Updated: 08/19/2012, sinclair89
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