African Wild Safari Balloon Animals

by TerriRexson

If your child is having a wild animal or safari-themed birthday party then balloon animals are a fun and inexpensive party activity and party favor. Zoo and jungle theme too.

Jungle and Zoo Balloon Animals

My son chose an African Wild Animal Safari birthday party for his 5th birthday. We thought balloon animals would be great fun at the party. They're inexpensive and can be used for decorations and as party favors for the kids to take home. 

We've occasionally made balloon animals before, but we're not experts. So I thought I'd find some good videos that show how to make the balloon animals so we can follow along. I've chosen balloon wild animals that look recognisable but are fairly simple. 

My son has insisted on African animals only at his party. That gives us plenty of choice: momkey, elephant, lion, cheetah or leopad, crocodile, snake, giraffe. And a few trees too. 

I've also included lots of ideas for using balloon animals at a safari, zoo or jungle themed birthday party. You don't have to make them in front of the kids unless you're confident you can get it right, or happy to be laughed at as you get it wrong!

Balloon Animal Supplies

Qualatex Modeling Balloons

I looked into modeling balloons and Qualatex are the ones to look out for. These are quality modeling balloons used by professional children's entertainers. We've had cheap balloons before and let's just say that balloon modeling is tricky enough. 

Qualatex modeling balloons aren't very expensive so this isn't the place to save a few pennies. 

The balloons come in a variety of color multi-packs. We chose the Character pack which has lots of skin tones - perfect for animals. 

Brightly colored balloons are fun too, who says balloon animals have to have realistic colors anyway? Ah well, actually that would be my nearly five year old, he's a stickler for detail.

We've got a balloon pump too. We've found that it's easier to evenly inflate the balloons with a pump. 

At the moment, I've ordered the balloons and I'm waiting for them to arrive. I'll update once we've starting making our balloon animals. 

Balloon Pump

Double-Action Balloon Pump - Purple

Double-action balloon pump inflates 260Q balloons in just a few strokes -- half the effort of single action pumps! Also good for 321Q and 5" balloons. An indispensible tool ...

$13.93  $9.99

Decorating Balloon Animals

The experts often use a marker pen to add details like eyes, stripes and whiskers to a balloon animal. It makes the animals more realistic. 

Another option is to use craft foam shapes to add spots, strips, eyes, ears and other features to your balloon animals. 

For an amateur balloon modeler a few tricks like this can make all the difference! As long as your balloon animal has roughly the right shape you can do a lot to help it along with a few marker lines or sticking a few bits on. 

Tip: Make sure you order your balloon animal supplies in advance so you have enough time to practice before the party. And make sure you have a few spare balloons - you might not be perfect first time!

Modeling Balloons

Click for Color Options
Assorted Twisters (260Q Carnival)

100 piece assortment of the best quality twisting balloons, approximately 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches in length when fully inflated. These balloons withstand rough ...

Only $12.6

I've put together a collection of balloon animal videos that look approachable by an amateur. Do practice before the party if you intend to make balloon animals live to entertain the kids. 

Balloon Snake

Simple Balloon Monkey

Balloon Elephant

Balloon Lion

Cheetah or Leopard Balloon

Balloon Giraffe

Balloon Palm Tree

Balloon Zebra

Ideas for Using Balloon Animals at a Safari, Jungle or Zoo Party

Wild animal balloons can be used in lots of ways at a Jungle, Zoo or Safari animal party. Here are some ideas:

  • Make the balloon animals in advance of the party and put them inside a net suspended from the ceiling. Release them towards the end of the party for lots of fun - a bit like a pinata. 
  • Make the balloon animals to entertain the kids. You will need to practice if you want to be able to do this live. If you get good you can even take requests. 
  • Use the balloon animals as party decorations. Add balloon palm trees too. 
  • Give the kids balloon animals as party favors to take home. They're inexpensive but impressive. 
  • Get older kids to try and make their own balloon animals. Give them a balloon animal each and get them to follow along. This can be hilarious!
  • Give an uninflated modeling balloon as a party favor so the kids can have a go at balloon modeling when they get home. 

Have Fun with Your Balloon Animals

I'll add some pictures when we've made our African balloon animals. 

Updated: 10/28/2011, TerriRexson
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